When To Wear Khaki Pants in 2022
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What to Wear with Khaki Pants & When: Styling Tips & Ideas

When To Wear Khaki Pants in 2022

Jeans are often thought of as the default pants, especially for men — but we've got a counter offer. Khakis are versatile, comfortable pants with lots of history and plenty of uses. They’re made for more than just the workday.

Despite how easy khakis can be to style, many men don’t know when to wear them. We’re here to teach you about what’s trending in khakis this year and help you find the right khaki pants for your lifestyle.

What Are Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are a classic style of pants that first became widely used in the early 1900s. This was when both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps started ordering their men to wear khakis and twill pants. 

Even well after World War II, these high-performance pants remained incredibly popular as GIs returned home from the war and wore khakis as casual pants.

Khakis stayed popular because of their many benefits. Khakis are:

  • High-accessibility; they’re super easy to wear

  • Soft, lightweight, cooler than jeans, and supremely comfortable

  • Versatile compared to jeans, as they can be worn with many types of shirts or a blazer 

Khakis are go-to pants for a reason. You can wear them for work, for a casual night out with friends, or even for semi-formal occasions like dates. 

What Are the Different Types of Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants have been around for so long that there are dozens of different types to choose from. Here are some of the most popular types of khaki pants you can purchase and wear:

  • Slim-fit pants

  • Slim-straight pants

  • Regular fit pants

  • Straight-fit pants

  • Jean-cut pants

  • Classic fit pants

  • Athletic fit pants

  • Men’s big & tall pants

  • Relaxed fit and baggy pants

  • Tech pants

  • Cargo pants

  • Chinos and stretch chino pants

  • Khaki dress pants

  • Flat-front khakis

  • Khaki work pants

Men’s khaki pants come in plenty of different shapes and sizes. When you build a wardrobe in styles like drawstring sweatpants, jogger pants, and khakis, you’ve got everything you need.

However, you need to know when to wear your signature khaki pants, plus how to get to find the best khakis for you.

Should You Wear Pleated Khakis in 2022?

Pleated khakis, like other pleated pants, are characterized by folds, or pleats, along their waists. These folds usually move toward the front. Pleated khakis usually have tapered legs that angle toward the ankles rather than straight legs.

These khakis can work for a variety of occasions, but they are also a bit old-fashioned. Generally, you should only wear pleated khakis in 2022 if you want to go for a retro look or are attending an especially formal occasion.

Should You Wear Cargo Khakis in 2022?

Cargo khakis are more casual by nature of being multi-pocket pants. You can wear cargo khakis in 2022 for casual hangouts with your friends or if you're doing outdoor work and need the extra pockets to carry accessories and tools.

Should You Wear Khaki Shorts in 2022?

Khaki shorts are fantastic if you want to wear khakis in the summer. These shorts are perfect for hot weather or for maintaining a classier look without wearing full-leg pants. However, they’re not the best for semi-formal events.

When Should You Wear Khakis This Year?

Even though you can wear khakis practically anywhere, lots of guys don’t know where exactly they should slip on their favorite tan pants. Here are the best times to wear khakis in 2022.

Wear Your Khakis While Golfing

One of the best places to wear khakis is while golfing with your buds.

Golfing apparel is characterized by polo T-shirts, soft spike shoes, and, of course, khaki pants. Khakis are ideal for golfing since they keep you cooler than other legwear while looking both professional and stylish. They’re also perfect for tucking your polo shirt in at your waist without creating tons of wrinkles.

Wear Active Khakis While Hiking

You can also wear khaki pants or shorts while hiking. Stretch khakis are flexible and comfortable, and you can even sleep in your khakis if you don’t want to bring dedicated pajamas with you on a long hiking trip.

Wear Khaki Shorts on Walks

Khaki shorts are our top picks for when you want to enjoy a brisk walk, particularly in the spring and summer months. 

Shorts are more casual than full-length khaki pants, so they're perfect for when you need to make a quick stop at the coffee shop or do a speedy grocery store pickup on your next walk.

Wear Khakis to Work

Khakis are workplace staples, and it’s easy to see why. Wear full-length khaki pants to work, and you’ll look professional, put-together, and ready for your workday.

Wear Khakis on the Weekends

Maybe you just want to wear khakis on the weekends. Many men find them more comfortable than jeans, so they’re an excellent pick for days off. You can also wear khakis for yardwork without worrying about your pants tearing or staining too easily.

What Should You Wear With Khakis?

Wearing khakis well means pairing them with the right upper wear. Fortunately, you can wear lots of tops with khakis while looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

Classic Polo Shirts

As we mentioned above, polo T-shirts are perfect partners for khaki pants. You can also wear polo tees with khaki shorts depending on the event you’re attending or your personal preferences.

Classic polo shirts are stylish and perfect for wearing to backyard barbecues or dates. They can even fit in at work.

High-Quality T-Shirts

You can also wear your khaki pants or shorts with high-quality T-shirts

However, it's best to wear T-shirts without graphics or big logos on the front. Most khakis aren't quite casual enough for you to get away with that combination. If you really want to wear a graphic tee, wear jeans or shorts instead.

Crew-Neck Sweaters

If the weather’s a bit cooler, you can pair your khakis with crewneck sweaters

Crewneck sweaters will keep your torso warm and toasty while you’re working outdoors or commuting to work in the brisk air. Meanwhile, your khakis will protect your legs from the cold while still looking stylish and formal enough for the office.

Wrapping Up

You can wear khakis for a variety of occasions and with all kinds of tops. The most important thing to remember is to choose khakis made with high-quality materials from responsible brands.

That’s why we create all of our pants with responsibly sourced materials, like our proprietary bamboo viscose and cotton blend. When you pick up a pair of men’s pants from tasc, you can rest assured that you’re getting comfortable, functional clothing from a brand dedicated to doing our part for the environment.

Why wait? Pick up a pair of new men’s pants from tasc today!


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