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Jungle to Glacier

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Carrie and Chris are two newlywed New Yorkers with a passion for adventure, traveling and the outdoors.  Exactly one year after their wedding, they embarked on a six-month backpacking trip around the world. Throughout their worldly adventures, Carrie and Chris traveled to destinations with wildly different climates.  They needed to be equipped for every situation and tasc Performance was their go-to for gear.  From backpacking in the sizzling heat of Brazil to hiking high in the frigid temperatures of the Himalayas, or even sightseeing in Italy, their tasc gear proved to be the right choice without fail.  Check out their blog to hear more about their excursions and how tasc Performance gear enhanced their experience along the way!

By Carrie

The climates of our travel destinations varied wildly. We were just a few hundred miles away from the equator in Bali, and down all the way at the southern chilly Patagonia region.  It was critical that we had gear for all climates, but it had to do a lot besides be warm & insulating or cool & breathable. Our gear had to be lightweight, comfortable, layerable and stylish.

Glacier Gear

I pretty much lived in the tasc Escape hoodie. It was my best friend on those chilly plane rides. When I got extra cold, I pulled the hood up and nestled into a cocoon of warmth. Bonus feature– when I wanted to sleep, I pulled the hood down further over my eyes and it doubled as an eye mask, blocking out those glaring airplane overhead lights.  I also slept in the Escape hoodie during those super cold nights in Patagonia and on the Annapurna base camp.  It was my casual jacket when exploring cities, and a good hiking jacket, too. The black was versatile and the pop of hot pink on the draw strings was stylish. It was hands-down my most-used piece of warm gear.

The tasc long-sleevers provided great lightweight warmth. The Aspire longsleever that both Chris and I had was amazing. My ladies’ Aspire is gray with yellow stitching and was perfect for casual chic. I actually preferred to use this shirt when I wanted a more stylish option,  as it looked great with a pair of jeans. Chris brought his Aspire long-sleever everywhere, often instead of a jacket during spring time day trips or to start out on hikes. He runs hot, so he doesn’t need as much weight in a top as I do.  I also have the Tofino merino long-sleever, which was so soft and comfortable that I could even sleep in it during colder nights.

We also each had a ¼ zip fleece –which was my go-to top for cold mornings on the trail. It was warm enough to keep me comfy until the sun came up, then I zipped it down for some ventilation, and when the sun heated things up and I wanted to take it off, it was light and small enough to be packed away in my teeny-tiny daypack. That’s gear versatility. It was also warm enough to keep us comfortable on a day of wet, cold, windy glacier-trekking in Patagonia! On that day, I paired the fleece with the tasc base layers, which got soaked through from the freezing glacial rains. The base layers are so quick-drying that my own body heat dried them in a matter of minutes.

Jungle Gear

Though I’ve talked a lot about staying warm, we spent an equal number of days in the sweltering heat of the tropics trying to stay cool. We were in Brazil for three weeks, Southeast Asia for seven weeks, and we spent 10 hot days in Australian summer. There was a lot of sweating.  

In the hot climates, Chris lived in his tasc tees and Wayfare shorts (2 pairs). He wore those shorts probably 120 out of 180 days on the trip. They were lightweight, cool, breathable, and prevented the dreaded “swamp ass” feeling. He also loved how the shorts are technical but stylish. They don’t look like hiking shorts at all, yet are comfortable enough to hike all day in. He actually brought another pair of shorts as part of his zip-off hiking pants, but he never wore them once. Not once.

I relied on my Advanced tank and my two tasc Basic Racer tanks to keep me cool. The Advanced tank was great because it has a built in bra and venting within it, which was an easy way to dress in the heat. But the basic racer tanks with their comfortable and thin fabric were my favorite. I paired them with shorts and skirts, and even if I sweated straight through them, they’d dry right away. I wore these tanks non-stop for six months with hard wear and tear, and they still looked brand new at the end of the trip.

A lot of fellow travelers told us to be prepared to throw out all of the clothing we brought on the trip when we were done traveling. And there were some things that definitely needed to be tossed – like the $9 Target tees that I bought. But all of our tasc gear came home looking great after all that wear & tear. From backpack to closet, the jungle gear is still on heavy rotation in our summerwear collections and surely the glacier gear will come in handy this winter as well.