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Sun Protection Clothing: How To Choose

Sun Protection Clothing: How To Choose

Not all clothes are equal when it comes to guarding your skin from the sun’s rays. Certain fabrics, qualities, and even colors can play a role in how much the sun penetrates through to your skin.

Sun safety awareness has risen dramatically in the last few decades, and even more so in the last few years, as modern research clarifies the potent danger overexposure to UV rays can pose (not to mention the risk of premature aging). 

We avoid sunburns like the plague these days, and not just when we’re in our swimwear. We know to wear long sleeves and avoid darker colors when we’re going to be out in the sun for long hours. We know to check the SPF rating on the sunscreen we’re using and to reapply regularly, but there’s more you can do. 

You might not think of clothes as your first line of defense against the sun, but make no mistake that they play a crucial role in keeping you protected, from the cloudiest day to the clearest.

Today we’re talking you through everything you need to know about sun protection clothing, why you need it, and how to choose the right tools to protect you.

Why Is Sun Protection Important?

While UV rays can benefit our skin in many ways, they are ultimately harmful when absorbed without protection or in excess, potentially causing damage to different parts of your body, face, skin.

Even on cloudy or cool days, UV radiation from both UVA rays and UVB rays is still powerful and can penetrate your clothes to be absorbed in your skin. We want to steer clear of those harmful UV rays at all costs. 

So we know the sun is dangerous, but are we going to stay inside all the time? Absolutely not! Here at Tasc Performance, we love fun in the sun, whether it’s a peaceful morning walk, an intense workout after work, or a ballgame on the weekend. 

With the right UV protection in place, you can enjoy the sun and get some Vitamin D with total peace of mind. That’s where protective clothing can do just the trick.

What Is Sun Protection Clothing?

You can take many different steps to protect yourself from harmful radiation while outside, such as standard methods like wearing sunscreen and getting as much shade as possible. 

Clothing cover is one such step, and while any clothing is better than complete exposure, for best practice, it’s recommended to wear certified UPF clothing, also known as sun protection clothing.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF)

UPF is a metric of the protective quality fabric provides in keeping two of the main types of radiation the sun produces from reaching your skin.

Note that UPF is different from SPF, so the ratings don’t necessarily compare directly. Experts recommend UPF 30 to 50 clothing for the best protection from the sun. Choosing a garment that features this UPF rating can really help keep you safe. 

Bamboo Linen Fabric

While many clothes that include UPF sun protection require chemical treatment, modern innovations and powerful natural fabrics have made great protection possible without chemicals.

Bamboo rayon fabric is truly a revelation. In addition to dozens of other powerful natural qualities, the fabric also offers some of the best natural sun protection available.

Bamboo fabric blocks 98 percent of harmful UV light from getting to your skin, coming at the top-notch UPF 50+ rating. That’s an excellent rating under the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, so you know bamboo means business.

Plus, since bamboo doesn’t rely on chemicals, you can expect this protection to last through any number of wears and washes. It’s durability and long-scale dependability you can truly count on.

Which Sun Protection Clothing Is Right for Me?

Thankfully, sun-protection capabilities are built right in with your favorite Tasc performance styles you know and love.


One of the most popular trends sweeping the streets is athleisure clothing. A stylish blend of casual aesthetic, performance functions, and the comfort of leisurewear, athleisure just feels incredibly comfortable without sacrificing any essential features.

Athleisure is popular to wear for all sorts of outdoor activities, from workouts and sports to social afternoons out on the town. Ensuring your athleisure styles also offer excellent protection from the sun is an important step.

When you shop bamboo linen athleisure styles, such as our men’s and women’s joggers, you’re getting the sun protection you need and comfy pockets, plus a whole lot more. From your pants to your shirts, sun protection matters. 


Activewear can take you anywhere—the trail, the track, the park, and many more places where the sun won’t shy. Bring UPF protection that’s up to the mark, so you can exercise without compromising on safety.

Carrollton Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt or Nola Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a perfect piece to protect your skin while you’re out on a workout.


Just because you’re relaxing at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your skin. 

Whether you’re relaxing on the porch, walking the dog, or simply checking the mail and chatting up neighbors, choosing loungewear made with bamboo and organic cotton blends will keep you protected anytime UV rays make their way down to your clothes.

A super-soft Bambare Crew Neck Undershirt or a Longline T-Shirt makes a great option for lounging around the house under good protection coverage when you feel like wearing a short sleeve tee.

Commuter Styles

You might be surprised just how much sun you’re exposed to going to and from work, school, and anywhere else you commute regularly. Picking up stylish and functional commuter styles that also protect you from the sun is a no-brainer when you’re living life on the go.

A versatile layering piece such as the Carrollton Travel Jacket or the Nola Jacket makes it easy to take the power of bamboo fabric everywhere you go. Even the hoodie that you keep in the car will benefit from some manner of sun protection. 

What Are Other Benefits of Bamboo Fabric?

We just can’t get enough of bamboo fabric, and we want you to be just as excited. In addition to the powerful sun protection qualities packed naturally into the fibers, let’s talk about some of the other great benefits that bamboo brings us.

Good For You

The qualities of bamboo can help make your life easier, more comfortable, healthier, and safer. It’s a fabric that’s just plain good for you.

Good for the Environment

Bamboo is also good for the environment and the people around you. At Tasc Performance, we’re big on producing sustainable fabrics through ethical practices, which is just another reason we’re huge fans of bamboo, one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the market.

Not only is bamboo extremely efficient and low impact to grow, but it also doesn’t require additional chemical finishes (which protects the environment and encourages recycling).

Comfortable and Hypoallergenic

A fabric can’t meet the mark if it’s not comfortable. Bamboo fibers are smooth and soft, easily equal to and exceeding the feel of the best cotton or cashmere fabrics out there, without the other downsides those materials can bring.

Just in case allergies are a concern for you or those around you, bamboo is also hypoallergenic, thanks to its chemical-free production and natural qualities.

Moisture-Wicking and Odor-Resistant

Performance is essential in every piece of Tasc Performance clothing, which is why we love the moisture-wicking and odor-resistant capabilities of bamboo fabric.

Moisture-wicking is a process by which a fabric draws moisture from your body, namely sweat, and releases it as vapor through the fabric’s outer surface. This is key for an active lifestyle and still super beneficial, from loungewear to your work attire.

Thermal Regulating

Another fundamental feature, particularly for activewear, is thermal regulation. While thermal regulation is a process primarily handled by your body, it’s essential that your clothes don’t hinder this natural process in any way.

Breathability, lightweight composition, and moisture-wicking all play a part in making bamboo fabric an excellent agent when you need to keep your cool.


Planning for sun protection may not be as exciting as shopping for aesthetics, but it’s certainly a step that you shouldn’t skip out on. We’re always here to help make these processes easier, with our innovative fabrics, designs, and thorough guides breaking it all down for you.


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