For decades, our family has been focused on the idea of creating the best fabric. Nearly ten years ago, we discovered the power of bamboo. It changed everything. With one touch of bamboo fabric, you’ll understand. It’s more comfortable. It performs better. And, just as importantly, bamboo also allows us to be committed to the highest standards of sustainable practices. We are proud to create innovative clothing that feels wonderful and makes us all feel great about how it’s made.

Bamboo Never Compromises.

Cotton may feel good on your skin, but it doesn’t perform. Synthetics perform - though your skin may not agree - but can leave you feeling ripe. Bamboo is the best of all worlds. And then some. It is naturally hypo-allergenic, moisture-wicking, anti-odor and provides UPF 50+ protection. Bonus fun fact - synthetic shirts lose their performance attributes after a dozen washes, or so. Bamboo will last you a lifetime and never let you down.

Better Can Always Do Better

There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t ask ourselves how we can improve. This is especially true for our manufacturing processes; especially as they relate to the resources we all share. Bamboo grows faster, requires no pesticides and is harvested responsibly. We are also careful to re-use and treat any waste water.

A Tight Knit Group

We are a family company based in New Orleans. Our products are manufactured in India at a factory that produces exclusively for tasc. This allows us to ensure that every garment is created by people we trust and in manner we stake our name on - sustainably, ethically and to the high standards you can feel in each garment.

Your Shirt is Meant to Die

We are proud to create clothes from ingredients provided by nature and not from chemicals in a lab. The unfortunate fact is that too many clothes will be landfill waste for generations to come. They're made of plastic. Bamboo fabrics, however, perform longer and will return to the earth as nature intended.