Built by Bamboo.
Made for the Way You Move.

For nearly a decade, we’ve taken one of the world’s most sustainable, naturally-replenishing resources and used it to redefine performance. It’s an intricate process that produces something simple: an absurdly comfortable fabric that works as hard as you do.


Outperform the Rest

Giving you the edge in comfort and performance so that it feels like a breeze during even your toughest workouts.

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Run Your World

Actively combining the needs of the cardio queens, the yoga masters and the weight warriors alike, our active gear will keep you cool without weighing you down.

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Set your expectations higher.

Superior performance with cashmere-like comfort.

Our Fabrics

Performance wear redefined through nature, not chemicals.

Why bamboo

68 years of textile development and garment design experience.

Our Process

Performance Lifestyle Defined

Like the best moments in life, clothing should be intuitive, natural and make you feel better. Our apparel is designed with versatility in mind. So whether you're window shopping in the French Quarter or scaling a mountain in the Rockies, tasc guarantees optimal performance and comfort at any climate or level of intensity.