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These Top 3 Are The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear In 2021

These Top 3 Are The Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear In 2021

Most of the time, you will find yourself mindless putting on articles of clothing as part of your daily routine. Little thought goes into grabbing a pair of underwear, getting dressed, grabbing your coffee, and getting your day started. 

What you might not realize is how long the evolution of proper underwear actually took. Over 7000 years ago, early humans used leather to cover themselves while taking care of their prehistoric tasks. 

As undergarments evolved, some of them would extend from the waist all the way down to the calves. One benefit to this was the modesty it offered. You had so much coverage you could still “undress” and be in good taste. The downside was that with all that extra fabric and lacing, it was hard to make quick work out of using the restroom. 

Another downside to lengthy underwear is how much heat they trap. The summer months were surely brutal, with pants serving as underwear inside a pair of pants. Believe it or not, all the way up until the 1930s, men had to suffer through this trend.

It was in the 1930s that the founder of a boxing equipment company came to the realization that boxing attire wasn’t exactly ideal. He decided to use more flexible material around the waist of boxing trunks. 

In 1934, a designer of a hosiery company was inspired to create a type of legless underwear from seeing a bikini-style swimsuit. Thankfully underwear has evolved and is now much more practical!

These days you want to look for underwear with a comfortable fit, are moisture-wicking, and are made from breathable fabric. Let’s talk about the top three most comfortable mens’ underwear in 2021. 

Top 3 Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear In 2021

If you are one of the people that choose not to wear underwear, you run the risk of chafing, sweating, and downright discomfort in certain clothes. We feel like the benefits of wearing underwear are a no-brainer. 

What can get confusing is selecting the right material and figuring out why design, comfort, and support matter. Your underwear protects some sensitive parts of your body. Material matters, so here are some ideas on what to look for when making your underwear selections. 

A Matter Of Material

If you think material doesn’t matter, try putting on a pair of wooly underwear and go for a jog. If you have a stylish pair of underwear, but they are painful or itchy, you probably aren’t going to get much use out of them.

With all of the fabric options available today, you want to keep a few things in mind: durability, support, and comfort. 

In order to prevent chafing and sweating, you really want your underwear to be fast-drying to prevent moisture accumulation. The comfort component goes without saying you don’t want any of your clothes causing you discomfort. 

If you are looking for a strong fabric that can keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot, you need to look for a bamboo blend. 

Bamboo Blend

Underwear with a bamboo blend offers superior breathability. Our buttery-soft blend of cotton and bamboo creates a combination that can provide underwear you can live in. They look great, feel great, and give you the same qualities you would expect out of performance wear. 

Ideal for anyone with skin that gets irritated easily, you will wonder what life was like before you found them made with this eco-friendly blend. 


With so many innovations in how fabric is designed, your underwear should be something you are proud to wear. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. You don’t want your underwear too loose, and you need a waistband that won’t lose its shape. 

Comfort & Support

Underwear should stay in place. A fitted pair of underwear means you don’t have to worry about them riding up your leg. You want to make sure they offer maximum support and offer a moisture-wicking component. You want to feel supported, cool, and dry in all the right places. 

Your underwear should be able to withstand your most strenuous activities. With all of the styles and fits out there, you have plenty to choose from. It can be hard to part with your tried and true, but you probably know that it’s time for an upgrade. 

Bambare Boxer Brief

The Bambare Boxer Brief is similar to the boxer short style, but offers you a more snug fit like a brief. If you are tired of worrying about underwear that isn’t comfortable, you may have just found your holy grail. They’re so lightweight that you’ll barely know they are there. 

If you can never decide between a boxer and a brief, you never have to! These bamboo blend boxer briefs offer you anti-odor, moisture-wicking properties, and superior breathability in the style you love. 

Bambare Trunk

Between a boxer and a brief, you will find the Bambare Trunk. It’s the perfect combination of great fit, softness, and all the qualities of your favorite high-performance clothing. Suitable for any activity, you will love how these trunks stay put and offer you the support you need. 

For a secure, supportive feel, the Bambare Trunk style underwear was made for your active lifestyle. 

Bambare Bamboo Comfort Boxer

The Bambare Bamboo Comfort Boxer is the ultimate short-style underwear. Like your classic boxer but much better. With a fly button closure, elastic waistband, and relaxed style, these are a must-have in your drawer. 

If you’re a lover of all things classic, these boxers will soon be your go-to. 


Underwear serves many purposes we often forget. Here are a few reasons why we wear underwear:

  • They can protect your pants from stains. 

  • They help you keep your private parts private. 

  • They protect your sensitive areas during physical activity. 

  • They help with hygiene.

  • Underwear can help you feel more comfortable and confident. 

Men’s underwear has come a very long way in style, comfort, and breathability. Not to be taken for granted, even something as simple as the material that they are made makes a huge difference. Underwear made with synthetic materials does not offer natural odor-resisting benefits.

Bamboo blend underwear is ideal because it offers several key components: the ability to wick away moisture, odor resistance, and a durable fit that’s great for sensitive skin. 

It is time to take control of your undergarment wardrobe. No more playing it safe with the same old underwear your mom used to buy you as a kid. Do your research and find what works best with your comfort and lifestyle. Can you imagine the embarrassment of disrobing and having holey, stretched-out underwear?

Throw out your old, holey, stretchy drawers and get with the program. Out with the sweaty and stinky and in with performance underwear that can take you from sleep to the gym to a date. You’ll thank us later! 


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