The Freedom Krewe
tasc Performance

The Freedom Krewe


tasc Performance has been rooted in the city of New Orleans since 2009. Since it's inception, tasc has brought to the world an innovate and unique fabric, as unique as the city it has been founded. 

We always march to the beat of our own brass band in everything we do. We look to nature for performance, not chemicals from a lab. All our unique fabrics are original to tasc Performance and are not available from any other brand. 



You have come to learn and know the amazing feeling and performance that Bamboo Performance Technology™ brings to your everyday life. You as an insider are original and have come to appreciate the uniqueness and superiority of that which makes up tasc. That is why we have selected you to be a member of the Freedom Krewe. Much like the definition of Krewe, you are a member of an elite group of individuals who share a love for tasc and truly live the tasc life. 

By sharing your insider knowledge and enthusiasm of the brand to your friends and family through the Freedom Krewe referral program, you gain access to the most exclusive Krewe member benefits! 

We look forward to sharing with you the newest innovations tasc has to offer and hope you continue being a loyal customer in the future. 

Let us continue the freedom to pursue the adventure of life!


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