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Connor Koch

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A Mountain climbing, joke-cracking, coffee-drinking lover of life from the California Coast, Connor always knew what he didn’t want his life to look like: corporate job, business casual, live-for-the-weekend, wake up and wonder where the time went. He knew he wanted adventure and challenge, so he stepped into the unknown and became a full time mountain master.

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These have been my go-to from the summit of the Grand Teton to daily training in all weather.

Get to Know Connor

When Connor first drove to Colorado, he was young and scared and didn’t have much money, but he did have an idea. The idea was to be a climber, metaphorically in life and eventually on real rock walls. He knew if he could spend long enough on the sheer, improbably blank rock faces of the world, they would one day transform into glass through an impossible and unprecedented geological phenomenon, and he could then look at the smooth, mirrored glass beneath his calloused hands and his rubber-soled feet and see himself.

Favorite Activities

Mountain running. Alpine climbing. Moving fast. Laughing with friends.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

I've climbed all 58 Colorado 14ers

Connor’s perfect day

Mountain time with the best friends in the world. Lots of coffee. Summit pizza. Sunrise in the mountains. Sunset over the ocean. A billion stars over a quiet desert. Laughing because its all ridiculous.

Favorite tasc product

Airflow shorts - These have been my go-to from the summit of the Grand Teton to daily training in all weather. They're perfect.

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“Our world is mapped, photographed, tagged, claimed, and documented ad infinitum. But adventure isn’t always about hanging off the side of a mountain or negotiating the earth’s harshest environments. You can find it right in your backyard. Adventure is what you make it.”

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