What Makes Bamboo Pajamas So Amazing?
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Why Bamboo Pajamas Are Great: Discover the Comfort and Sustainability

What Makes Bamboo Pajamas So Amazing?

Everyone loves a comfy set of pajamas. 

Nothing's better than slipping into cool PJs and crawling under the covers for some restorative Zs. Did you know there’s something even better, though? Ultra-comfortable, soft, ethically sourced pajamas made from bamboo.

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your sleepwear, you can get high-quality bamboo pajamas from brands like tasc Performance. 

However, if you’ve never worn bamboo PJs before, you might not know what makes them so amazing — or why you should try them right away. 

Below, we’ll answer both of those questions in detail.

10 Reasons We Love Bamboo Pajamas

There are almost too many reasons why bamboo pajamas are superior to PJs made of other materials. Let’s narrow things down to the 10 top reasons so you get the gist of these PJs’ advantages.

1. Bamboo Pajamas Are Light as a Feather

For starters, bamboo pajamas are super light. When you slip them on, you’ll feel like you are barely wearing anything at all.

That’s partially because bamboo pajamas from tasc Performance are woven with very tiny "micro gaps" in the fabric. Not only does this improve the bamboo PJs' breathability, but it also means they don't weigh nearly as much as pajamas made from materials like just cotton or linen.

In addition, the light weight of bamboo pajamas gives them some extra benefits, which we’ll cover below.

2. Bamboo Pajamas Have Superior Breathability

Bamboo PJs are also ultra-breathable. That's a good thing, too, since you need breathable PJs so your sweat evaporates as you sleep. 

That breathable fabric helps you keep your body temperature cool — and your body needs to get rid of extra heat so you fall asleep in the first place.

Breathable, cool PJs also help you have an easier time falling and staying asleep, no matter the weather. The best men’s and women’s bamboo pajamas are moisture-wicking, too, which can also help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

3. Bamboo Pajamas Are Ultra-Soft

In addition to being cool, lightweight, and breathable, bamboo pajamas are supremely soft. As soon as you shimmy into these PJs, you’ll feel the difference between bamboo and other materials, even 100% cotton or silk.

The softer your pajamas, the easier you’ll be able to go to sleep without running into skin irritation. 

Bottom line: if you want comfort and softness above all else, bamboo pajamas are the way to go.

4. Bamboo Pajamas Are 4-Way Flexible

Even better, bamboo pajamas are four-way flexible. 

In a nutshell, this four-way flexible fabric can stretch and recover completely both in terms of its length and width. In other words, you can stretch it in any direction, and it'll retain its shape over the long term.

Nylon is an excellent example of four-way stretch fabric, but so is bamboo, especially high-quality, well-made bamboo viscose blends. That’s the same material that we use to create pajamas, workout apparel, and the rest of our clothes. 

This material is still stretchy, but the PJ set retains its original shape for long-term value.

5. Bamboo Pajamas Give You That Perfect Pajama Fit

Since bamboo pajamas can stretch in any direction, they’ll stay fitted and not too loose for as long as you own them. Pajamas that stretch too much are the worst. Eventually, they feel like they’re rags hanging off you, and you have to pick up a new set of PJs.

With the right bamboo pajamas, you’ll enjoy the perfect pajama fit for years to come.

6. Bamboo Pajamas Are Machine-Washable

It’s hard to justify buying pajamas if you’ll have to hand-wash them after every use. 

Fortunately, well-made bamboo pajamas are machine washable. You can throw them in the washing machine with your other common clothing articles and take them out in as little as an hour.

Plus, because of that four-way flexibility, you don’t need to worry about your bamboo pajamas shrinking or stretching in the wash. Talk about convenience!

7. Bamboo Pajamas Are Made From Sustainable Materials

Unlike synthetic fabrics, bamboo fabric is always made from natural fibers. Even better, bamboo is the fastest growing tree on the entire planet; a single bamboo tree can grow at a rate of one foot per 24 hours.

Bamboo fabric also doesn't have to be treated with any chemical finishes, so no synthetics are released into the environment. We make our bamboo viscose with sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront

8. Bamboo Pajamas Keep You Cool at Night

As mentioned earlier, bamboo pajamas are phenomenal for keeping you cool and relaxed. It’s never a good idea to wear pajamas that make you overly warm, even in the winter.

What if you want to crawl under the covers to feel the reassuring weight of a comforter or quilt? You can with bamboo pajamas!

Since bamboo PJs keep you cool at night almost no matter what, you can wear these PJs and enjoy your comforter or quilt without worrying about getting too hot and waking up at 3 AM.

9. Bamboo Pajamas Are Gentle on Your Skin

Have sensitive skin that reacts negatively to certain materials or fibers? Say goodbye to those troubles when you slip on bamboo pajamas. 

Because bamboo is a natural fiber, the odds of it irritating or inflaming your skin are next to none. Instead, you can enjoy a comfortable, cool bamboo pajama set without your skin feeling itchy or dry, even if it tends to be more sensitive than average.

10. Bamboo Pajamas Last for Years

Perhaps most importantly, the right set of bamboo sleepwear should last for years to come. 

For example, pick up a pair of high-quality women’s bamboo PJs from tasc, and you’ll have a set of fantastic pajamas for years. Our pajama sets don’t stretch or shrink, don’t tear easily, and don’t degrade in quality no matter how many times you sleep in them. 

Plus, this sleepwear set is available with either short-sleeve or long-sleeve tops, depending on how you like your PJs/loungewear.

Thanks to durable materials, bamboo PJs aren't just unique in terms of their initial quality. They're also phenomenal because of their long-term value.

Ready. Set. Sleep. Repeat.

At the end of the day, bamboo pajamas are perfect picks for all of the above reasons and much more. 

They’re soft, comfortable, and ideal for helping your body lose excess heat, so it gets to the right temperature for a full night’s rest. Of course, the only way for you to really feel these benefits is to slip into a set of bamboo pajamas yourself. 

Our bamboo pajamas come in several article styles, like v-neck shirts, eco-friendly leggings, and shorts sets. Choose from long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or sleeveless shirts and pajama shorts in several colors. 

Check out tasc’s bamboo pajamas today!


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