Athleisure Wear: Everything You Need to Know About Our Active Collection
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Athleisure Wear: Everything You Need to Know About Our Active Collection

Athleisure wear

Whether you’re out pounding the pavement, channeling your inner biker, putting in reps at the gym, or getting your chill vibe on at the local yoga studio, the quality of your activewear can make a major difference in your daily fitness grind. With athleisure wear dominating the fashion trends for many people in their 20s, 30s, and beyond, there’s an increasing emphasis on workout clothes that not only look good but also perform well and empower you to go literally go the extra mile. As consumers become more aware and conscientious about the environmental and human impact of the products they’re purchasing, buying athleisure apparel that makes you feel good about your choices and their impact on the planet has also become important. Made from bamboo performance technology, the Active collection from Tasc Performance has everything today’s sporty consumer is looking for in athleisure pieces and more. Here’s what you need to know about this year’s most exciting athleisure collection.


Just because you’re getting your sweat on doesn’t mean that you want your sweat to stay on you, right? The Active collection features clothing made from Tasc’s Smart Move fabric, which is where science meets performance. The Smart Move fabric is produced with bamboo performance technology, which naturally wicks sweat away from your body and towards the outer layer of your gear, where it can evaporate more quickly, helping to keep you cool and comfortable. The apparel also dries quickly as sweat and moisture evaporate, preventing skin irritation and chafing. 

Anti-Odor Technology

No one smells great when they sweat, and if you haven’t noticed, traditional performance fabrics tend to get pretty funky after just a few washes. Synthetic performance fabrics have a nasty habit of holding onto odor even after being washed and dried, and they often require an expensive specialized laundry detergent to get clean. Not so with Tasc’s Active collection. The bamboo performance technology used in Smart Move fabric equips the apparel with natural anti-odor technology, which means you’ll smell great and skip the stink (and the expensive detergent).


If you’re dedicated to your workout routine, you know that breathability is key when it comes to picking your favorite athletic gear. Keeping air flowing helps reduce skin irritation, so athleisure apparel should be as breathable as possible. Smart Move fabric offers breathability superior to spandex that will help keep you cool and comfortable and keep skin irritation at bay.

Sun Safe

We now know just how damaging the sun’s rays can be, even on seemingly cloudy or cool days, so Tasc decided to make life just a little bit easier for everyone and offer sun protection technology in many pieces from the Active collection. Many shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, and accessories from the collection feature UPF 50 sun protection, which means that you’re covered even if you forgot your sunscreen at home. Why take a chance with your skin when you can buy athleisure and lounging apparel that looks great, moves with you, and protects you at the same time? 

Free of Chemical Finishes

For decades, finding fabrics designed for performance but free of chemical finishes was literally impossible, which means that people with sensitive skin or those looking to avoid harsh synthetic chemicals for other reasons were out of luck when it came to athleisure wear. Everything in the Active collection, from zip hoodies and sweatshirts, to sports bras and tank tops, sleeve tops, and sleeveless, are proudly produced free of chemical finishes, which means you can feel good about the fabric touching your skin. 


Let’s face it - today’s consumer culture is a major contributing factor to the degradation of the environment, and too many products are created without sustainability in mind. Tasc doesn’t just incorporate sustainable practices because they’re trendy - they’ve been the cornerstone of the company from the very beginning. Tasc’s sportswear is produced with power generated entirely from solar and wind, and 99 percent of the factory’s wastewater is recovered, treated, and reused. Each pair of leggings, sweatpants, bike shorts, track pants, hoodies, joggers, and yoga pants are made without harsh dyes or synthetic chemical finishes, the Active collection incorporates sustainability into its very fabric. Bamboo is also the fastest growing plant on the planet and it can be harvested once a year without having to be replanted, so it doesn’t contribute further to habitat loss and deforestation. Sustainability isn’t simply a bonus of bamboo performance technology - it’s the standard. 

Fair Trade and Fair Labor

Tasc believes that just like our planet deserves to be treated fairly, so do our people. Fair trade and fair labor practices are central to our mission and values, and too many performance apparel manufacturers entirely disregard the wellbeing of the people who make their clothing. The Active collection is produced in a family-owned factory in India that offers 18 percent higher wages than the local average, healthcare for employees and their families, subsidized housing and food, and more. That means that local employees can truly better the lives of their families while producing a quality product that is also kind to the environment. You don’t have to choose between great performance apparel and helping support laborers with fair trade - you can have both. 

The Active collection is the high-performance athleisure wear with high standards. Gone are the days where finding great workout gear meant accepting chemical finishes, skin irritation, and scratchy fabrics. Today, you can have the luxurious feeling of cotton with the performance characteristics of synthetic fabrics, all produced sustainably and with fair trade and fair labor practices - it’s a sustainable quality that you can feel. All of the crop tops, jogger pants, drawstring pullover hoodies, baseball caps, and windbreakers in the Active Collection offer performance without sacrifice, which means you don’t have to purchase products that don’t make you feel good about their environmental impact or their impact on humanity, and you don’t have to give up comfort for great performance, either! With bamboo performance technology, you can purchase athleisure and loungewear apparel that’s good for you, good for the earth, and good for humanity. Why settle for anything less? The world has been waiting for performance apparel that truly checks every box, and you’ll find the comfort, style, luxe quality, performance, sustainability, and humanitarian focus you’ve been looking for in the Active collection.

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