Dressing Up in tasc
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Dressing Up in tasc

tasc Performance

Carrie and Chris are two newlywed New Yorkers with a passion for adventure, traveling and the outdoors.  Exactly one year after their wedding, they embarked on a six-month backpacking trip around the world. Throughout their worldly adventures, Carrie and Chris traveled to destinations with wildly different climates.  They needed to be equipped for every situation and tasc Performance was their go-to for gear.  From backpacking in the sizzling heat of Brazil to hiking high in the frigid temperatures of the Himalayas, or even sightseeing in Italy, their tasc gear proved to be the right choice without fail.  Check out their blog to hear more about their excursions and how tasc Performance gear enhanced their experience along the way!

By Carrie

When traveling to some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities… places Rome, Milan, London, Sydney, Buenos Aires…  it’s important not to look like a total schlub. But how do you do that when you have just one little backpack’s worth of clothes to choose from, and the same attire that work on the trail need to also work in a nice restaurant?

Luckily for us, our tasc performance apparel is a great marriage of function + form.

We dressed up in tasc, pairing our performance apparel with a few carefully selected “regular” clothes to create sharp-looking outfits that we wore everywhere chic: Fancy wineries, steakhouses, cocktail bars, and even just walking around major cities. No one could guess that pieces of our nice outfits had been used for running, hiking, and travel. Everything had to do double duty!

While neither of us are fashion plates back home, the fact of the matter is that we do care how we look when we travel. Nothing makes us cringe more than the thought of fitting the stereotype of the Americans who stick out like a sore thumb with white sneakers and cargo shorts.

So, there were a few tricks we picked up along the way to make our outfits look pulled together. Pairing our tasc performance apparel with these strategies allowed us to look good no matter where we went.

Scarf it.

We both had scarves that made every outfit look more chic. A man in a nice scarf always looks dapper. And for women, it’s instant chic. And scarves can double as belts, shawls, or headpieces, too!


For women, the easiest thing to do is to pull a cardigan, jacket, or button down shirt over a tasc tank. Voila.


Ladies, never underestimate the power of just ONE pair of lightweight large metallic earrings. It does wonders to make an outfit look dressier, you can wear it again and again, and takes up virtually no space or weight in a pack.

Choose wisely.

Colors, that is. Every fashionista will tell you… Black = chic. Black tanks, tops, leggings go with EVERYTHING and can be dressed up or down. On the flipside, heather gray (while one of my favorites), is a very hard color to make look fancy. We learned this the hard way. We each selected the ¼ zip fleeces in different colors. Chris chose the Tahoe fleece in timber (a rich brown), and I chose the Northstar fleece in heather gray. I loved mine on the trail and while traveling, but Chris was able to wear his like a smart over-sweater because of his color choice. The fleece looked just great with a pair of slacks and his loafers.


There’s no getting around this one! Shoes matter. We got away with flip-flops in warm climates like South America, but once we hit Italy, we needed to upgrade our footwear. We both invested in lightweight loafers and suddenly we were getting much better tables at restaurants! No need to hide the tourists wearing sneakers all the way in the back.

One more tip for the lady travelers – forget the make-up, but not the lipstick! One slick of red, and you’re good to go. My favorite outfit of the trip was my tasc black hex racer tank top with a little green & black jacket, jeans, loafers and a red lip. The pattern on the racer is so multi-functional: sporty by day and chic by night. I wore this outfit all over Italy and felt just great. And Italians KNOW their fashion.

So you tell us, readers, how do these outfits stack up?

1. Sightseeing + lunch in Italy

    Carrie in tasc Advanced Tank + cardigan, denim and scarf

    Chris in tasc Escape hoodie and trekking pants.

    2. Dinner + Dancing in Argentina

      Carrie in tasc Advanced Tank + patterned skirt, necklace, earrings

      Chris in tasc Traverse plaid shirt + multi-use pants

      3. Dinner Date in Italy

        Carrie in tasc Hex Racer tank + denim, loafers, and jacket

        4. Temple-appropriate in Thailand

          Carrie in tasc Basic Racer tank + patterned skirt, scarf as shoulder wrap(not pictured)

          5. Brunch in London

            Carrie in tasc Streets V t-shirt + scarf and earrings

            6. Cocktail bar in London

              Chris in tasc Tahoe fleece over tasc Traverse plaid shirt + multi-use pants, loafers, scarf

              7. Birthday Dinner in Cambodia

                Chris in tasc Pique Polo

                8. Wine-tasting at vineyards in Italy

                  Carrie in tasc Hex Racer + jacket, earrings, red lipstick