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Can Activewear Be Used for Swimming?

Companies have been focusing on making clothes that go “from the boardroom to the bar” or from the gym to Target for many years because if there’s one thing most consumers love, it’s clothing that is multi-functional. After all, who...

can activewear be used for swimming

How to Wash Activewear?

If you take your workouts and sports seriously, you’ve probably invested in several pieces of activewear clothing. The athleisure trend has more guys and gals dressing for the gym even if the only running they’re planning on doing is errands,...

how to wash activewear

Athleisure: When Did Athleisure Clothing Start Trending?

What Is Athleisure? Athleisure wear is multipurpose clothing that can be worn to exercise in or perform everyday activities. While activewear is clothing that is specifically designed for use in sports, exercise, and outdoor adventures but can also be fashionable,...

athleisure trend

How to Wear Athleisure Wear?

The busier our lives get, the more important it is that our clothing serves multiple purposes and is both functional and fashionable. Enter athleisure wear. What was once a trend has now become a ubiquitous style of dress that nearly...

athleisure wear

What is Activewear? Everything You Should Know

Unless you’re reading this from the comfort of your office desk chair (and perhaps even if you are), chances are good that there is someone within your field of vision that is wearing some type of activewear apparel. These days,...

What is Activewear? Everything You Should Know