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How to Wear Men’s Workout Shorts

Men's workout shorts

Thirty years ago, getting ready to hit the gym or go for a run was a bit simpler than it is today. After all, Rocky worked out in sweatpants and hoodies, right? Thankfully, today we have far more breathable, comfortable, and supportive options when it comes to workout gear. Whether you are just starting a new fitness routine or you’ve been working out regularly throughout the years, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to our workout clothes, especially men's training shorts. If you’re on the hunt for some new men’s workout shorts to help you knock out a couple of extra miles of hit that squat PR at the gym, here’s what to look for in your next pair.


It goes without saying that your men's running shorts should ideally keep you cool and comfortable no matter how sweaty you get, but not all workout clothes are created equal. Moisture-wicking training shorts are designed to help keep perspiration away from your body by wicking it away as soon as it appears, drawing the sweat to the outer surface of your clothing where it can evaporate more quickly. This helps speed up the cooling process and keeps you more comfortable. As an added bonus, these fabrics are similar to board shorts and will last much longer and dry faster than your standard cotton t-shirt, and they’re less likely to cause rubbing and friction.


Unfortunately, just because your sportswear are made from moisture-wicking fabric doesn’t mean they’re breathable, so make sure your shorts are made with a fabric that lets the airflow. This will not only keep you cooler and more comfortable, it also will help prevent skin irritation that can sometimes occur when sweat gets trapped on your skin with little airflow. Fabrics that are made from bamboo are not only moisture-wicking, they’re also highly breathable, which means you’ll stay comfortable and be able to focus on getting your sweat on. 

Anti-Odor Technology

While you’re at it, why not keep raising the bar and look for workout shorts that feature anti-odor technology? Let’s face it - you stink when you sweat, just like everyone else, and unfortunately, synthetic performance fabrics have a bad reputation for holding onto the smell long after they’ve been put through the washer and dryer. These fabrics often require a special (read: expensive) detergent to keep them stink-free, and they need to be washed separately from other clothes. Men’s gym shorts made from bamboo fabrics, like the Kinetic 2-in-1 shorts by Tasc Performance, naturally feature anti-odor technology, which means you won’t have to use a special detergent or endure the lingering smell of workouts past when putting on “clean” clothes. 


As we increasingly understand the demands that our consumer culture places on the environment, finding products that are produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way is the responsible thing to do. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to get men’s athletic shorts that are sustainably produced.  Bamboo performance technology combines the luxurious feeling of cotton with the performance characteristics of synthetic fabrics. Best of all, it’s produced with power generated entirely from solar and wind, and 99 percent of the factory’s wastewater is recovered, treated, and reused. Sustainability isn’t simply a bonus of bamboo performance technology - it’s the standard.

Sun Protection

Even if you do most of your workouts in the gym, we can bet that you probably still wear running shorts and other activewear outdoors for plenty of other activities, like basketball shorts when you're shooting some hoops. After all, it’s comfortable! Look for workout shorts that offer sun protection, especially UPF 50+. These shorts will help keep your skin safe while you run, ride, or row, and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you remembered to pack your sunscreen. 

Fair Trade

Much like our awareness of sustainable practices has increased, so too has our understanding of fair trade and fair labor practices. It’s not fun to think about where your workout clothing is made if it’s made by child laborers in a sweatshop overseas, but there are people-first options out there that don’t require you to sacrifice quality or performance. Bamboo performance technology is produced in a family-owned factory in India that offers 18 percent higher wages than the local average, healthcare for employees and their families, subsidized housing and food, and more. When the choice between workout shorts can make the difference for someone’s entire family and future, why choose anything other than the fair trade option?

Appropriate Fit

Step foot into any weight room and you’ll undoubtedly find plenty of dudes walking around in compression shorts that are two sizes too big, or worse. Many guys prefer their workout clothes to be baggy, even excessively so, but this can lead to unnecessary chafing that could be otherwise avoided. Your workout clothes don’t need to cling to your body, but make sure you read the description of the clothing item and look for words that describe the intended fit, then buy the size that’s intended for your weight and height. If the waistband is a problem, consider a drawstring jogger option. Trust us, you’ll be a lot more comfortable that way.

Lined vs. Unlined

Everyone has their preference, and there’s no right answer! Whether you choose a lined option mesh short that helps hold everything in place or you prefer your shorts unlined, think about the activity you’re planning to do in your workout shorts before you make the decision. Also, consider trying both styles out before you make a lifelong commitment. After all, you might find that lined isn’t as bad as you think, or vice versa. Live a little and give both a test run (literally)!

Free of Chemical Finishes

If you’ve got sensitive skin or you simply prefer to limit your exposure to synthetic chemicals, keep your eye out for men's shorts that pledge that they are free of chemical finishes. Prior to the use of bamboo performance technology, it wasn’t possible to find performance gear that didn’t have chemical finishes, but bamboo fabric offers a new option for guys with sensitive skin.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the big brands like Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, and Adidas when it comes to your workout apparel. Your new favorite pair of shorts might be right around the next corner of the internet so be on the lookout for trending best sellers from more sustainable brands like Tasc Performance!

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