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The 3 Best Leggings With Pockets

The 3 Best Leggings With Pockets

Looking for high-quality leggings for the gym, but tired of finding yet another pair with no pockets?

While traditional styles such as jeans have almost always offered pockets, there’s been a shocking lack of pockets in styles from tights to yoga pants—activewear most grievously included.

With the rise of athleisure attire, taking activewear to the next level to make it as versatile as possible has become an important goal for the fashion world: one that Tasc Performance has been eager to meet.

Here at Tasc Performance, we got tired of settling for less, so we designed our leggings with the absolute best features and fabric and made sure to include a thoughtfully designed, practical pocket.

Today, we’re taking you through our expert-curated guide to the best pocket leggings and how to identify them, from the most basic fundamental features to the extras that elevate a pair to the top of any list.

Let’s get started!

What Are the Benefits of Leggings With Pockets?

It’s no secret why every pair of leggings you own needs pockets. Pockets have become much more than a bit of convenience—in the modern world, they are necessary for a functional lifestyle.

Perhaps the top of the list for why pockets are prevalent is the smartphone. Keeping such a versatile tool at your fingertips is basically non-negotiable, especially if you’re living an active lifestyle.

Whether for communication, navigation, or just to play music, pockets keep your phone in convenient reach. Sure, there are times to unplug and put your phone away, but for leggings that you’ll be wearing for a workout or a night out, having your phone on hand is a must.

Beyond your phone, there may be times when a bag or purse isn’t the best option. Storage space for your keys, wallet, iPhone, and other small belongings can be a huge help.

With the versatile uses of modern athleisure leggings, the need for pockets in leggings, whether to carry your phone, keys, or anything else, is greater than ever.

What Other Features Should My Leggings Include?

Design features like pockets and seam placement are important, but nothing is more fundamental than fabric. That’s why we make sure to build only the best leggings possible from the ground up.

Most common among fabrics is traditional cotton. However, as we’ve raised our standards, the downsides of cheap cotton have become more obvious.

Cheap, traditional cotton cannot wick moisture or breathe, making it a poor contender on the performance front. It’s also highly costly to the environment to produce, failing to meet sustainability standards.

Thankfully, modern times have brought us organic cotton. This alternative offers a much more sustainable path of production while reducing the practical downsides of traditional cotton.

Synthetic fabrics may seem cheap and convenient, but they have insidious costs. Synthetic fabrics can be detrimental to the environment and, consequently, those involved in producing them.

These downsides are largely due to the chemical treatments needed for the limited practical benefits synthetic fabrics offer. 

Bamboo is what we found as an alternative. Bamboo is one the most powerful, versatile, and sustainable fabrics in the world, and we’ve created a blend between this powerhouse and organic cotton for the ultimate leggings.

Along with its super soft feel, there’s bamboo’s long list of functional features, such as moisture-wicking, odor resistance, UPF sun protection, superior breathability, and even wrinkle resistance. 

Most importantly, bamboo achieves it all through natural qualities—no chemicals needed. Along with a super-fast growth rate and other sustainability factors, this eco-friendly fabric is safer for both the planet and farmers.

Let’s break down some of the most essential features for legging, all offered naturally by bamboo.

Wick Moisture

Whether you’re looking for leggings to handle an active lifestyle or for relaxing on the weekend, chances are a little bit of sweat may come your way.

Few things will feel worse than leggings that become hot and sticky, trapping sweat inside the material and preventing your body from properly cooling.

Moisture-wicking is an essential property of a fabric that allows it to draw moisture, namely sweat, from off your skin. That moisture is then sent up through the material to the surface, where it evaporates.

Without moisture-wicking material, your thermoregulatory processes can be hindered, resulting in discomfort at best and danger during an intense activity at worst.

To stay as comfortable and performance-ready as possible in any situation, always choose fabrics with moisture-wicking, especially if you’re looking at compression leggings.

Bamboo deserves a special mention in this category, offering some of the best moisture-wicking out there. As a tropical plant, bamboo is ready to deal with some water and keep you cool.

Superior Breathability

Speaking of keeping cool, the number one partner of moisture-wicking is also the next essential on our list: breathability.

Breathability is a quality that allows air to pass through the material. That’s not to say a breathable fabric can’t keep you warm—it simply allows your body to regulate its temperature appropriately, without feeling choked.

Once again, bamboo is a stand-out performer here, with micro gaps between every fiber that allow the perfect air circulation level for any level of activity. 

UPF Protection

UV rays are surprisingly powerful and dangerous, penetrating even on cool and cloudy days when the sun stays out of sight, out of mind.

Let that peace of mind continue with fabrics that offer natural sun protection. The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation grants bamboo’s UPF 50+ an excellent rating in terms of sun protection, so you know you’re getting the best when you choose bamboo.

Four-Way Stretch Fabric

Last but not least, we need to talk about stretch. There’s no doubt that stretch is an essential feature for the tight-fitting legging style, especially since they’re fitted through the tummy, hips, and thighs.

Don’t settle for less—the highly flexible and durable 4-way stretch offered by our bamboo-organic cotton blend is ready for the most intense workout or adventurous new yoga pose.

What Are the Best Leggings With Pockets?

Now that we know what to look for, let’s talk about some of the hottest styles that meet all the marks, from essential features to fashion trends.

1. Allways Full-Length Pocket Legging

First on our list is our Allways Full-Length Pocket Legging

Like all of our leggings here at Tasc Performance, you’ll find our ultra-functional, incredibly comfortable bamboo-organic cotton blend at the backbone of it all.

The full-length style stands out with its full leg coverage and high waist, offering extra warmth, compression, and comfort over your entire leg. Depending on your preference, full-length leggings may be perfect for your style, too—they work just well for a CrossFit class as they do tucked into boots for a stylish cold-weather outfit.

2. Allways Crop Pocket Legging

For a top trending look, our Allways Crop Pocket Leggings are the way to go.

Offering shorter coverage to mid-calf with the same signature high waistband, these workout leggings are perfect for summer days. You’ll be comfortable in the sun all day long thanks to the sun protection, moisture-wicking, and breathability our bamboo-organic cotton blend brings as well. 

And, of course, the side pockets make it easy to carry everything you need, whether you’re running errands or hitting the pavement with your sneakers on.

3. Allways 7/8 Pocket Legging

If you’re a lover of the middle ground or just want something different for your collection, our Allways ⅞ Pocket Leggings are here to be your new best friend.

With a slight rise above the ankle, these athletic leggings offer all the same essential features you’ll need for your active lifestyle—a high-rise waistband, large pockets, and quality quick-drying material. It’s an alternative style that’s perfect for year-round fashion and comfort.


Here at Tasc Performance, we know the best pair of leggings is as functional as possible. That’s why we’re always working to bring the absolute best fabrics and brightest innovations to every pair we design. 


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