Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger
  • Storm
  • Sage
  • Light Gray Camo
  • Black
  • Navy Camo
Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger


Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Jogger
  • Black
  • Heather Gray
  • Iron Heather
Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Jogger


Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger
  • Gunmetal
  • Black
Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger


Joggers: Top Trends & Styles

At the top of the raging athleisure trend are the bottoms that everyone loves: joggers. Whether you’ve been clinging to your favorite pair of jeans or just worrying about looking too casual, it’s time to leave those doubts behind and try out some of these popular pants.

Of course, not all joggers are equal. That’s why Tasc Performance writes today to talk you through all the essential boxes to check when deciding on the fit and features you need for your next pair of joggers for your wardrobe.

These styles have evolved far beyond simple sweatpants into versatile, stylish pants that can even be worn in a sophisticated look—in other words, they’re going to be your new go-tos.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details!

What Features Do the Best Joggers Have?

Two major factors set apart high-quality, must-have joggers from the hard passes: fit and soft fabric.

Finding the right fit is important—and we don’t just mean an accurate size. Joggers should taper from the thigh to the ankle, where elastic band ankle cuffs keep the leg-closure tight to avoid rise on the tapered leg. They generally feature side pockets and often have a drawstring waist. 

Joggers are engineered for activewear, so be sure not to pick up styles that are excessively loose or overly restrictive. A relaxed fit or slim fit is best, pending personal preference and depending on your intended level of activity.

The type of fabric used is also crucial to a pair of joggers that performs when needed and stays comfortable the rest of the time.

Traditionally, men’s joggers have used synthetic fabrics such as polyester, such as other sweats do, or cheap cotton. While these fabrics may have seemed convenient for a time, they fail to fill out performance needs (often leading to overheating or odorous, sweaty fabric even after wash).

Even worse, these traditional fabrics rank poorly in regards to sustainability. At Tasc Performance, our responsibility is to bring functional clothing to you and help better our environment.

That’s why we’re proud to talk about our bamboo-organic cotton blend anytime we get the chance. These incredible materials are some of the most sustainable around today, and they make the perfect team for activewear and loungewear alike.

Organic cotton brings the same soft feel you love from cotton, without the performance drops or environmental downfalls of its predecessor.

Bamboo goes leaps and bounds beyond synthetic fabrics, with a full list of every essential performance feature in an all-natural package, including moisture-wicking, breathability, odor resistance, temperature regulation, UPF sun protection, and more.

Combined, the qualities of each fabric work together to result in a blend that is perfect for an athleisure style like jogger pants: immensely comfortable, performance-ready, versatile, durable, and sustainable.

The Best Jogger Styles

Now that we’re all familiar with the most important features for a pair of joggers, let’s take a quick look at some must-have styles that bring it all to the table.

Starting with our Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger. Engineered to handle any workout but equally ready for a relaxing weekend or an easy night-out, these pants are a guaranteed go-to for all seasons. Gym, a hike, groceries, or dinner—you’ll be wearing them everywhere. Pair these classic joggers with sneakers and a hoodie on a low-key day or with a button-down, a tee, and chukka boots for a slightly more dressed-up look.

For a bit of extra coziness and comfort, our Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Joggers are the top pick. With our bamboo blend, you’ll be getting the same top qualities in a soft fleece that’s as cozy as your favorite sleepwear yet smart and sophisticated enough for any environment—all in the most comfortable way. They’re a great addition to your wardrobe whenever you just want to kick back in your favorite T-shirt. 


If you haven’t tried your first pair of joggers yet, there’s no better time than now. Modern innovations have taken these athleisure essentials to the next level at Tasc Performance, and you’ll be glad to have them in your closet.

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