The Best Hoodie Jacket for Men for Every Occasion
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The Best Hoodie Jacket for Men for Every Occasion

The Best Hoodie Jacket for Men for Every Occasion

Fashion needs to be comfortable, versatile, and take you from day to night. Your clothing needs to work with you — not against you — as you crush your to-do list in style. Thankfully for men everywhere, hooded sweatshirts are back in trend. There’s a hoodie for every occasion on our site, so you can wear these men’s jackets everywhere you roam.

Our goal is not only to elevate typical sportswear but to do so in a sustainable way. We know all the stylish ways to wear your new ‘fits to get the most out of these trends. And the best part about our looks? We offer traditional sizing through XXL, as well as a big & tall section. 

We want everyone to look good — so, let’s get started.

Beginning With the Basics

Let’s start at the beginning: what to look for in a hoodie. 

First and foremost, you’ll need a hoodie that provides the best quality fabrics so you can feel great all day, like our Carrollton Lightweight Hoodie and French Terry Hoodie. Each uses a functional blend of cotton and bamboo viscose to wick moisture away, defend against odors, and provide a heavy dose of UPF sun protection. 

Plus, our fleece sweatshirt and fleece jacket options don’t pill after use — we provide quality you can count on for washes and wears to come. Not to mention the subtle blend of elastane that gives our hoodies just enough spring to move with you, not against you. The cherry on top is our commitment to sustainability at all times. 

Cotton Fabric

Fit is important when looking for the perfect hoodie — and fit starts with cotton. Cotton lets you breathe, so no matter whether you’re out for a run or running errands, your body will feel easy and breezy. When a design uses cotton, it means your clothes are made with quality you can count on (and feel). 

You can get warmth and protection from the elements without an overbearing or heavyweight feel. With artificial materials, much like the shell of a windbreaker, they still require a quilted under-layer, usually made of cotton. 

This means that some of those trendy options on the market not only hit your credit card harder, but our core materials are still the true heroes of the day. Why add bulk and sacrifice style when cotton’s got everything you need for warmth already?

Save yourself some sanity and money, and leave those unnecessary materials in the dust. 

Bamboo Fabric

You could say Tasc’s sustainable bamboo fabric is like our secret weapon. It has a look and feel that is so luxe, you’ll never want to take our hoodies off. Bamboo packs an extra performance punch by lending its moisture-wicking qualities to our pieces. What does this mean? It means that as you wear these hoodies, you won’t get dragged down by sweat and feelings of discomfort. 

Have you ever bought a hoodie that shows your sweat marks and makes you overheat? Thankfully, you can put those struggles behind you. With bamboo fabric’s temperature regulation, you’ll always feel just right. 


What’s that last little bit that we use to bring these pieces together in harmony? Elastane. This type of stretchy material helps ensure that your hoodie can move with you. We make every range of motion in your arms and torso possible and comfortable with 4-way stretch capabilities.


At this point, you know how amazing these hoodies look and feel, but that’s only half the story. Your closet essentials can look great, feel great, and be great for the environment. 

At Tasc, responsible production is always in style. We power our knitting and sewing facilities with wind and solar power, we grow and harvest our bamboo responsibly, and we treat or re-use our wastewater. That’s because sustainability isn’t just a trend — it’s our gold standard.

Wear Your Hoodie Everywhere

We mean it: Wear your hoodie everywhere. Your busy life deserves a hoodie that can keep up. These high-end hoodies are made to fit your body properly while looking chic. Taking these points into consideration, your hoodie isn’t just meant for a rainy day. You can wear your hoodie wherever you roam, whether it's to the gym or heading out for a bite to eat.

Lounge Around

Some days are just meant for Netflix. If you’re having a solo night in — where the only reason to leave the house is to pick up your favorite takeout — style your hoodie with some of our top-selling joggers for a sleek lounge look. This stylish ‘fit is a no-brainer for a comfortable evening on the couch. 

Sometimes, a pullover hoodie can get a little cumbersome when you're lounging around. Thankfully, we thought ahead for that as well. Our fabrics let your body breathe, so you’ll stay effortlessly comfortable while looking effortlessly cool. 

If you still want something a little more versatile, check out our Carrollton Travel Jacket. It’s a lightweight track jacket that is made from the same material as our comfortable shirts! 

Running Errands

When we’re running errands, we’ve got efficiency on our minds. You need a lightweight hoodie with flexibility and style that can easily go from the grocery store to the mall to the gym. If the day is a little colder than usual, take your outerwear game to the next level with one of our vests or jackets to complete your look. A hooded jacket moment is always a good look. 

Paired with some well-fitting jeans, this long-sleeve hoodie and vest combination is effortlessly cool for a day getting all your errands done. Plus, it’s so stylish that you can treat yourself to a nice lunch at your favorite spot after you’re all done. 

Pre-Workout Warm-up

The secret to a good workout is an even better warm-up. Our muscles perform at their best when our bodies are warm and awake. But what do you need for a proper warm-up that gets the body invigorated and ready for exercise? The right attire. A fleece hoodie may be too thick for a warm-up, but we already thought ahead for that. 

The Carrollton Lightweight Hoodie is the perfect top for your warmup. This hoodie will help your body warm up fast, but the material is lightweight, so your body can breathe and not overheat. Plus, it’s a fitted and sleek look, so you can run around town before your workout and still look sharp. 

Refined Redo

Whether you work from home or commute to the office, the right hoodie will get you through your workday in style. A lightweight option like our Men’s Varsity French Terry Sweatshirt is lightweight and perfect for layering. Wear this over a button-down and under a trench coat or winter jacket for a layered chic look. If winter isn’t severe where you live, try a leather jacket for a cool, textured detail. 

We know that a full zip-front might be a little too casual for the office, but if you want to add one more layer of texture, try our Cloud French Terry Quarter Zip. Pair this with a simple t-shirt underneath for a light feel that is still office-appropriate. You’ll be the best-dressed person in the office — or the Zoom call — and the most comfortable.

Here’s the Best Part

All of these are great options for adding our hoodies to your everyday wardrobe. But what is the best part about all of these options? Not only can these men’s hoodie styles take you from day to night, but they can take you from office to cocktail hour to the gym! 

These sweaters are made for all your warm-ups and can keep you warm at those outdoor workouts too. It might not seem like it now, but you are saving yourself hours of your life not having to wash and pack so much in those workout bags anymore. Working out is hard enough on its own, we’ve made it easy to dress for it now. 

Get Out There and Own It

Men’s fashion has never looked or felt better with our hoodies' classic look and comfortability. Being able to transition your look from day-to-night-to-gym is a big bonus for anyone. Our looks take that typical gym look of zip-up hoodies to the next level. 

Finally, you’ve got a stylish sweater option that is still perfect for that pre-workout warm-up. And if you’re planning a run outside, our hoodies can keep you warm mile to mile. We are confident that the terry texture mixed with our solid color block designs are perfect for everyday looks with a great feel. Mix this with our commitment to sustainable fashion, and you’ve got fits that look good and make a difference. 

If you’ve had your eye on that perfect look, get yours soon; these best sellers won’t be lasting long! 


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