Inside Our Factory
tasc Performance

Inside Our Factory

Our story begins with the intuition and motivation to make performance apparel that is better for you and better for our environment. From the beginning, we believed that if we were going to create a natural, environmentally friendly product, then the process of producing the garment should be also. So, we partnered with a good friend and textile engineer in India to invent our Bamboo Performance Technology and set forth to build tasc Performance under this social responsibility.


Everything from how we operate machinery to how we dye our clothing is reflective of that principle.  In fact, 90% of the energy used in making our garments is renewable energy. Most of it is provided by solar panels installed at our factory. The creation of our exclusive fabrics depend heavily on our sustainability efforts. For example, our bamboo fiber is Oeko-tex 100 Class 1 certified which ensures the fiber is free from harmful chemicals and the production site is environmentally friendly.

tasc solar factory

The fact of the matter is, the production of typical performance wear, which uses petroleum and harmful chemicals, (including carcinogens in fabric dye) causes significant detriments to both the consumer and the environment. From start to finish, our fabric creation process uses a closed loop system which guarantees that 99% of waste water and color treatments used in our dying process are recovered and reused. It’s even safe for drinking.

reusable water


Together, we can dress comfortably and protect our environment at the same time. Join the #tasclife and connect with us via social media to share how you’re celebrating Earth Day.

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