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9 Best Activewear Accessories You Must Have

9 Best Activewear Accessories You Must Have

Ready to move beyond the basics and upgrade every aspect of your activewear arsenal? You’ve come to the right place.

The word accessories may not immediately call activewear or athleisure to mind. The first thing you likely think of is jewelry, watches, or handbags. However, accessories are much more than fashion pieces—they can have a significant effect on optimizing an active lifestyle.

Today, we’re bringing you all the expert info on activewear accessories, helping you discern what you need from top to bottom. We’ll talk about accessories for men, women, and boundary-crossing essentials. Plus, we’ll break down what qualities make each accessory a must-have or a no-go.

What Are the Best Activewear Accessories for Men?

While some of you may try to keep it simple when it comes to activewear, putting some time and effort into making educated accessory choices will elevate your active lifestyle.

Improving your style is one thing, but improving your performance is another. We’re here to help you understand how high-quality accessories at all levels of your activewear attire can do both.

Let’s start from the bottom.

1. Boxer Briefs, Boxers, and Trunks

Underwear may stay out of sight and out of mind through your day, but it deserves attention during the planning phase of each morning.

Your first consideration is which style best suits your needs for the day. A pair of our Bambare Boxers are best known for their comfort, thanks to a loose build and longer legs, but more intense activities may require styles with more support.

That’s where trunks come in. Offering support closest to briefs without sacrificing the coverage and anti-chafing benefits of longer legs, a pair of our Bambare Trunks is a nice balance for those who want something in the middle.

A bit looser and longer than trunks, boxer briefs translate the best of boxers and briefs into a versatile style that fits any level of activity, from leisure to athletics. Try our Bambare Boxer Briefs if this sounds like your ideal.

With the right material, any pair of underwear can be versatile enough for any situation. It’s essential to choose a fabric that gives you the features you need for your activewear.

If you’re looking for performance power without sustainability concerns, look no further. Bamboo is your new best friend.

Bamboo packs an impressive list of features that check every box on the essentials list without requiring chemical treatments. The all-natural qualities of bamboo, alongside a super-fast growth rate and low-water production processes, result in one of the most effective and sustainable fabrics available.

That’s why we’re so proud to share our signature bamboo and organic cotton fabric blend—a blend which you’ll find in any pair of Tasc Performance underwear, regardless of which style you choose.

2. Undershirts

Equally important amongst undergarments are undershirts. You may think undershirts are reserved for formal attire, worn under an oxford or a nice sweater. Think again.

Undershirts made with bamboo, such as the Bambare Crew Neck Undershirt, include the most powerful performance features of any workout gear, so they’re ready for intense action.

Layer your undershirt with a Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt or any of our workout tees for an extra comfortable, protective layer during your workout. 

3. Fusion Base Layer Pants

An extra layer under your sweatpants or joggers has benefits during any season when you choose a high-quality base layer like our Fusion Base Layer Pants.

Thanks to the power of bamboo, blended along with merino wool, these pants offer a super comfortable, performance-minded base layer that can keep you warm in the winter or simply offer extra compression during any month.

Plus, the extra layer offers excellent moisture-wicking capabilities to help you stay dry year-round, so your body can regulate its temperature unhindered. 

What Are the Must-Have Activewear Accessories for Women?

It’s no secret that good accessories are a must for women’s activewear. From top to bottom, choosing the best gear can have a profound impact.

Let’s start with the most obvious and essential: a good sports bra.

1. Sports Bras

Few things help or hinder a workout as much as a good or bad sports bra. Every detail matters here, from size and fit to fabric and design choices.

Finding the right fit for the level of intensity your workout will require is the first step. Be sure to compare your exercise plan against the level of impact support any bra you choose offers. Choosing a bra with a wide bottom band makes achieving a good fit substantially easier, offering a lot of the support you need on its own.

As with all activewear accessories, the material is paramount. Choose styles like our Allways Sports Bra that utilize a bamboo-organic cotton blend for all the essential performance features such as moisture-wicking and stretch capabilities that will keep your workout as comfortable and optimized as possible.

2. Versatile Wraps

While a wrap may not seem like the most obvious choice for an activewear outfit, don’t write one off.

A highly versatile style such as our Lightweight Versatile Wrap offers the best in comfort and is ready for any circumstance, thanks to our bamboo-organic cotton blend.

Ideal for layering to and from your workout or staying cozy during low-intensity activities, the versatile wrap lives up to its name with a plethora of uses that can improve your active lifestyle.

Which Other Accessories Should We Try?

Some activewear accessories span men and women, offering benefits to everyone.

1. Face & Neck Gaiters

In the modern world, face coverings are a must-have. Choose a style that offers versatile uses in any situation, such as our Ecosoft Face & Neck Gaiter.

With a comfortable feel and multiple ways to be worn, wearing this gaiter through a long day won’t feel like a chore—in fact, you may want to keep it on all the time!

In addition to warmth and comfort, the bamboo fabric offers ever-useful UPF 50+ sun protection for your face, in addition to moisture-wicking capabilities. Plus, with anti-odor capabilities, it’ll last you ages.

2. Stride Cinch Backpacks

A good gym bag goes a long way to improving the convenience of your active lifestyle. Bring everything you need for your day, including shoes, spare clothes, a water bottle, snacks, and personal tech.

Whatever your day calls for, our Stride Cinch Backpack is ready to carry it along in style.

3. Baseball Caps

A baseball cap can be more than just an extra bit of fashion (although the style excels at that, too). A quality cap like our Lightweight Baseball Cap is an excellent addition to a performance outfit, keeping you cool, dry, and protected from the sun or other elements all day long.

4. Socks

At the bottom of every outfit, but certainly not the bottom when it comes to importance, socks are an accessory that should never go without some thought, especially when it comes to activewear.

The first question about socks is whether tabbed ankle socks or crew socks are right for you.

Tabbed socks offer the low-cut look and feel of ankle socks while protecting the back of your heel from chafing and preventing your socks from slipping. Our Bamboo Tabbed Socks are perfect for low-cut shoes and can be versatile in any outfit.

Crew socks are a classic style ideal for any higher-rise footwear. Crew socks offer coverage for your entire ankle and the lower half of the calf, keeping you warm and your calf muscles compressed, which can help reduce soreness and increase recovery.

For a pair of crew socks with all the great benefits of bamboo, try our Bambare Crew Socks.


Accessories of the highest quality are much more than a fashion statement. With the power of bamboo and mindful design, Tasc Performance brings you accessories that take your active lifestyle to the next level.


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