Types of Hoodies: The Ultimate Guide
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Types of Hoodies: The Ultimate Guide

Types of Hoodies: The Ultimate Guide

Hoodies are a huge part of modern athleisure for good reasons: they’re comfortable, cozy, and perfect for exercising outdoors or in a gym. Even better, you can wear hoodies while out and about, and they’re ideal for combining with other athleisure apparel like leggings and tank tops. 

Still, it can be tough to find the perfect hoodie for you (borrowing your boyfriend’s doesn’t count) — but it shouldn’t be. We’re here to make finding a hoodie a bit easier.

Today, let’s break down the different types of hoodies in detail.

The Types of Hoodies Explained

All told, there are too many types of unisex, women’s, and men’s hoodies to break down. Still, we can examine and compare the most common styles of hoodies you’ll find online or at local stores.

Overall, most hoodies are “pullover hoodies” that you pull over your head, and most have long sleeves. However, some are zip-up hoodies or hoodies with short sleeves. 

What Are Half-Zips?

Half-zip hoodies are some of the most common that you’ll find online or in person. 

In a nutshell, these hoodies zip up “halfway” – they usually have zippers that stop at about the midpoint of your chest. That means they don't zip up or open fully; their midsections stay closed.

This design can be ideal for keeping body heat-sealed while working out outdoors when the weather is colder. Half-zip hoodies also have their own unique look and feel, which is an added perk when you want to switch up your personal style a bit.

What Are Blocked Hoodies?

Blocked hoodies, also called color-blocked hoodies, have distinct "blocks" of colors on their sleeves, pockets, or chests. 

For example, a black and gray block hoodie might be mostly black but have a gray block of color around the front pockets or the chest area.

Blocked hoodies come in a wide range of shades and styles. You can easily find a black hoodie with the right aesthetic or color combination for your personal preferences and tastes.

What Are Fleece Hoodies?

Fleece hoodies — you guessed it — are hoodies with fleece interiors. Fleece is distinct from other interior materials because it’s made of natural or synthetic wool or fur. 

Overall, fleece interiors are warm, fuzzy, and perfect for keeping your body heat inside while working out in the cold outdoors.

Fleece hoodies are super comfortable, especially if you wear a tank top or T-shirt underneath. However, they aren’t the best if you plan to work out in mild or warm weather. The fleece will work against you, keeping your sweat trapped inside and causing your body temperature to rise quickly.

What Are Varsity Hoodies?

Varsity hoodies take after the classic varsity jacket style. 

Just like varsity jackets usually have thick cores and sleeves of a different color, so do most varsity hoodies. Varsity hoodies and sweatshirts might also have colored or textured sleeve cuffs or hems, but this isn’t always the case.

You can often find varsity hoodies styled after your favorite sports team, band, or brand.

What Are French Terry Hoodies?

French Terry hoodies make use of French Terry fabric, a unique material made either entirely or mostly of cotton. 

French Terry fabric is very soft and comfortable, and some French Terry hoodies have unique textures thanks to combining cotton with spandex, polyester, organic soy, or cotton fibers.

Overall, French Terry hoodies are similar to standard hoodies but come with super-soft interiors for added comfort. 

Of course, there are other hoodie types we haven’t covered up above, like oversized hoodies, sleeveless hoodies, graphic hoodies, and zip-up hoodies. However, the different styles we just mentioned are ideal for most situations and needs.

What Makes a Perfect Hoodie?

So, how can you tell which of the above hoodie types you should check out? 

No matter whether you want to wear your hoodie for exercise or leisure (or both), you should make sure your hoodie gives you the benefits listed below.

Cooling, Breathable Materials

Every good hoodie should be made of cooling and breathable materials. Otherwise, you’ll quickly feel too hot and start to sweat after pulling your hoodie on. This is especially an issue if you wear a hoodie indoors or outside in the summer.

Cool materials like cotton, linen, or bamboo and cotton blends are perfect picks.

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Similarly, the best hoodies are made with moisture-wicking fabrics. 

Moisture-wicking fabrics pull away the sweat that your body produces without absorbing it, causing the fabric to stink less.

A bamboo and cotton blend is perfect if you're looking for a moisture-wicking hoodie. This material wicks away moisture and keeps your skin cool throughout the day — including during your workouts.

Superior Flexibility

The best hoodies offer high flexibility as well. 

Our high-quality hoodies are made with four-way stretch fabrics. These are materials that can stretch in any direction and quickly snap back to their original shapes or configurations.

Flexibility is essential for your comfort — and for the longevity of your hoodie. Less flexible hoodies are liable to tear or stretch out of shape, becoming baggy or loose with time.

On top of that, plenty of flexibility means that the hoodie will have enough airflow to keep you cool, rather than feeling too tight or stiff. That’s exactly what you need when you’re working out in the fall and winter months — the perfect amount of airflow to keep you from getting too warm, but just enough insulation to keep you from getting too cold.

Lightweight — But Still Warm

Naturally, you want your hoodie to keep you warm, especially when you wear it outdoors. However, high-quality hoodies should also be lightweight. Otherwise, why not wear a jacket?

Material plays a major role in the weight of a hoodie. That’s why lightweight materials like cotton or bamboo and cotton blends are ideal for sweatshirts.

For example, bamboo fabric is very light compared to other similar materials. That means you can stay warm and comfortable without feeling like your shoulders and back are carrying a massive load all day long.

We chose bamboo and cotton as our materials of choice because they’re lightweight enough for the summer and comfy enough for the fall and winter. When you wear a tasc hoodie, you’re just the right temperature and don’t feel weighed down.

Versatile, Classic Design

Lastly, try to find a hoodie with classic but versatile designs. 

You can’t go wrong when you grab a hoodie with a unique color scheme or style that works for your wardrobe and personal aesthetic. Also, take note of the hoodie’s pockets, zipper, and any drawstrings. That’ll help you figure out whether the sweatshirt is right for your needs and preferences.

Find Your Dream Hoodie

If you need a hoodie that works for you and keeps you cool during your workout, you’re in the right place.

Our comfortable and stylish hoodies are designed for activewear enthusiasts, but they’re also made with a comfortable bamboo viscose and cotton blend that makes them perfect for everyday wear.

The result? A line of hoodies you can rely on time and time again. Check out our collection of workout sweatshirts today!


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