Climbing the Greek Isles
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Climbing the Greek Isles

GET OUTSIDE in Bamboo Performance Technology - tasc Ambassador Todd Weselake and his team with Raven Eye Photography did just that  as they took on the crags and cliff-sides of the Greek Isles in the comfort of tasc Performance gear!

Kalymnos is a magical place for us climbers. Thousands of bolted routes with gnarly tufa rock stalactites on perfect limestone walls, that rise for hundreds of feet up from the azure Mediterranean. Where pomegranate, mandarin and olive trees grow in your backyard and goats steal your lunch when you aren't looking. It's a place that beckons me to return time and time again. Check out our quick compilation of time-lapses from various super fun climbs!


They say don't look down... So I looked up instead... and the view was just as fantastic! Thi s is one of the best climbs I've ever been fortunate enough to get on - Priapos 7c / 5.12d


Multi-pitching fun and looking over towards Telendos after a day of climbing. 


Obviously pink tasc Performance pants look better and make you climb harder!


Cheers to delicious sangria made from 2 ‎€ bottles of Greek wine, to a month and a half of hauling ourselves up gorgeous limestone, and to another unforgettable Kalymnos sunset!

For more photos from the climb and more info, visit the original post at Raven Eye Photography. 

Viewing the world through his camera since the late 90’s, Todd Weselake has a strong creative sense to his work. His extensive experience shooting everything from action sports and portraits, to editorial and commercial work helps him view the scene from every angle. He is also the talented pilot behind the hexacopter and can be found on early mornings in lonely and wild locations practicing his craft. When he is not behind the lens, he is most certainly out enjoying the mountains on his mountain bike, snowmobile, or traveling to remote reaches of the globe.

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