What Are Dash Shorts and Why Are They So Popular?
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What Are Dash Shorts and Why Are They So Popular?

What Are Dash Shorts and Why Are They So Popular?

Short shorts are very popular for both men and women interested in exercise. When you run or do any other type of exercise, the last thing you want is limited mobility or thick workout clothing that traps sweat on your skin.

So, it’s no surprise that short shorts have taken the exercise and athleisure world by storm. In addition, women’s clothing now offers an extra option that wasn’t around just a few years ago: dash shorts. They provide versatility, accessibility, and high-rise comfort while working out.

Not sure what dash shorts are or whether they’re right for you? Read on to learn why dash shorts might be the best picks for your next workout wardrobe update.

What Are Dash Shorts?

Dash shorts are lightweight, short athletic legwear. Think of them as ideal for running or enjoying any other type of exercise. They pair well with pullovers, hoodies, and other athletic upper wear.

No one knows the true origin of dash shorts, but it’s likely the name came about since they were designed for worry-free running, especially for women. Dash shorts notably come with pockets, so female joggers who wear them don’t need to worry about carrying their phones or safety gear in their hands while they run. So, dash shorts let you dash comfortably.

Most dash shorts are made with 4-way stretch materials like elastane or polyester. Most also come with elastic waistbands and drawstrings for even more flexibility. 

These high-waist shorts can be cleaned via machine wash with like colors, too, making them easy to maintain whether they’re camo, black, or some other shade entirely. Just make sure to use tumble dry low heat settings!

Dash Shorts Are Mid-Thigh-Length

Compared to other athletic wear, dash shorts stop at about the mid-thigh point with very short inseams. That means dash shorts are pretty small, even compared to other short-style athletic bottoms.

However, remember that each pair of dash shorts will look a little different based on your body shape, leg length, and other physical factors. They can be worn with t-shirts, hoodies, or other activewear. While they’re not always spandex shorts, some may be made of recycled polyester and other ultra-soft materials.

Dash Shorts Are Perfect Activewear

No matter how dash shorts sit, you can rest assured that they’ll be perfect activewear for your next run or exercise session. Their short length means your legs have extra flexibility — without compromising on modesty.

Even better, dash shorts are supremely breathable since they expose most of your legs. If you work up a sweat while training for a marathon, never fear — that sweat will evaporate sooner rather than later, thanks to just how short dash shorts are.

Not All Dash Shorts Are Equal

However, remember that no two pairs of dash shorts are equal or like, same as other types of athleticwear. It’s important to choose the right dash shorts for your unique needs and preferences, as well as the types of sports you like to practice.

Fortunately, you can find high-quality dash shorts from tasc. Throw a pair in your cart before checkout, or add them to your wishlist for your next order!

How Did Dash Shorts Become Popular?

Dash shorts became popular a few years back as many women found that jogging while carrying phones or other accessories was super annoying. No one likes to have to carry something heavy and thick in their hands while working out, especially while running long distances.

But like non-athletic clothes, a lot of activewear doesn’t have pockets. Dash shorts were and are the solution.

Dash shorts skyrocketed to popularity in no time by combining classic activewear styles with helpful pockets. Now you can find these athletic apparel options everywhere you can buy activewear.

What Styles Are Similar to Dash Shorts?

Not sure whether you should choose dash shorts or other shorts styles? Let’s take a look at two very similar shorts options so you can determine which is right for you.

What Are Athletic Shorts?

Athletic shorts are the “core” or classic shorts style for working out and running. Available for both men and women in slightly different looks and unisex varieties, athletic shorts are shorter than social or non-athletic shorts and are usually made of nylon, polyester, cotton, or other lightweight materials.

Athletic shorts may also have compression layers. These are thin, tight layers that press on the skin of your lower body to improve blood flow and reduce chafing while running or working out. Athletic shorts, though, are usually longer than dash shorts. Most athletic shorts don’t have pockets, which makes them a no-go for many female athletes.

What Are 2-in-1 Shorts?

2-in-1 shorts, on the other hand, do have pockets — and oftentimes more than dash shorts! Notably, 2-in-1 shorts have compression layers for added comfort and safety. 2-in-1 shorts, more than other types of lower activewear, are ideal for hangouts, running a quick errand, or taking a run.

Thanks to their versatility, 2-in-1 shorts are a perfect example of athleisure apparel. While dash shorts can work as athleisure options as well, their super-short lengths prevent them from being appropriate in some public situations and environments.

How To Choose the Perfect Shorts

Dash shorts could revitalize your activewear wardrobe — but only if you choose the right shorts for your leg length, body type, and typical activities. Here’s how you should choose the perfect dash shorts for your needs.

Make Breathability a Priority

Always pick up a pair of dash shorts with top-tier breathability. This isn’t normally a problem, given dash shorts’ very short lengths. Still, make sure a new pair of dash shorts doesn’t feel too tight around your thighs and that there is adequate airflow to successfully evaporate sweat as soon as it appears.

Excellent breathability means your legs and body will be cooler as you work out. Plus, you’ll benefit from the physiological advantages of sweating while exercising without trapping that sweat on your skin.

Choose Moisture-Wicking Material

Next, never buy a pair of dash shorts unless it comes made with moisture-wicking materials. Moisture-wicking materials further counteract the negative effects of sweat, ensuring that you'll stay comfortable throughout your jog or workout. Too much sweat can also lead to chafing and other skin issues.

Tasc’s dash shorts, like many of our products, are made of an organic cotton and bamboo viscose blend. This blend is naturally moisture-wicking and anti-odor, providing the perfect balance of comfort and activity support for your needs.

Find Shorts With Sun Protection

Lastly, try to purchase dash shorts that come with built-in sun production. If you work out on a bright day, you might need to apply sunscreen to your lower legs. However, your dash shorts are responsible for protecting your upper thighs and related regions.

So, the best women’s dash shorts should protect you from the sun’s harmful radiation. Tasc’s dash shorts, thanks to their materials and proprietary design, are rated for UPF protection of over 50. That way, you can rest assured that your skin won’t be overly exposed to UV rays, whether you plan to go for a light jog or a longer run for over an hour.

Wrapping Up

All in all, dash shorts fill a big niche in women’s athletic clothing: they combine super-short exercise shorts with pockets. Whether you run frequently or find yourself lifting at the gym more often, dash shorts offer comfort, convenience, and workout flexibility in equal measure.

So, why not pick up a few pairs today at tasc Performance? Our women’s shorts collection includes tons of quality running shorts, including dash shorts. Available in several different colors, these shorts are the answer to all your activewear needs.


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