What To Look for in Men's Hybrid Shorts
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What To Look for in Men's Hybrid Shorts

What To Look for in Men's Hybrid Shorts

Summer fashion can be a bit tricky to master. If you like partaking in outdoor activities, going out with friends, and keeping your options option, it can feel tough to commit to a single outfit. After all, what if you’re invited for a night at the movies after working out and you don’t have time to go home and change?

That’s exactly the kind of problem men’s hybrid shorts are supposed to avoid. These flexible and versatile shorts are perfect for hanging out around town and engaging in popular after-hours activities.

Not sure what to look for in men’s hybrid shorts? You’ve come to the right place! Today, you’ll learn how to buy the perfect hybrid shorts.

What Are Hybrid Shorts?

Hybrid shorts are crossovers between board shorts and standard shorts. Board shorts are similar to swim trunks. They usually feature bright patterns and stretchy materials, and they are made to get wet. They frequently feature mesh under linings and drawstrings, but they don't usually have much in the way of pockets.

On the other hand, hybrid shorts usually have buttons or clasps similar to traditional shorts. They also tend to be a little longer than board shorts or swim trunks, though they usually end above the knee. 

That said, hybrid shorts can get wet and dry off quickly. Most of them are made with multipurpose materials designed to withstand wear and tear from swimming or other outdoor activities.

Some men compare these best-seller shorts to chino shorts due to their straight inseams. They feature flat fronts, unlike cargo shorts, and are normally quick-dry. Plus, these shorts have belt loops for keeping your bottoms secure. 

Hybrid shorts are flexible, generally comfortable, and stretchy, and they’re ideal for guys who like to spend time outdoors while remaining ready for any plan. They can be worn on the boardwalk as swimsuit pieces, and they are even good for stuffing in a backpack for a trip. Just don’t plan to use them as running shorts!

When Should You Wear Hybrid Shorts?

Anytime you like! The beauty (and accessibility) of hybrid shorts is that they can be worn for practically any summertime social occasion, including:

  • Outdoor activities with your friends, like a volleyball game
  • Swimming in the ocean or a pool
  • Heading into town with your friends, like to the movie theater
  • Taking a long walk in the sunshine
  • Enjoying a casual day with your significant other

In general, you might find hybrid shorts comfortable if you know there’s a possibility of being active in the near future. That way, you can look great if you’re just sitting around and have comfortable shorts if you need to jump into a pool at a moment’s notice.

What Should You Wear With Hybrid Shorts?

Hybrid shorts are also popular because they can be worn with many classic summer apparel and accessories. T-shirts of all colors and types are ideal for pairing with hybrid shorts, as are glasses, bracelets, and necklaces.

In terms of footwear, hybrid shorts work just as well with sneakers and converse as they do with flip-flops or sandals. In truth, the only things hybrid shorts don't pair with are formal shirts like long sleeve button-up shirts and other workplace attire.

What Should You Look for in Men’s Hybrid Shorts?

Although hybrid shorts can be great choices for many guys, you can’t just pick up any pair of new arrivals and expect them to work perfectly. Instead, you should look for certain factors or attributes in a new pair of men’s shorts to ensure they fit your personality and needs precisely.

Extremely Lightweight and Flexible Material

First, make sure any pair of men's hybrid shorts are made with lightweight and flexible materials. The more lightweight and flexible a material is, the better. That'll ensure that you can wear the hybrid shorts all day long without feeling like your thighs or waist are being squished.

Plus, lightweight and flexible material is better for hybrid shorts if you jump into the water for a short swim, a game of water polo, or a day out boating.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

The ideal hybrid shorts should be made of moisture-wicking material. Moisture-wicking materials are useful because they can strip away excess sweat from your legs and thighs, preventing you from feeling sticky and uncomfortable throughout the day.

However, moisture-wicking technology doesn't stop sweat from cooling you off or evaporating. It's the perfect technology for any summertime apparel!

Superior Breathability

Aim for men’s hybrid shorts made of material that ensures excellent breathability. The more breathable or loose the shorts are, the cooler you will feel even if you sweat excessively thanks to outdoor activities or athletic events.

Sustainable Materials Like Bamboo

Bamboo materials are moisture wicking, lightweight, cool, and ultimately comfortable, no matter how long you wear them.

Bamboo also has another thing going for it: eco-friendliness. In fact, bamboo is one of the most sustainable clothing materials you can choose. 

When you wear bamboo hybrid shorts, you can do your part for the environment while also getting high-quality shorts that should suit you well for years to come.

Adjustable, Relaxed Fit

Even though breathability is an important concern, you don’t want overly baggy hybrid shorts. Those will make your outfit look sloppy rather than composed and stylishly casual.

Instead, opt for hybrid shorts cut in a relaxed-yet-distinct fit. Adjustable and relaxed hybrid shorts should stay comfortable throughout the day but still look intentional — like you meant to wear them and know that they look good on you.

Stylish Color Options

Lastly, don't forget to consider color options or patterns. Board shorts are usually pretty bright, even excessively. They may feature loud floral patterns or other designs to show that they’re swimwear first and foremost.

You won't find hybrid shorts in those same colors or patterns. Still, you can find hybrid shorts in relatively bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. You can also find hybrid shorts in more muted and traditionally masculine colors like gray, blue, and tan.

It all depends on your personal aesthetic and what you plan to wear with your shorts. For the best results, consider picking up two pairs of hybrid shorts — one in a bright color and one in a muted color — so that you have all your bases covered.

Your New Favorite Shorts Are Here

Buying the right hybrid shorts is a matter of nailing your size, then finding shorts with the right material and color. Fortunately, bamboo hybrid shorts are more common now than ever, and you can find the best shorts for your needs at Tasc Performance.

Our line of Motion shorts is perfect for guys on the go who need something that can handle everything. They're available in various colors and sizes and, as always, are designed with our proprietary bamboo cotton viscose blend. Try these shorts today, and turn to Tasc Performance for all your athletic wear needs!


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