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A Letter from the Chairman

Al Andrews Touches on tasc’s Founding Values

Hello all,

For decades, our family has been focused on the idea of creating the best fabric. We are proud to create innovative clothing that feels wonderful and makes us all feel great about how they are made. With these monthly blog entries, I am to provide some insight on who we are as a company and how we’re revolutionizing the active apparel industry, one original fabric at a time.

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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Al Andrews (74), Co-Founder of tasc Performance, Inc. To borrow an ad that runs incessantly on TV – at 74 years, "I've seen a thing or two." The other Co-Founder is my son, Todd Andrews (44).

" Having been in the Better Sportswear Business for fifty years you might say I have lint in my bloodstream. "

- Al Andrews

Seeing the phenomenal growth of synthetic performance apparel ten years ago, I thought there must be a better way to create performance wear that was not made out of essentially plastic, 100% polyester. I grew up loving cotton apparel brands such as Izod, Lacoste, Polo, Gant and later, Tommy Hilfiger and Nautica. I was President of Bayou Sport here in New Orleans, a wholly owned division of Nautica, for five years in the early 2000s.

When Under Armour first came out, they had signage in the major stores stating, "Cotton is the enemy." "Oh really,' I thought, "well Polyester stinks!" This was surely an emotional reaction, but it set our family, wife Cindy (72) (and married to this writer 53 years), son Scott (40) and son Todd, (President and CEO) on a mission to start our company and create a national apparel brand using natural fibers that performed.

We named the company tasc, using the first letter of each family member's first names: todd, al , scott, cindy. The word Performance was added to show we were determined to create a non-synthetic performance fabric that would have all the performance features of the man-made Polyester fabrics, that add more chemicals for every performance component.

Our goal was, is and always will be to create our own natural fabrics made from nature, but would wick moisture from the body, be thermal regulating, would dry quickly and offer protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. We created a natural miracle fabric with no added chemicals. In addition, we set out to eliminate the two harmful side effects of the polyester performance shirts; namely not comfortable on the skin and retained bad odor and bacteria in the fabric after workouts. Bad odor so strong it was like a feral animal was let out of your gym bag into your laundry room after hard workouts!

In future blogs we will relate how we created our miracle natural fabric. A little hint in the meantime, bamboo is a major part of the equation. Today I would like to share our core values at tasc Performance:

1. Innovation

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t ask ourselves how we can improve. Whether it’s a new energy technology to improve our manufacturing sustainability, testing, failing and in pursuit of new materials for our remarkable fabrics, we never settle with comfortable ideas.

2. Family

We’re founded on family and we operate our business as such. We’re a tight-knit group, rallying around the idea of putting out a premium product. To put it simply, we wouldn’t put out a garment out there that we wouldn’t feel confident wearing ourselves.

3. Quality

We have followed no rules in developing our fabrics and we follow no trends with our style. It's a journey that has led to an extremely durable, high-performing product that keeps up with the realities of life on the move.

4. Comfort

The first rule of the clothes-making club: make them comfortable. Our fabric is soft for all-day comfort. We have some skin in the game on this, but we believe our fabrics feel better than cotton and without the chemical enhancements of synthetics.

5. Authenticity

We’re unapologetically who we are. We’ve been in the business for a while and cutting corners is not our style. We do the right things the right way, regardless of how difficult it may make the process. To hell with simple. You deserve more.

6. Respect of Nature

To us, its more than how your clothes feel, it’s how you feel about your clothes. That’s why we take great care to make our fabrics as responsibly as possible - to treat the earth as we want to be treated.

Please stay tuned as we have much to share with you!