The Softest Joggers in the Game
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The Softest Joggers in the Game

The Softest Joggers in the Game

There was a time not so long ago when denim jeans were the dominant legwear style. Everywhere you might go, outside of the most formal settings or perhaps the gym, people would more often than not be wearing jeans.

Today, things have totally changed, and there is one primary party responsible: the athleisure fashion movement.

Athleisure apparel combines the comfort of leisurewear with the performance qualities and aesthetic of activewear. The result is a highly versatile, comfortable, stylish type of clothing made from buttery soft, stretchy material. These are the kind of clothes you want to live in.

At the heart of our guide today is the style that has put jeans on the back burner for many people around the U.S. and the globe: jogger sweatpants. This super comfortable high-performance pair of sweatpants is versatile enough to form a look with any athleisure outfit and even some styles in other aesthetics.

Today, we’re here to talk about what sets our joggers, the softest joggers in the game, apart from the rest. Let’s get started!

What Makes Tasc Joggers So Soft?

All joggers are designed with comfort in mind — but not all of them are equal in this department.

A relaxed fit is one of the first things anyone looks for when choosing jogger pants. Trademark to the style is a slightly looser fit above the knee, which narrows around the calf before closing with an elastic or spandex band around the ankle.

Because the fit varies up and down the leg, it can be tricky to find a pair that fits you perfectly. Some jogger styles are far too baggy, leaving excess fabric that can be an issue when working out. Other “performance joggers” leave behind looseness and stay tight from hip to foot, but this can quickly become uncomfortable and leaves little wiggle room.

Even more important than the fit, however, is the material used. Nothing is more fundamental to a piece of clothing than the fabric that forms it.

What Is Lightweight Fleece?

Fleece — sometimes called sherpa lining — is a knit fabric, which means it is distinguished by how it's made rather than what it's made of. Fleece is commonly composed of cotton, polyester, or even bamboo. If you want soft joggers, bamboo and cotton hybrids are the best option by far.

Making a knit fabric involves the material being looped to prevent fraying and increase stretch, as opposed to traditional woven fabrics, where straight yarns are connected. 

In general, fleece is considered one the softest kinds of fabric, thanks to the way it is created. As opposed to other knit fabrics, such as french terry fabric, fleece is created by shredding the material, which results in a sort of fuzzy texture many people recognize instantly as fleece.

Fleece is very common in sweatshirts, hoodies, and joggers, but because fleece is just a type of fabric construction, it still depends heavily on the base material used. Polyester fleece, for example, is less soft than cotton fleece in most cases but might have better performance capability.

Our Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Joggers use organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester to achieve a high-performance, super soft feel that’s warm yet breathable.

Why Wear Organic Cotton Joggers?

Cotton has been one of the most popular fabrics for decades, thanks in part to apparent convenience but mostly to its soft texture.

Unfortunately, traditional methods for producing cotton are simply environmentally unsustainable. Pre-consumer and post-consumer pollution and waste mar cotton’s production, but organic cotton offers an alternative!

With the same superior soft touch, organic cotton does what cotton has always done, but without harming the future of our communities and environment.

Bamboo Viscose: Our Secret Ingredient

The real superstar at tasc Performance is bamboo. We love this material for its powerful natural qualities that bring the best of comfort and functionality to every strand of fabric, all in a super-sustainable package.

Some of the best qualities found in bamboo include moisture-wicking, superior breathability, odor resistance, wrinkle resistance, hypoallergenic makeup, and even UPF 50+ sun protection. Most importantly, bamboo is incredibly soft to the touch — as much as cotton and some luxury fabrics.

In our tasc Performance signature fabric blend, bamboo and organic cotton combine for an ultra-soft texture that packs a bigger punch than any workout clothes you’ve tried before while feeling as comfortable as your favorite pajamas.

What Is Elastane?

Most joggers have an elastic drawstring waistband and wide elastic bands around the ankle.

By keeping these openings secure to your leg but not overly tight, joggers exceed most sweatpants in regards to actual performance in any situation where you may need to move on your feet a lot.

Loose fabric could get in the way (and often does), but joggers take care of that problem, keeping you extra comfortable no matter your activity.

What Makes the Best Joggers Even Better?

With the right fabric at the foundation, such as our Tasc Performance bamboo-organic cotton blend, you’ll have performance qualities at your fingertips that are essential for working out — but can be surprisingly important for relaxing, too. These are the best sweatpants for just about any activity.

Even while laying around or having an easy day, you can quickly get overheated, cramped, or even sweaty — especially if your day takes you outside. 

The same qualities that counter these issues in activewear can be just as effective in loungewear — hence the draw of athleisure, which does it all.

Temperature-Regulated Joggers

Thermoregulation is a vital process of your body through which it maintains its core body temperature. 

Thermoregulation isn’t just sweating, although that’s a big part of it. Many things work together to keep you from overheating or becoming too cold, both of which can be dangerous — or at least uncomfortable.

Numerous factors play into thermoregulation: 

  • The intensity of your activity levels
  • The ambient temperature around you
  • Your hydration levels
  • Airflow around you
  • Your clothing 

Breathability is crucial here, whether you’re a WFH warrior or a pro athlete. A fabric that doesn’t allow airflow will trap heat, which could cause you to get too hot fast. A mesh fabric that allows too much airflow might leave you a bit too cold. Look for the perfect balance, such as bamboo, which is naturally breathable.

Our Varsity Brushed Lightweight Joggers have superior temperature regulation to help prevent overheating, which can occur even during cold months while you work out. They’re essential track pants and lounge pants, perfect for running errands or sprints.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Thermoregulation also depends in part on your ability to sweat. Your body uses sweat to cool itself down, so it’s a necessary part of your body’s natural A/C system.

Unfortunately, traditional materials such as cheap cotton don’t do a good job of getting rid of your sweat quickly. As the material absorbs your sweat, you become drenched and stuck in wet clothes. Sometimes, this extra sweat may make you even colder or hotter, depending on your environment.

The ideal material for joggers is one with moisture-wicking capabilities. A well-designed material can draw sweat from your body through moisture-wicking and release it into the air as vapor, keeping you dry.

This isn’t just a functionality feature; swimming in sweat isn’t exactly comfortable. Even a bit of sweat at an unexpected time, such as while you’re watching a movie in a warm room, for example, could hugely interfere with your comfort levels.

With moisture-wicking fabric, you can relax with confidence. Any sweat that comes your way will be quickly dealt with. Pair your joggers with a moisture-wicking sweatsuit or t-shirt to improve your athletic performance and comfort even more.

4-Way Stretch Joggers

There are many reasons most jeans aren’t considered loungewear or activewear, but stretch capabilities are one of the biggest.

Rigid clothes without a lot of stretch in their fabric tend to be uncomfortable. If you have any intention of working out, you can kiss your range of movement goodbye as well.

Of course, 4-way stretch capabilities change this completely! No matter how you need to move to stay comfortable, flexible fabric is a must-have, whether you’re stretching out on the sofa or shooting some hoops in the park.


Joggers aren’t just a trending style; they’re part of a lasting fashion movement — athleisure — that isn’t going anywhere. 

These pants are versatile enough to be worn with everything from a blazer for main character vibes to your favorite Nike, Champion, or Adidas sneakers. Plus, some joggers even come equipped with side pockets and other add-ons for functionality, and others are designed in creative and expressive styles. 

You can easily find a pair that works for you, whether they have a tapered leg, a high waist, or a classic slim fit. For the highest-quality joggers with modern innovations, look no further than the tasc Performance styles mentioned today. 

To stay up to date on the latest in modern athleisure, keep checking back with the tasc Performance blog to learn about best-sellers and new arrivals.


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