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Long Shirts For Women: Take A Look At The Trending Types

Long Shirts For Women: Take A Look At The Trending Types

Long shirts never go out of style. At any given time, the sun is emitting ultraviolet radiation, or UV rays, that you cannot see with the naked eye.  Not only do long sleeve shirts keep you warm, but when made with the proper material, they can also offer a layer of sun protection in addition to your sunscreen in the warmer weather.

When your body starts to feel that it is getting too hot, sweating is a way for your body to regulate its temperature and cool you off. Long sleeve shirts with built-in moisture-wicking properties can also aid in keeping you cool.

If you have ever been driving down the road and wondered why construction workers wear long-sleeve shirts, even on the hottest days of the summer, this is why. Long sleeve shirts keep them cooler by wicking away moisture and while adding a layer of sun protection too.

Let’s discover the trending types of long shirts for women and their versatility in your wardrobe. 

Versatility, Comfortability & A Soft Style

Without considering things like fabric texture, comfortability, or versatility, at any given moment, you can purchase a shirt from any store. Most people decide to buy on impulse, but there is so much more value in choosing to purchase clothing that’s quality. 

Clothes should fit into your lifestyle and are meant to offer you the comfort and adaptability you deserve. Long shirts should be lightweight, buttery-soft, and fit in a way they can stand alone or be layered. That’s where the designs from Tasc come in. 

Long Sleeve Tee & Adaptability

During summer you may think you want to wear as little as possible. However, the truth is, temperatures fluctuate even during the summer months. A great long sleeve T-shirt is very adaptable, especially when a storm rolls in or the weather cools down for the evening. During the summer, you can wear your long sleeve tee during outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or tennis. It can easily be layered over a tank, and if you get too hot, it can be tied in a knot around your waist. 

During the first crisp days of the year, a long sleeve shirt can be layered under a short sleeve shirt eliminating the need for a bulky jacket or hoodie. During fall and winter, wear your long sleeve tee with a pair of jeans, layered under a cardigan, or under a puffy vest.

The options are endless when it comes to layering the perfect long sleeve T-shirt. There are several trending types of long sleeve shirts that you will definitely want to add to your closet this year. Let’s talk about some of our must-haves!

Nola Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A light and breathable active top, the Nola Long Sleeve isn’t your typical long sleeve top. It is designed to protect your skin from the sun with UPF 50 protection and naturally wick away moisture from your body. The bamboo fabric blend is also incredibly breathable and lightweight, making for the most comfortable wearing experience possible. 

This long sleeve tee can be paired with your favorite leggings or layered under a jacket or cardigan for days when you need a little extra warmth. What we especially love about this casual top is that it looks just as good with sneakers as it does with a cute pair of booties.

The breathable fabric of this shirt allows for layering without worrying about getting too hot. 

Jenny Long Sleeve

This top features a simple silhouette that will compliment any body type. It offers maximum coverage everywhere it is needed but also has flattering side slits to give it a whimsical edge. 

Made with buttery-soft material, this long sleeve top pairs well with your coziest leggings or pajama bottoms for the ultimate relaxation outfit. In the gym, you will adore the side slits for a little added ventilation. This tee shirt is made for movement.  

Riverwalk French Terry Casual Sweatshirt

The Riverwalk French Terry Casual Sweatshirt is a casual lightweight layer that can be worn all year long. Made from luxurious, breathable bamboo French terry fabric, you’ll wonder how you made it through chilly days without the comfort of this lightweight sweatshirt. 

Light enough to layer but warm enough to keep you cozy during those chilly days, this sweatshirt will become your new best friend. Whether you’re traveling to the coast or hiking in your favorite mountains, this casual sweatshirt can be layered over your favorite tee shirt. 

Tie this sweatshirt around your waist for a casual look if you find yourself getting too hot, and you don’t have to pack a bulky jacket!

Recess Quarter Zip

This essential quarter zip pullover is something you can take anywhere and wear everywhere. 

Made for those on the go, the Recess Quarter Zip can handle high intensity or be kept casual with leggings. 

While it may look like your favorite comfy essential pullover, don’t sleep on this quarter zip. 

It has the same qualities and function as your favorite workout quarter zips.

For an athletic and sporty look, you can’t go wrong with the Recess Quarter Zip.

All Around Interlock Turtleneck

The All Around Turtleneck is made for your everyday wear and will soon become a classic staple in your closet. Luxuriously soft, it is made with original bamboo fabric created with a 4-way stretch. This unique design will allow you to feel warm and cozy without feeling restricted. 

If you love a good turtleneck style, you will want to get your hands on this one due to its just-right fit, soft comfort design, and durability.

Women’s Merino Fusion Long Sleeve Base Layer

The Women’s Merino Fusion Base Layer Long Sleeve is the first layer that checks all of the boxes. Sustainably made from our merino wool and bamboo fabric, this buttery-soft, non-itchy long sleeve will naturally wick away moisture while keeping you warm. 

This long sleeve tee is the ultimate comfy base layer. It features a 4-way stretch to move when you do and thumbholes to keep your sleeves in place during every stride you make. 


When the weather inevitably shifts to warmer temperatures, people automatically think to ditch their long sleeve shirts. While we agree that there is a time and place for short sleeves, tanks, and dresses, their long sleeve cousins deserve a place in rotation all year round in our book. 

Every person has their preference for how much they want to cover up throughout the year. Long sleeve shirts can offer a lightweight option to help keep you cool and an added layer of sun protection. Tasc Performance specializes in creating clothing that is meant to transition through each of the seasons with you.

From your most strenuous activities to your most low-key nights, each of our products offers components we found essential in adaptability:

  • Extremely lightweight fabric that allows you maximum comfort while layering.

  • 4-way stretch so that your clothes move with you.

  • Moisturizing wicking properties in our fabric: We want you to feel confident that your clothes can aid you in keeping cool and dry.

  • Superior breathability: Breathable fabric also aids in temperature regulation adding to your comfort no matter what you’re doing. 

We believe clothing should enhance your life and meet a need. No matter where you go, Tasc Performance has you covered with the ultimate activewear that you can always trust to be both durable and comfortable.  


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