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The Best Ankle Socks Women’s Quintessential Guide

The Best Ankle Socks Women’s Quintessential Guide

Socks aren’t just a luxury item that you slip on your feet to make your toes feel cozy. They can be an essential part of your entire outfit. For instance, if you live in a region that's lacking in the warm weather department, you know sandals and no socks aren’t a given.

Can you imagine heading out to go hiking and wearing shoes with no socks? We can’t imagine the sweat and blisters after that particular hike. Socks can provide warmth, a much-needed cushion, and can absorb moisture when your feet perspire.

Having moisture on your body is a normal part of your body trying to cool itself. If the skin on your toes and feet is moist constantly, it can lead to skin breaking down. It can also create the ideal situation for the growth of fungus. 

You can’t buy socks just based on looks alone. The socks you want help your foot regulate its temperature, provide support, are durable, and help wick away moisture. It may be tempting to purchase socks without a little investigation, but the end result can be chilly feet and blisters after walking

We did our due diligence and have made a list of the best socks for women and what to look for in a great sock. 

The Best Ankle Socks For Women

Just because a sock has a name-brand logo does not mean it’s the best. It’s important to read labels and to understand what is important in a great sock. You want your socks to help keep the moisture away from your feet. Sweating plus hot temperatures can equally not so great smelling feet

Darkness, moisture, and heat are the prime elements for unpleasant things to thrive in. Your precious feet should be cool, comfy, cushioned, and dry. You also need to look for the right  sock height. This ensures that your foot and ankle stay protected from chafing and rubbing. 

Let’s talk about fit, fabric, and the comfort you’re looking for in your new socks. 

Comfort & Support:Material Matters

There is a sock for almost every activity you can think of. You can find socks for hiking, walking, running, casual socks: you name it. The difference between each of the socks has to do with how they are specifically designed to accommodate your activity choice. In general, you want to select a sock that offers ventilation, cushioning, and can keep your feet dry all day.  


Socks are meant to be designed with performance and comfort in mind. Ideally, you want your socks to be able to withstand high heat and cool temps and be able to help you control moisture. 

It’s a balancing act of durability, performance, quality, moisture control, and the best value. 

The fabric of your socks should be designed with your active lifestyle in mind. 


Both sides of your socks are linked by a seam. If the seam isn’t made well, it can be uncomfortable to your toes. Eliminating bulky seams can eliminate pesky blisters from forming and offer superior comfort. 


The compression in your socks should offer a gentle squeeze. Think of a nice hug around your foot. You want your socks to fit well to reduce the risk of unnecessary chafing or abrasion. 


Socks that are too thick or too thin can cause anything from blisters to cramped toes. It is likely you will have more moisture sticking around the more padding you have in a sock. Socks that don’t offer enough padding can also lead to blisters developing. A good place to start is to find socks designed for performance. 

Blister Protection

For blister protection, you want to make sure your socks fit well and keep your foot cool and dry. Minimizing friction can also aid in the prevention of blisters. 

You wouldn’t want to grab a pair of shoes off the rack that was too big or too small for your foot. Intuitively, you know that shoes that don’t fit would be a disaster waiting to happen. The same concept applies to socks. Choose a pair of socks that fit comfortably and are at least the height of your shoe to prevent rubbing. 


The battle over white socks vs. black socks, or any other colored socks for that matter, is real. Although some people swear by crazy colors, we stand by our good old-fashioned white. First of all, white socks allow you to see an injury, such as a cut or scrap, more quickly than a dark sock. 

Often associated with sports, white socks look great with your athletic wear. In our minds, white socks scream comfort. They remind us of our childhood, comfortable and carefree. 

Cool & Dry

Before you put your socks on, you want to make sure your feet are dry, especially in between your toes. Make sure that if you have worn your shoes, they are also aired out and dry. 

The last thing you want is to step into a wet shoe with wet feet. This would be a breeding ground for blisters or injury. It is also imperative that your socks do their duty to keep your feet cool and dry.

Socks should be multitasking to keep moisture at bay, provide you comfort and durability. 

Bambare Bamboo Tabbed Sock

The Bambare Bamboo Tabbed Sock checks every box we have talked about and then some. This tabbed-in-the-back sock is built to offer just the right amount of extra protection to prevent unwanted chafing. It’s the perfect combination of thoughtful design, comfort, and performance. 

Made with multipurpose bamboo, these socks will keep odor at bay, keep your feet dry, and provide you comfort all day long. 

The Alternative Route

One of the most favored styles on the market, crew socks are a great alternative to ankle or no-show socks. They can offer a little extra warmth in the winter months and are perfect for wearing with boots. 

Crew Socks

The Bambare Bamboo Crew Sock is the perfect sock to pair with boots. Comfortable, durable, and lightweight, you will barely notice they are there. Moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and tall enough to fit any of your high top or boot needs: this is where comfort meets fashion. 


Socks keep your feet toasty warm, aid in the prevention of blisters, keep your feet dry, and overall are a protective layer between your shoe and your foot. They can protect the sensitive tissue of your feet from germs. You can also help your shoes last longer and save them from the sweat and smell of your feet. 

We aren’t suggesting you become a sock addict, but it is really important to invest in great socks. The right socks can help protect your feet from impact and offer you aided support in your shoes. 

Having unprotected feet can lead to sores, blisters, frostbite, and many other hazards. Socks can be as important as the expensive shoes they fit in. It’s worth finding a brand you trust, like Tasc Performance, that will take the guesswork out of which socks are great investments. 

If you are looking for socks that will offer you extreme comfort, moisture-wicking properties, and are anti-odor, Tasc Performance has you covered. 


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