Types of Shorts: The Ultimate Guide for 2022
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Types of Shorts: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Types of Shorts: The Ultimate Guide for 2022

Shorts are a key part of any wardrobe within an active lifestyle. However, over the last few years, the types of shorts that reign supreme have been changing (for the better).

In 2022, versatile, high-performance styles are the name of the game. Modern lifestyles have greater demands and more diverse challenges, which means shorts that can’t handle intense activity or adapt simply can’t keep up.

The types of shorts we’re going to talk about today combine intentional design with new ways to harness natural materials to provide superior performance qualities, comfort, and cultured modern style.

Today, our latest Tasc Performance guide is all about the shorts you should add to your arsenal to be ready to face the new year (and years to come). We’re talking about trends that will last and styles that do it all.

Shorts Trends To Look For

Social media has become a dominant force in all sorts of areas, and fashion is no exception. Just take a look at Instagram and TikTok, and you’ll quickly get an idea of what kind of styles are growing in popularity.

A snapshot doesn’t always give you the full picture, though. Some trends last longer than others. Some have real substance and high-quality innovations, while others are fads, fleeting and shallow.

It’s essential to know the difference. Let’s talk about some trends that our experts have identified as good investments. Much more than simply popular looks, these are genuine innovations that we expect to stick around for years to come.

Performance Materials

In years past, diverse materials have had their time in the shorts style spotlight. Denim, cotton, and polyester have had their chance, but all have come up short as our standards have increased.

Today, one of the hottest trends, certain to stick around, is performance material. How do we define that? The most important activewear qualities should be present: moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch capability.

With these qualities, you’ll be able to stay cool, dry, and unhindered during exercise or any level of intense activity. That’s absolutely key for any versatile style, but especially shorts. They cover the part of your body that needs the most range of movement and gets the hottest and sweatiest during exercise.

Some fabric qualities to look for that supplement performance, even if they don’t directly impact it, are odor resistance and sun protection.

With odor resistance, your clothes will have greatly increased longevity, staying fresh for years instead of building up odor over time (even after washing), like traditional cotton and synthetic fabrics often do.

Sun protection is an often overlooked but invaluable trait. Believe it or not, UV rays can be harmful to your skin even when you’re wearing clothes and even when the clouds are out.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends UPF 50+ rated clothes if you want excellent protection against harmful radiation from the sun. The best modern materials (such as bamboo) have it built in naturally.


Speaking of natural materials, one of the most encouraging trends that’s truly taking root this year and going forward is greater sustainability across the fashion industry.

This is super important to us at Tasc Performance, and we’re excited to share some of the innovations that have been changing the world.

The best way to participate in sustainable fashion is by using sustainable materials. Specifically, we’re in love with bamboo. It’s a super-powerful fabric that’s top of the line in the performance qualities mentioned above. It is also extremely eco-friendly and uses sustainable production means.

Bamboo is chemical-free, so the water used in farming can be recycled, and there’s no chemical runoff into the environment. Bamboo also leaves farmland unharmed, a huge positive in the long term.

Other sustainable materials to look out for include organic cotton, beechwood, and more!

These materials aren’t just great for the environment. They are also fantastic for the socio-economic conditions of the communities that produce them! With modern materials like these, we can truly move towards a better future—so definitely expect this trend to stay.

Types of Shorts That Meet the Standards

Now that we’ve established the two most important standards to judge modern shorts by, let’s talk about the types of shorts you need to have that meet the standards.

Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts have come a long way. It wasn’t that long ago that massively oversized basketball shorts were an everyday street style, or that 5” running shorts were a thing for the most dedicated runners and bike riders only.

Thankfully, modern athletic shorts and the trends surrounding them have evolved, and the options are better than ever. From running shorts to training shorts, athletic shorts are better geared now for performance than ever.

At the same time, they’re also on-trend for everyday fashion, largely thanks to the monumental rise of athleisure attire. Casual and performance styles have come together in the biggest fashion trend of the last few years. We think you’d have to be a little crazy not to want to get involved.

Athletic shorts with the right materials and design can be incredibly comfortable. You can get your game on at the courts or right at home on your sofa, all in equal comfort and confidence.

Our Carrollton Fitness Shorts or Recess Running Shorts are ready to be your new go-to shorts for exercise, leisure, and anything in between.

Jogger Shorts

At the forefront of athleisure is the jogger. Joggers are sweatpants, usually made of fleece material, typically loose around the thigh but more fitted at the calf and tied off by a wide band at the ankle.

Jogger shorts aren’t quite the craze of their long-legged relatives, but they’re definitely on trend and worth trying out. The biggest draw is the extreme comfort they offer, complemented by the same performance qualities you’d expect from the best athletic shorts.

Try our Varsity Brushed Shorts to see just what this trend is all about!

Hybrid Shorts

Something in between a more elegant, casual style and an athletic style, hybrid shorts are the most versatile of them all.

The perfect example is our Weekender Elastic Short. They can go anywhere and go with anything, a truly versatile pair of year-round shorts that can keep up with even the most active lifestyle but hold their own for everyday fashion too.

Our Motion 7in Shorts are another example, a bit closer to classic chinos in appearance but equally versatile, thanks to impressive stretch capabilities and the natural power of bamboo.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts have become much more practical thanks to the performance qualities modern materials like bamboo can offer.

In terms of style, the strength of chinos is a classic staple that you can dress up or down. Chinos go way beyond the golf course—you’ll want to wear yours all week long.

Try our Cloud Chino Shorts to elevate your shorts fashion today!

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are another athleisure style that leads trends for ladies’ athleisure, alongside leggings.

These form-fitting shorts are ridiculously comfortable, and they can handle anything from a simple yoga session to your most intense run or exercise routine.

Try our Allways Pocket Bike Shorts for a pair that’s built with all your needs in mind (if “pockets” wasn’t obvious enough already), using sustainable, functional materials and the best colors/patterns (with sports bras to match).


Shorts are a must-have in 2022, and with today’s trend guide, you’re equipped to buy only the best. For longevity, sustainability, and the highest quality, Tasc Performance is the place to be!


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