Stylish Clothes for Men — All Occasions
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Stylish Clothes for Men — All Occasions

Stylish Clothes for Men — All Occasions

Fashion today is more diverse and versatile than ever, but so are the types of occasions we’re facing in our everyday lives.

The common fast-paced way of life today often includes a to-do list that spans working out, commuting, working, running errands, going out in the evening, and relaxing at home.

The needs you’ll face in each situation vary, and in the past, so would the wardrobe best suited to the challenge. From jackets and sweaters to trousers and graphic tees, the essentials of the past have always depended on circumstances.

Recently, retailers have been designing clothes differently. What if the core of your closet could handle any and all situations in your daily routine and beyond?

Versatile attire is a hot trend going into 2022, and at Tasc Performance, we’re not slowing down. Combining new ways to harness natural resources with modern innovations is opening doors to the best in functional fashion for any occasion.

Today, we’re talking about the features and styles that can work for you all week. These are your new go-to outfits for all occasions. Let’s get started!

Fashion: How To Dress for Any Occasion

Staying fashionable through diverse occasions requires tact, solid fundamentals, and a bit of creative thinking from time to time.

With modern, versatile styles in your wardrobe, the process gets a whole lot easier. With functional athleisure attire being especially stylish in today’s fashion environment, there are lots of options — but not all are equal.

First, let’s talk about the fundamentals you’ll need to nail down before selecting your best outfits.

Keep It Simple

The most essential principle for everyday fashion is to keep it simple. That’s not to see you shouldn’t express yourself. We’re going to find ways to make your outfits pop, but the core of each look you establish should generally be easy on the way — if you’re looking to create versatile outfits, anyway.

From the start, figure out your major building blocks. We like to work top to bottom, but you’ll find a system that works for you.

Tops & Layering

At the start of our day, a shirt and maybe a piece of outerwear are coming up first. Don’t be afraid to layer. As long as each piece is solid and nothing clashes between them in terms of color and texture, layering adds detail while keeping the overall look consistent.

Pants & Base Colors

Your pants are probably the least diverse part of your wardrobe, and that’s okay. You’ve got the styles that work for you, and you can stick with them.

When it comes to pants you can wear in a diverse array of situations, neutral colors are the way to go. They’ll match with just about any outfit you put together.

Leggings are the exception. Colorful leggings with a matching sports bra, hoodie, sweatshirt, and other layers on top make for a trendy outfit.

Keep in mind that colorful athleisure attire is harder to dress up, but you can mix neutrals with more fashion-focused pieces for your least casual occasions.

Shoes & Accessories

With a solid foundation in the core pieces, this is where you have your chance to add some real personality to your outfit.

As far as accessories, backpacks are possibly the most versatile. They’re a hands-free way to take everything you need wherever you go, and there’s no shortage of style options. The right bag or backpack can take a fashionable outfit and make it functional, too.

A baseball cap is also a great way to top off your more casual looks and athleisure-focused outfits.

When it comes to shoes, while your athleisure attire might seem to pair well with running shoes, you’ll want to switch those out for any occasion that isn’t strictly exercise.

The perfect pair of white sneakers, skater shoes, and chunky sneakers are all popular, trendy, and versatile in terms of style.

Keep a Smooth Style Gradient

Once you start to mix and match your outfits, the important thing is to keep your transitions smooth from top to bottom.

As an extreme example, you wouldn’t wear high heels with leggings and a blazer. You also wouldn’t pair a dress shirt with your most comfortable sweats. The style jumps are simply too great between the portions of your outfit.

You’ll want to keep your portions (feet, legs, torso, shoulders/head) on a smooth gradient. Don’t jump from casual style to a dressy look or vice versa. You could, however, work from a super casual pair of shoes to a dressy top, provided your pants bridge the gap.

Maintain Balance

We often say that balance and the “golden mean” are essential for fashion, especially an everyday fashion profile.

It’s essential to keep a sense of balance in your outfits. That applies to various areas, including the way each piece fits, your color and pattern choices, and even the fabrics and textures used.

In terms of fit, too much of any one type of fit can tip the balance from fashionable to forgettable or awkward. An outfit full of loose-fitting or oversized clothes looks sloppy and unflattering, while a full set of fitted pieces drastically narrows what occasions are appropriate.

You don’t have to study art theory to know that color and pattern balance are essential to a fashionable outfit. Ensure your colors don’t clash, and never be afraid to stick to the neutrals. Black, white, navy, and gray never go out of fashion, and they always match each other.

For the best look, pair your neutrals with a pop of brighter color in your shoes, a hat, or some other detail. Even a trench coat can be the perfect pop of color in a more neutral outfit.

It’s also typically best not to mix and match different patterns across your outfit unless they’re extremely subtle — although fashion rules were made to be broken.

Function: How To Feel Comfortable on Any Occasion

Of course, aesthetics are at the core of being stylish, but we can’t forget function. Choosing outfits that look great but feel horrible to wear is a recipe for disaster.

Here are some of the most important features to make sure your everyday styles have:

  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathability
  • Odor-resistance
  • Stretch capability or thoughtful construction

With quality moisture-wicking fabric that’s breathable, your body will be able to thermoregulate properly. That means you’ll stay cool and dry, whether you’re relaxing under the covers or out for a run.

Together, moisture-wicking and breathability are the most important qualities of your favorite workout clothes. However, you don’t have to be working out every day to enjoy these features in all your outfits. Staying cool and dry is paramount to comfort.

Odor resistance may not be the first quality you think of, but your clothes won’t stay fresh for long without it. For fresher and longer-lasting clothes, look for odor-resistant fabrics and avoid traditional cotton or cheap synthetic fabrics.

Lastly, stretch capability, or at least thoughtful construction, is a must-have for every occasion. Clothes that feel restrictive and cramped will quickly kill any ideas of comfort you may have had when you chose your outfit. The longer your day, the more important this is.

When you choose fabrics like bamboo, you get all these features plus the added bonus of sustainability.

Example Styles for All Occasions

Reigning supreme in the ranks of versatile fashion is the top trend of the last few years: athleisure attire.

These styles are sleek and fashionable, and they’re also built for function, so you can check all of your boxes with one stylish piece.

As with choosing our outfits, let’s start with the top and work our way down. A few short and long sleeve tees comprise the foundation of a diverse wardrobe. Try our Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt or Nola Long Sleeve T-Shirt for options you’ll want to wear every day. You could also mix in our Cloud Polo Shirt if you’re adding a bit more refinement.

Layering is always important, especially when keeping your athleisure looks fashionable. Our Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip or our Varsity Sweatshirt are some of the most comfortable pieces of outerwear you’ll ever own. Plus, they can tie together any athleisure outfit.

Lastly, we’ll want a solid base, so pants with exceptional performance qualities and a versatile, neutral style are going to be best. Joggers are #1 on the athleisure scale, and our Varsity Brushed Lightweight Joggers are the best of the best. Skip the denim and go straight for this high-performing, comfortable option.

Sweatpants, leggings, or chinos using modern materials like bamboo are all equally versatile and excellent options for any occasion. They’re much more comfortable than a pair of jeans or slacks, but they’re still the perfect casual wear.

Our Motion Pants have plenty of range, perfect for dressing up or down, from least to most casual. They go equally well with a button-down shirt as they do with a plain white t-shirt. They’ll feel comfortable lounging on your sofa or at a nice restaurant, whether you’re keeping it chill or you’re aiming for the smart casual look.


When it comes to building a function, versatile wardrobe for all occasions, Tasc Performance is the place to be. Our helpful guides and top-quality styles offer everything you need to be ready for any occasion that comes your way, starting today!


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