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Top 5 Workout Shorts For Women: Here's Our Best For An Active Summer

Top Workout Shorts For Women: Here's Our Best For An Active Summer

Top Workout Shorts For Women

With temperatures rising, the sunny seasons mean it’s finally time to break out those athletic shorts and get to moving out in the sun! Don’t just settle for whatever’s in your closet, though. Making your best year yet starts from the foundation with high-quality workout clothes.

Today, we’re setting you up for success by breaking down the most important features of workout shorts for your summer. We’re also providing a list of the best options out there to make the process even easier.

Whether you’re tired of the old, worn-out shorts in your drawer or just looking to level up your game, you’ll find all sorts of super helpful info below. So let’s get started!

Comfort & Style

Comfort and style can be just as important to success as practical, functional features. In many ways, even though they may seem superficial, both qualities bring real, tangible benefits to your workout.

Sure, you want to push your muscles and endurance to the limit, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you has to feel miserable at the same time. A comfortable outfit goes a long way towards minimizing unnecessary discomfort and distractions. With a clear mind, you’ll be able to tackle more than ever before.

In a similar vein, a stylish outfit has the ability to boost your confidence. Even the most focused among us aren’t totally immune to distractions and potential insecurities, especially when we’re at our weakest, right at the hardest points of a workout. Don’t sell the value of style short when it comes to your activewear.

There are two primary factors to consider that play key roles in providing comfort and style:

  • Fabric

  • Fit


We’ll say it again and again: Fabric, as the foundation of your clothing, is the first thing to look at. Fabric will speak measures about nearly every quality of any style, so you need to make sure you’re choosing the best.

Traditionally, workout shorts have relied on cheap and often harmful synthetic fabrics, as they do provide better functional features than pure, cheap cotton when it comes to working out.

However, as we learn more and find new ways to harness what’s available to us, better fabrics and superior blends have emerged. One of the best is our organic cotton and bamboo blend, which you’ll find in all the shorts we look at today.

Combining the supreme comfort of cotton with the powerful features and equally soft touch of bamboo, these innovative fabric blends truly do it all. Plus, they’re highly sustainable—so you can work out with even deeper peace of mind.


Fit is much more than simply finding the right size and short length for your preferences, although that’s still important! A truly perfect fit requires mindful design and fabric that holds its shape over time.

Look for stretch capabilities to get the best quality fit available. Stretch fabrics offer high flexibility, increased lifespan, and more reliable shape.

Added features such as interior liners, waistbands, and pockets are all things to look out for as well if you want a pair of shorts that can do it all!

Allways Bike Short

Trust us—these shorts are for WAY more than riding bikes. Take them to the gym, out on a run, into the yoga studio, or wear them out with friends or around the house. A seriously versatile, ridiculously comfortable option, these shorts are designed to be the ultimate athleisure item.

The Allways Bike Short combines a stylish, fashionable look with powerful, practical qualities. 

They’re ready for even the warmest, most humid weather, with superior breathability, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulation (thanks to the natural qualities of the fabrics).

Thanks to the high-quality fabric blend, they’re extremely lightweight and soft to the touch. You may never want to take them off. That said, you should definitely wash them. Please, do that—for the sake of your friends, at least. We promise you can put them right back on!

Oh, and let’s not forget that they come with an inner phone pocket! No more losing your phone or having to bring a jacket or bag just to hold your phone. We’ve got you covered.

Recess Running Short

You don’t have to be a dedicated runner to need one of these highly versatile, performance-minded shorts. Packed full of practical features and topped off with a stylish look, the Recess Running Short is an easy choice to add to your collection.

Built to handle the heat, these shorts are mindfully designed to maximize airflow and breathability. 

The shortest option on our list in leg length at 3”, these running shorts let your skin breathe even under the legs. Combined with the extremely lightweight fabric, you’ll be ready to handle even the hardest workout.

Just like the rest of our shorts, we built them from the ground up with quality in mind. The blend of organic cotton and bamboo brings with it the best in moisture-wicking and anti-odor capabilities.

Bring your phone or wallet on your run with the back zipper pocket, too.

These shorts aren’t just here for a quick jog—they’re in for the long haul. You can expect some serious lifespan out of them.

Recess Athletic Short

Measuring in at 4”, these shorts definitely look flattering, but then kick it up another notch on the field or court. The Recess Athletic Short is game-ready, loaded with all the most important features, thanks to the signature fabric blend.

The moisture-wicking capabilities and breathability of the shorts will keep you cool in the heat of the competition, so you can focus on victory.

Another seemingly small but useful feature is the wide waistband. These shorts will hold firm, so you don’t have to worry about them sliding even in high-contact activities. At the same time, they’ll leave your range of movement unhindered.

Can’t get enough pockets? We’ve got your back. Well, your side—the added side pocket with a zipper will hold your things for you. Just be sure to take them out before the ref starts the match.

Recess Training Short

Last but not least, the Recess Training Short has all your training needs covered. Versatility is a common theme here at Tasc Performance, and you’ll find no less in this style. Comfortable enough to wear around the house and equally performance-ready, these shorts won’t be spending much time in your drawers.

If you’re looking for a bit more coverage than the lower-length option, you’ll appreciate the 7” legs. The extra fabric can make a difference when the seasons start to cool down, but you’re not quite ready to break out the pants or joggers.

Of course, you can expect moisture-wicking, odor resistance, and superior breathability as well, thanks to the organic cotton and bamboo fabric.

Mindfully designed, you’ll also find beneficial features such as a wide waistband to reduce sliding, an inner crepe liner, and two side pockets.

The Run Down

If you’re ready to upgrade your workout shorts to the next level, each of these options has everything you need to do so. So pick some up and get out there to enjoy the sun!


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