The Best Black Shorts for Working Out
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The Best Black Shorts for Working Out

The Best Black Shorts for Working Out

Workout shorts have been around for over half a century, and no color has been more popular throughout history than black.

Thanks to a combination of simplicity and versatility, this neutral base color is a timeless classic. Your wardrobe knows it, and it loves it. 

What has changed over the years is the quality and features of workout shorts. Huge improvements in our understanding of sports sciences and the world around us have helped workout shorts reach their highest potential – but there’s always room for improvement.

Today, Tasc Performance is here to talk about the best black shorts for working out in 2022 and beyond. We’re going to focus on concrete qualities that make these shorts a must-have for your closet since there’s already no question that black shorts are always in style.

What Features Should I Look for in Workout Shorts?

Black has been the most prominent color in most athletic attire for quite some time, and it’s not going anywhere. Black matches with almost any color and never goes out of style.

However, finding fashionable workout shorts is one thing – making sure they’re also functional is another. Below we’re talking about the most essential features in any pair of high-quality workout shorts, whatever the color.

All the essential features below are tied to fabric. Most workout shorts use traditional synthetic fabrics such as polyester, while others use cotton. Unfortunately, these fabrics aren’t sustainably produced. They also have practical downsides. Cotton isn’t breathable or moisture-wicking, and synthetic fabrics trap odors and lack softness.

Thankfully, modern fabrics offer a superior alternative. At Tasc Performance, we combine bamboo with organic cotton to create the ultimate fabric blend. Bamboo is a natural powerhouse that packs essential features into a chemical-free, all-natural package. Organic cotton tops things off with a sustainably produced version of the soft feeling you need.


Workout shorts need to be lightweight. No matter the intensity level of your workout, it’s imperative that your clothes don’t hold you down or hold you back. That’s why we wear specialized workout clothes in the first place!

Clunky, heavyweight shorts come with plenty of obvious issues, most importantly decreased performance (especially when it comes to range and speed of movement) and decreased comfort.

Shorts with lightweight construction feel great and don’t impede your workout.

Durable and Stretchy

There’s no question that the value of shorts has much to do with durability. Unless you only workout once a year, you’re going to need your shorts to hold up under extensive amounts of stress — sometimes extreme stress.

That’s also where stretchy materials come into play. Finding fabrics with four-way stretch capabilities is key to ensuring the proper range of movement and maximum comfort, but it also increases the lifespan of your shorts. Non-stretch shorts tend to lose their shape and can become too baggy or too tight if they shrink in the dryer instead.

Superior Breathability

Thermoregulation is a key process that occurs in your body as you exercise. Many of the features of workout clothes exist to free up this process so it isn’t inhibited by your clothes. These features may even help it!

Breathable fabric is a vital ingredient in thermoregulation. By allowing small amounts of air through the fabric, your skin experiences air circulation that brings in cool air and expels any air heated by your body temperature.

The result is that your clothes let your body function freely, as opposed to creating an oven for your body to fight against.

Moisture Wicking

In tandem with breathability, moisture-wicking qualities are essential. A fabric with each feature is equipped to let your body keep itself cool naturally.

Moisture-wicking fabric draws sweat (or other moisture) from your body as it appears, expelling that wetness through the outer surface of the fabric where it can turn to vapor.

Essentially, moisture-wicking fabrics keep you dry by taking the moisture from your skin and releasing it into the air. This is vital to your comfort and performance. Being soaked in sweat is going to feel awful, and wet, heavy clothes will also inhibit your ability to perform at a high level.


Another aspect of athleisure durability is anti-odor capability. Shorts that use traditional synthetic fabrics such as polyester have a strong tendency to trap odors over time. Even if they may seem clean after the first few washes, you will notice a subtle scent building up — until it’s no longer subtle at all.

For clothes that last longer and stay fresher, choose anti-odor fabrics. 

Freshness is an added bonus for versatile styles you might wear outside of your workouts. Thanks to athleisure trends and our stylish Tasc Performance looks, you can wear your workout shorts on the treadmill and at lunch with friends.

Built-In Pockets

Who said working out can’t be convenient? The modern, active lifestyle is all about efficiency, and there’s nothing more efficient than having plenty of pockets in your clothes.

While pockets have traditionally been sparse in workout clothes, this is starting to change. Thanks to the importance of the smartphone (especially at the gym), pockets are more important than ever.

Whether your device is for music, GPS, health monitoring, or a combination of benefits, keeping it close in a secure pocket is a must for most.

Depending on your preferences, you might enjoy standard outer pockets or interior pockets lined with a zipper, which can be extra fitting for items that need to stay secure while you work out.

When Can I Wear My Workout Shorts?

Today, workout clothes are more versatile than ever. You can wear them in a vast array of scenarios, making them an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

At the Gym

Workout clothes are at home in the gym. Whether you’re there for a simple run on the treadmill or a long, intense weightlifting session, you need clothes that will keep you comfortable, cool, and dry from start to finish.

Our Weightless 7” Unlined Shorts and Recess 7” Training Shorts are the ultimate options if cool and comfortable are your priorities. 

In Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are soaring in popularity as a social way to boost your active lifestyle. Showing up in jeans and a cotton t-shirt probably isn’t the way to go. You’ll soon find yourself uncomfortable and drenched in sweat. Workout shorts are the perfect solution. 

With a lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking material, you’ll be set for success. Our Carrollton Fitness Shorts and Recess 4” Athletic Shorts are stylish options for any kind of fitness class.

On a Run

Some of the first uses for workout shorts involved running, and that purpose hasn’t changed today. Let your legs breathe with full range of motion using a pair of high-quality workout shorts.

Our Recess 5” Tech Shorts and Recess 3” Running Shorts are excellent solutions for running. The inner liner is especially helpful in preventing chafing and keeping you comfortable – plus, the secure side zip pocket adds a perfect place for your phone.

In the Great Outdoors

Heading outdoors for the weekend? The elements can make wearing traditional shorts a challenge, especially once the heat turns up. Thankfully, athleisure trends make wearing workout shorts more in style than ever.

Our Weekender Shorts are the perfect option. They go with everything, anytime, and have all the features needed to handle the outdoors, such as moisture-wicking and breathability.

Our Varsity French Terry Shorts are also perfect for a relaxing day in the outdoors, whether you’re camping or having a nice walk on the beach.


Workout shorts can be a core part of your wardrobe, especially with the versatile looks and high-performance qualities we deliver here at Tasc Performance. For all your activewear questions, our blog is the place to be!


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