Sportswear: Your Ultimate Style Guide
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Sportswear: Your Ultimate Style Guide

Sportswear: Your Ultimate Style Guide

Sportswear apparel has evolved beyond just game day and training sessions, forming into a giant of the fashion industry popular for all sorts of occasions. There’s now American sportswear, uniquely French styles, and so much more—there truly is the perfect piece of sportswear for everyone. 

Where once your yoga fits would have been an anomaly at a dine-in restaurant, now you’ll have servers asking where you got your outfit. The days of picking shorts for a run at the park and tossing jeans in your bag for a stroll downtown are over—now your styles can do both.

Huge new trends such as athleisure, tennis, and golf styles, along with the fusion of fashion and innovative functions, have brought sportswear to the forefront, opening up worlds of possibilities.

That’s why today, we’re sharing our expert info on all the versatile sportswear styles you need to have.

What Are Your Men’s Sportswear Must-Haves?

Whether you’re looking to up your wardrobe for the summer softball league or just searching for versatile athletic apparel for your outdoor adventures, sportswear is a must-have for your closet.

T-Shirts and Tanks

Let’s start with the basics. T-shirts and tanks have been around for decades. The look just can’t be beat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve on the foundations.

Athletic shirts have not only increased in their performance capabilities, but they’ve also become fashion friendly. Picking up a few pieces in a variety of colors isn’t just giving you workout options; it’s giving you options for your entire week, month, and year.

High-quality fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton have enabled superior comfort combined with all-natural features such as moisture-wicking, temperature regulation, odor-resistance, breathability, stretch, and more.

You can find the best types of fabric in tops like the Carrollton Blocked Fitness T-Shirt and the Recess Athletic Shirt. Add a v-neck or two and some sleeveless options for a bit of variety, and you’ll hardly need any other tops at all.

Long Sleeves

Like tees and tanks, long sleeve shirts maintain that crisp, classic look that has kept them popular for so long.

Keeping a few long sleeve tops in your arsenal is best practice, not just for variety’s sake or seasonal concerns. While long sleeves are obviously great in the winter, you can also use them to layer in between seasons or take them indoors when the AC is on high.

Plus, thanks to the natural sun protection provided by fabrics like bamboo, you can even use them for added protection in the warmer, sunnier months.

Check out the Carrollton Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt for a great fundamental option with tons of color choices, and the Recess Athletic Fitted Long Sleeve for a different high-performance option.


Shorts are an essential, fundamental piece to your sportswear setup. Modern styles have become incredibly versatile thanks to better styling and innovative new designs and technologies.

First on your list should be the Weekender Elastic Short. Built to style with everything and handle anything, they’re the perfect balance between fashion and function, ready for a casual bike ride, a heated game of basketball, or a night out at the bar.

For pure performance power, the Recess 8” Training Short is the way to go. They’re as lightweight as it gets and feature-loaded, even including a built-in liner phone pocket and side zip pockets.


While you might think joggers are just for lounging around (and don’t get us wrong, they’re excellent at that), a pair of joggers like the Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger can keep up during even the most intense activities.

That’s because they’re engineered for performance during sports and other active uses, made with the best type of fabric (a bamboo/organic cotton blend) and a lightweight, intentional design to allow range of movement without any hindrance. 

They also provide a sleek silhouette that’s at home in the training gym and the American fashion scene alike—because athleisure is all the rage in menswear, both in America and Europe. 

What About Women’s Sportswear?

Stocking up on sportswear isn’t just for sports use. You’ll want to wear this sports clothing all week, out at social events, to the gym, at the mall, or anywhere your life takes you. 

Tanks and T-Shirts

Let’s start at the top and work our way down with garments. Tanks and tees are a classic option for all occasions, but with modern innovations in sportswear, they’ve become even more versatile.

The best part is, you don’t have to give up fashion to get the functions you’ll need for an active day. Check out the Nola Tank for the perfect sleeveless option, NOLA crop tops for a bit of fun, and a few Nola Fitness T-Shirts for variety.

Sports Bras

A high-quality sports bra can be your new best friend. Nothing quite compares to the equally amazing comfort and support they offer when your workout is coming at you fast.

Sports bras are exceptionally versatile, able to hold their own or layer under another top. Thankfully, the search ends here with the Allways Sports Bra, which does everything you need and a little more.

Leggings and Bike Shorts

There’s no reason your sportswear can’t feel like loungewear. That’s why we’re so obsessed with modern performance leggings and bike shorts.

Thanks to powerhouse fabrics and innovative sportswear design features, you can rock some Crop Pocket Leggings or Pocket Bike Shorts through any activity, feeling confident and relaxed. With pockets, moisture-wicking, and superior breathability, you’re never going to want to take them off. 

They won’t hold in your body heat or sweat, so you won’t be distracted during your workout. 

Our leggings even provide other benefits you may not usually think of but don’t want to pass by, such as built-in sun protection to guard against harmful UV rays.

Running Shorts

We love our leggings, but a great pair of running shorts is another champion of the sportswear closet that we just can’t live without.

Styles like the Recess 3” Running Short are lightweight and perfect for the hottest weather or the longest workouts. Never fear—we’ve got a pocket for these too, zippered-up on the back.


The classic, super fashionable tennis style has evolved beyond the court, making its way into all aspects of sportswear. It’s no longer considered sport-specific clothing. 

We’ve engineered our Rhythm Skirt to have all the activewear utility you could need, including no-slip grip and (of course) a pocket for phone storage. Plus, it can take you from the courts to brunch in a heartbeat—can your knitwear do that? 

How Should I Accessorize?

Last but not least, you’ll want some accessories to complete your sportswear setup, even if you’re just planning to wear it for leisure activities.


A convenient-sized gym bag or backpack with high-capacity and pockets is the perfect partner for your excursions. Fit your change of clothes, shoes, water, fuel, and tech all in one place, making your fast-paced life a little bit easier.

Check out the Stride Cinch Backpack for a bag that does it all.


Baseball caps are a classic look, always cool and ever-functional. Slip one on for a little extra shade, some style variety, or just to keep your hair in check.

No matter how you wear them, forwards or backwards, a Lightweight Baseball Cap is going to be a favorite.


Choosing the wrong socks is one of the quickest ways to turn a workout sour. Make sure you’ve got a few pairs of carefully engineered performance socks to stay comfortable during whatever you’re getting up to.

Bambare Tabbed Socks are a perfect option with shorts and low-ankle shoes. Try some Bambare Crew Socks with long pants, or if you’re looking to prevent chafing.

A Travel Jacket

Sportswear will often go with you on the road or out in less-than-optimal conditions. A Travel Jacket is the perfect way to stay prepared. Plus, layering is a great tool for keeping your fashion fresh.


With our ultimate guide to sportswear complete, you’re ready to get some new styles and get there on the field, court, trail, or wherever your active life takes you.


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