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Base Layers

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Carrie and Chris are two newlywed New Yorkers with a passion for adventure, traveling and the outdoors.  Exactly one year after their wedding, they embarked on a six-month backpacking trip around the world. Throughout their worldly adventures, Carrie and Chris traveled to destinations with wildly different climates.  They needed to be equipped for every situation and tasc Performance was their go-to for gear.  From backpacking in the sizzling heat of Brazil to hiking high in the frigid temperatures of the Himalayas, or even sightseeing in Italy, their tasc gear proved to be the right choice without fail.  Check out their blog to hear more about their excursions and how tasc Performance gear enhanced their experience along the way!

By Carrie

Tasc Base Layers at Annapurna!

We are proud to say that we completed one of the most difficult hikes in the world: The Annapurna Base Camp Trek!

At 26,545 ft, Mt. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and the journey to its base camp is one of the most beautiful and challenging treks on earth. Most trekkers complete the journey in anywhere from 7 to 14 days. We aimed for 10 days, but completed it in 9 – shaving a whole day off with a quick pace!


We trekked for 9 loooong days through ALL kinds of weather. It was sunny, hot and humid during the day. But at dusk and dawn it was bone-chillingly cold with thin mountain air. For several days we encountered pelting rain and terrible storms, which soaked us through and through. And at night, the skies usually cleared and the temps dropped for some truly awe-inspiring  (but frigid) star-gazing.

You may be wondering.. did we not shower for 9 whole days? Well, sort of.  There were “showers” in a few tea houses (which is where we slept each night), but said showers usually consisted of a small hose-like device that was hooked up to a gas fuel source. The hot water situation was always questionable, as was the cleanliness of the water. You can’t drink it, so you have to be careful about getting it in your mouth when showering. And even if you did get a hot shower, imagine then stepping out of the bathroom into the freezing mountain night and sleeping in an unheated room with wet hair? So, we did a little strategic rinsing here and there, but for the most part we just lathered on some natural deodorant and thanked heavens for odor-resistant clothing.

We used our base layers hard core during this junket of the trip. We both slept in the base layers (and sometimes more layers) every night, and used them during the day as well.

Base layers are the staple of any outdoorsman’s wardrobe – and we were able to compare notes with a lot of fellow trekkers. Most people either had wool base layers, and some had synthetic. We were the only ones with a bamboo-merino blend and we couldn’t have been happier with the comfort and performance! They also look great. 

The tasc base layers were worn every single day of the trek, sometimes all day and all night combined. Using them as our go-to layering system was the perfect way to handle the varied weather of the Himalayas. And the fact that they are quick dry came in VERY handy. We ended up soaked some days, and the base layer would dry overnight (even in cold temps), but once the base layer bottoms got soaked through as I was hiking in the rain, and they dried right on my body in just an hour or so! 

When we reached our high point, the Annapurna Base Camp at over 13,000 ft, we
 were ecstatic. It was absolutely freezing up there, with snow and ice all around. But we celebrated our achievement by stripping down to our tasc base layers and baring our base layers next to the famous Annapurna peak!