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These Skirts Are In Style Now And Complement Your Workout Routine

These Skirts Are In Style Now And Complement Your Workout Routine

Versatile women’s skirts look amazing worn anywhere. Whether you’re pairing your skirt with a cropped top and going for coffee or heading to your gym sesh, they will always be in season and begging for you to do a little twirl.

There are tons of skirt styles out there, from maxi skirts to a-line skirts and pencil skirts, but our personal favorite has to be the tennis skirt. Learn more about how they can easily fit in your workout routine and how to wear them outside of your workout here!

In Style Skirts To Complement Your Workout Routine

We all know that exercise can make us look and feel great. When you find yourself in a slump to get motivated to actually start your workout, seeking out some inspiration can help! 

All you have to do is watch Serena Williams play tennis to be inspired to incorporate a skirt into your workout routine. She sets the bar when it comes to incorporating fashion into fitness. 

The takeaway from seeking inspiration is that working out can be both fun and fashionable. You can find clothes that offer the fit and functionality that you need and look amazing while doing what you love

Function, Fashion, Fit

Wearing your torn-up T-shirt and ill-fitting bike shorts is probably not going to inspire you to get to the gym. Not only does working out require creating the time to do it, but it helps if you create a look you will love doing it in! 

Comfort is a key component of any clothing purchase. It is important to think of how you are going to function when wearing your clothes. Does the fabric work for the environment you will be working out in? Is the material moisture wicking? 

If you feel confident in your clothes, there is a greater possibility you are going to throw out the excuses and show up for your workout.  Performance skirts are engineered for movement. Skirts allow you to look stylish without preventing your full range of movement. 

Not only can skirts complement your workout routine, but they can also take you from the gym or court to brunch and beyond.

Why Tennis Skirts Are Trending and How to Wear Them

Tennis skirts can highlight your body and show off your bare legs while playing on the court. What you wear for outdoor sports has certainly evolved over time! 

Tennis skirts are feminine, classy, and playful. These versatile pieces can be worn as a functional piece of workout attire or can be transformed into a cute date night outfit. 

Biker shorts have been on trend for quite some time, but we find them a bit too form-fitting most days. Tennis skirts can be much more flattering and comfortable, while still allowing for a nice feminine shape. 

You can pair a tennis skirt with a crop top, ribbed tank, or off-the-shoulder top for a casual look. If you are headed for a night out, transition this look by adding a blazer and heels. 

To turn a tennis skirt into a classic outfit, all you have to do is add a crisp button-down shirt and pair it with your favorite sneakers, and you are good to go. With the right shoes and accessories, a tennis skirt can easily become one of your most beloved closet staples. 

Rhythm Tennis Skirt

If you are looking for the perfect tennis skirt, look no further than the Rhythm Tennis Skirt. This skirt is made for anything from a casual errand to your most rigorous activities. 

The rhythm tennis skirt features a built-in patch pocket for convenient phone storage, as well as an adjustable waist so that you can get the perfect fit. It also features inner compression shorts with elastic, to ensure everything stays in place when you’re wearing this short skirt. 

The relaxed fit, paired with compression shorts, allows you to perfect all of your tennis moves without compromising on comfort or style. 

Wear It Everywhere From the Court to Brunch

Tennis skirts have been having their moment for quite some time. With powerhouse tennis players like Venus and Serena Williams as role models, it’s easy to see why you’d want to transition your tennis skirt from the court to brunch. In the late 90s, Britney Spears also helped put them on the map, and they haven’t budged since. 

Tennis skirts are the ultimate transitional skirt. They can be worn in a number of ways no matter the season. This high-functioning skirt can easily take you from your favorite workout to a business meeting to a night out on the town. 

What To Pair With This Skirt

Your tennis skirt can be paired in so many ways! For a sultry look, pair an off-the-shoulder top and a pair of heels with your flirtiest tennis skirt. For a great workout look, do a performance tank or a cropped top and your favorite sneakers. 

If you are going for a preppy look, pair your skirt with a sweater and booties. You can even do a denim jacket layered over a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual-chic look. The options are endless when it comes to how many different looks you can create with your tennis skirt. 

This Skirt Has All the Qualities You Need for a Great Workout

You can’t compromise on comfort when you’re working out. Your clothes play an integral part in your ability to move and accomplish all your fitness goals.  Here are a few things you want to look for in workout attire:

  • Breathable: Your fabric should offer superior breathability. 

  • Lightweight: Lightweight clothing allows for optimal comfort during your most strenuous activities. 

  • Moisture-wicking: You don’t want to concern yourself with your clothes sticking to you during a workout. Moisture-wicking fabric helps the sweat stay off your skin so that you’re not stuck in a drenched outfit. 

  • UPF protection: Sun protection is crucial during outdoor sports. Having a skirt that offers built-in sun protection is an added way to keep the sun's harmful rays at bay.


Tennis skirts are more than just something to wear while you’re working out. Effortless and refined, tennis mini skirts can complete any street style look. From preppy to edgy, this cute skirt is a staple part of any woman’s wardrobe and is perfect for whatever weekend adventures you’re planning. 

Pair your tennis skirt with your favorite athletic sneakers or dust off your combat boots. In the summer, skirts can be worn with your favorite strappy tank top and a cute pair of sandals. For fall, you can easily transition your outfits by layering.

You can layer your favorite tennis skirt with a comfy oversized sweater or tee and some ankle booties. For date night, try pairing your skirt with knee high boots, a blouse, and a boyfriend-style blazer to make it a little more glam. No matter you choose to style it and whether you’re going to a special event or just running an errand, you are sure to be on trend. 

Tasc activewear always puts quality first. Our clothing is designed to be highly functional. We know that a body in motion requires comfort, breathable fabric and should be built to last.  


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