Types of Shirts for Active Adults: Top Trending Tops
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Types of Shirts for Active Adults: Top Trending Tops

These days there are more and more options when it comes to what you could wear. Social media trends work as a double-edged sword, bringing popularity to new innovations but highlighting low-quality options and fleeting trends.

Even the sharpest among us need community and guidance when it comes to picking the best outwear, especially for those of us with active lifestyles, where the standards your clothing should meet are at their peak.

That’s why our Tasc Performance experts are back with another guide to activewear.

Today, we’re talking specifically about the shirts you should shell out for to set yourself up for success in 2022.

Top Shirt Trends To Look For

When it comes to picking out which trends are worthwhile and which fall short, there are some key factors we can keep in mind.


This may not be the first thing you think of when choosing your clothes, but we think it should be!

It may often seem tempting to make quick, convenient decisions that support our short-term needs without paying much attention to long-term concerns. This is especially true when those concerns may not even affect us directly, but those who come after us.

We all know the importance of sustainability in terms of what it means for the earth and future generations. Sustainability does matter for the future, but it also matters for now.

Clean water, clean land, and healthier bodies are just some of the ways sustainable materials made without chemical finishes can help better the world today.

Often overlooked as well are the impacts sustainable production practices can have on socio-economic conditions for the communities involved through the process.

Making a difference can be as easy as choosing clothing that uses sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton!


Efficiency becomes more and more important as modern lifestyles evolve, and the greatest way to meet these demands is by choosing versatile clothing for your wardrobe.

When we say versatility, we don’t just mean choosing colors that are easy to match. Fashion qualities matter, sure, but practicality is at the heart of this trend. The best versatile clothing can handle any situation your day brings.

Your clothes should be as comfortable as the best loungewear, performance-ready like sportswear, and ready to find the middle ground at any time.

A single day in an active, modern lifestyle can easily fluctuate between relaxing at home, commuting to work, going out with friends, exercising at the gym, and a whole host of other situations.

The best way to ensure your clothing meets modern versatility standards is to choose fabrics that offer performance qualities (bamboo is best) and select styles that are engineered to adapt, such as athleisure tops.

What Qualities Are Most Important in a Modern, Active Shirt?

When you hear “performance qualities,” you might not know exactly what to think. Will your shirt magically make you stronger or faster, or more likely to win your next match?

Obviously not, but certain qualities can elevate your performance through increased comfort, decreased distractions, and a hindrance-free experience.

Here’s our list of the most essential qualities to look for.


What’s an active lifestyle without a little sweat? Even a commute on a hot day or a long day in the office can draw out some perspiration, which is why it’s so important that your tops are prepared with this essential quality.

Moisture-wicking is the capability of a fabric to draw moisture from your skin and release it as vapor from its surface. In other words, it keeps everything dry and cool.

This quality is super important in terms of comfort in all situations (no one wants to feel damp or overheated). It’s also especially crucial during high-intensity activity, where the lack of moisture-wicking can lead to serious overheating and early fatigue or worse.


Breathability is another fabric quality that works hand in hand with moisture-wicking to keep you cool. In this case, it measures your fabric's ability to allow air passage between fibers.

Breathability doesn’t necessarily mean a fabric can’t keep you warm when it needs to. It simply keeps your body’s natural heat from building up and inhibiting your natural thermoregulatory processes.

Stretch Capability

It is no surprise that range of movement is an important factor to protect when it comes to activewear. Whether you’re practicing yoga or going into something more intense, you’ll need to have an unhindered ability to move your body as it needs to.

Fabric that can’t stretch is guaranteed to get in the way, especially with more fitted styles (like most active shirts). Always look for stretch capability or naturally flexible materials to ensure your performance isn’t kept from reaching its peak.

Odor Resistance

Though not strictly a performance quality, we always like to mention odor resistance because it’s so important to activewear overall.

Without a naturally odor-resistant fabric, the stench is bound to build up over time, even after washing properly.

Among many other reasons, that’s why traditional cotton and most synthetic fabrics are falling by the wayside in favor of materials such as bamboo that naturally prevent odor buildup while also meeting all other performance needs in a sustainable package.

Where Can I Find All These Qualities?

We’ve covered a lot of important factors. You might be wondering how you’ll ever be able to find trendy, stylish tops that can meet such high standards.

Thankfully, the answer is simple. Just look for bamboo fabric!

Bamboo is a powerhouse of the natural world that includes all the performance features mentioned above (and more) in a super sustainable, chemical-free package.

It’s as soft as the best luxury fabrics and performs like the top activewear.

Styles You Should Have in 2022

Now that the foundation is truly set, let’s look at some specific styles that cover all the bases.


Let’s start with the essential basic for an active lifestyle, the Carrollton Fitness T-Shirt. Bamboo and organic cotton combine for an all-natural shirt that offers top performance capability and exceptional comfort.

For something workout-ready, our organic cotton modal fabric gets put to work in our Recess Athletic T-Shirt. Its Quick Drying ability makes the Recess T perfect for exercise, and it comes in a variety of colors to have your everyday options covered!

Polo Shirts

Polos shirts are important, incredibly versatile additions to a modern wardrobe, even if your active lifestyle doesn’t include golf. Performance polos like our Cloud Lightweight Polo can dress up and down and handle any type of exercise without hindering your performance in the slightest.

Polos are also a great way to spice up your style with elegant stripes or other modern patterns, like our Ace Dot or Brookline Stripe.

Long Sleeve Shirts

Long sleeve shirts are a must-have, whether you live in a warm or cool environment. Moisture-wicking and sun protection over extra coverage will help you stay cool, dry, and ready to perform longer and harder.

Our Carrollton Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt is the perfect option, with a ton of colors to choose from. Layer it up with our Carrollton Lightweight Hoodie for extra protection from the elements without compromising your body’s thermoregulation.


There's no reason to settle for less when it comes to modern shirts for an active lifestyle. Powerful, sustainable fabrics and innovative engineering bring the best performance, comfort, and eco-friendly qualities to easily accessible styles.


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