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The Good (Stocking) Stuff

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Not Your Dad’s Typical Underwear...Yet

What if we told you there was a gift you could slip into his stocking that he will look forward to slipping on every morning? We’re not here to judge whether he’s on the naughty or nice list, but we are here to say every guy deserves the best in his basics. This year, your stocking game has the potential to be a game changer. Put down the gift cards and golf balls and fill it with things that will amaze him. No fake smiles this year when you’re armed with gifts that leave him: A) extremely comfortable south of the border and B) sporting products that are better for our planet.

Meet the Bam(Bare) Collection

BamBare Boxer Brief tasc performance (HarborBlue)
4 Colors Available

Bambare Performance Boxer Brief

$ 28

BamBare Boxer 3 Pack tasc performance (Multi)
1 Color Available

BamBare Boxer 3 Pack

$ 68

BamBare V-Neck 3 Pack tasc performance (White)
1 Color Available

BamBare V-Neck 3 Pack

$ 78

The MVP of All Underwear

The Bam(Bare) Pimaluxe Boxer Brief is about as elevated as undies get. Our luxurious Pimaluxe fabric lends its superior breathability and buttery soft feel to any guy’s everyday activity. Translation: maximum airflow where he needs it and chemical-free, next to skin comfort that is hard to live without once you’ve experienced. It’s also worth mentioning that the fitted style and 4” inseam pair together for a wonderful fit that stays put.

Bam(Bare) Pimaluxe Boxer Brief

" My wife bought me the Pimaluxe Boxer Brief bundle a couple months back for my birthday and the tagline of "Underwear won't change your life. Until it does." became exponentially more brilliant the second I put them on. "

- Travis on the Pimaluxe Boxer Brief

Ranks First in First Layers

The Bam(Bare) Boxer Brief is thoughtfully designed to keep up with him wherever he goes. The resounding feedback we’ve received is that this boxer brief is putting an abrupt end to searches for the “perfect pair of underwear.” They’re a bit longer than your traditional boxer brief and hug the thigh just right to prevent riding up. Plus bamboo contributes its moisture-wicking and anti-odor capabilities for a perfect pair of underwear appropriate from the couch to the gym and everywhere in between.

Bam(Bare) Boxer BRief

" Believe you, me – your man will want to wear tasc Performance underwear, even if he doesn’t know that yet. If he receives some from Santa in his stocking or under the tree, he will not be disappointed. In fact, he will love them so much that he likely won’t want to take them off. "

- New Orleans Moms Blog

More Than Meets the Thigh

The Bam(Bare) Boxer is our take on the classic boxer for any guy who appreciates a looser fit. Traditional cotton boxers you will find on the market lack the stretch we are able to achieve with our unique bamboo cotton blend. More stretch in his most basic layer is always better. Additionally, the waistband is not your classic piece of rough elastic that all guys grow tired of, but is soft and comfortable.

Bam(Bare) Boxer

" If you have a boxer wearing guy in your life, these will straight up change his life. "

- Quinton on the Bam(Bare) Boxer

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Knock His (Old) Socks Off

Perhaps buying underwear for someone isn’t really your style. We get it. Luckily, our recently launched and extremely well-received sock styles are a surefire way to deliver on a gift that will deliver on everyday comfort. Offered in a variety of lengths for every occasion, the Bam(Bare) Sock Collection features comfortable compression because no one likes socks that slide. With flat toe seams, stink protection and knit-in ventilation...need we say more?

Bam(Bare) Performance Socks

" For some reason and much to my wife’s horror, my toes eat through almost every pair of socks I wear. Not these. They have reinforced the toes of these socks with the softest armor you will ever find. Good for my feet, my shoes, and my marriage. "

- Quinton on the Bam(Bare) Sock Collection

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