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Best Underwear For Working Out: A Complete Guide

Best Underwear For Working Out: A Complete Guide

Your undies are what offer you the first layer of support and comfort during your sweaty workout sessions. Without this layer of coverage, your most sensitive areas are exposed to, at the very least, your sweat and bacteria. 

We all know that damp, moist places are the perfect place for bacteria to thrive. You may be surprised to know that it is also the prime real estate for fungal infections, like yeast infections and jock itch, to grow and thrive. Your briefs or panties should be pulling out all the stops to help you control the moisture and odor in the areas that count. 

No matter how many pairs of underwear you already have, if you don’t have a pair that’s odor-resistant and moisture-wicking, you are missing out. Your printed boxer briefs may look cool, but if they aren’t offering moisture resistance, odor resistance, and comfort, they aren’t doing their job. 

How Can Men’s Underwear Be a Game Changer?

Men’s underwear doesn’t seem life-changing until it is. Switching from a big box brand of multipack underwear can open up a whole new world. If you want to feel dry and fresh, you’re only one purchase away from your new best underwear with the right fabric. 

Here are some undeniable reasons why you need new Tasc Performance underwear under your workout gear. 

Anti-Odor Properties

In other workout gear, you typically see man-made fabric that’s meant to wick moisture away, but that’s not your best option. Bamboo fabric is the best choice when it comes to naturally occurring anti-odor properties.

Activewear that is made with synthetic fabric usually has to be treated with chemicals to offer anti-odor benefits. Bamboo already has antibacterial properties. Underwear created with bamboo has the function of your favorite workout clothes with the added benefit of anti-odor properties.

Lightweight Fabrics

You don’t want your clothes weighing you down. You want lightweight, comfortable clothing during your workout. Clothing that fits perfectly is a great start, but it needs to be lightweight and be made out of a multipurpose fabric like bamboo for maximum value. 

Superior Breathability

We can’t say enough about fabric that helps you stay cool throughout your day. Bamboo fabric allows the moisture to be wicked away from your body and allows it to evaporate. 

Picture pockets of cool air flowing freely through your fabric. It sure beats the alternative of extra sweat and heat trapped on your body that a simple fabric change can fix! 


Fabric made with synthetic materials like polyester or spandex have chemicals applied to create any moisture-wicking benefits. In nature, bamboo strategically uses the humid environment it grows in to absorb the moisture, allowing it to grow more quickly. That characteristic transfers to bamboo fabric, too. 


Comfort means a lot of different things to different people. One thing that we feel is universal is that we don’t want our clothes pinching, bunching, trapping in odor, or causing us to sweat any more than necessary. 

To us, comfort is mobility, functionality, and overall multipurpose material. Bamboo exceeds our expectations every time we put clothing on that is made with this superhero fabric. 


We have to take care of the beautiful place where we live. When possible, it’s great to make purchases that we know won’t harm the planet. Sustainably-made fabric ensures that as little harm to the environment is done as possible. 

Factories that make bamboo fabric not only eliminate the step of chemically treating the fabric, but they also typically use wind and solar power to generate power. Aside from all the other amazing benefits of bamboo, we love that it is eco-friendly. 

What About Sports Bras for the Ladies?

If you have ever worn an ill-fitting sports bra, you know that the struggle to keep everything in place is real—and it can be painful

Sports bras are specifically designed differently than regular bras. They are designed to support all the important ligaments and tissues that make up your breasts, so you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable jiggling. 

Sports bras can be tricky little contraptions, but they don’t have to be. When you find one that fits perfectly, all seems right in the world: no top spilling out, elastic band too tight, just glorious support. 

We know a thing or two about what it takes to make a great sports bra. Here are our thoughts on essentials:


If long-lasting comfort is your goal, you are in the right place. For your game-changer sports bra, you should be looking for mesh detail for added ventilation, reinforced straps, and a bottom band that doesn’t bite into your skin. 

If you choose the right fit, you’ll forget your sports bra is even on. It’ll be comfortable and supportive. 


The right support is important in your workout gear. Keeping everything in place and making sure you feel and look good is a big job. 

You want a sports bra as high-performing and well-rounded as you are. It may have been ok to make impulse clearance purchases on the flimsy ones in the past, but today is the day we take our power back and remember how important it is to buy functional clothing!


We want our sports bra to offer the perfect amount of stretch. The last thing we want is to worry about it stretching out and losing its shape or the support it offers. 

Your sports bra should be offering you just the right amount of stretch so that it works with your movement instead of against it. 


Your clothes should support you in all ways, always. 

Fashion and style change all the time. One thing that won’t change is our need for high-quality staples to stand the test of time. You’ll never regret making purchases that are both fashionable and functional. 

Clothes help us feel confident and carry us through our most strenuous workouts and all the other million activities we engage in throughout our day. We owe it to ourselves to explore options that make sense for the environment and our health and well-being. 

At Tasc Performance, we believe in quality, and we believe that the clothing you purchase should enhance how you experience life. You won’t regret the investment. 


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