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5 Best Boxer Briefs Features You Must Know About

5 Best Boxer Briefs Features You Must Know About

Choosing your underwear may not seem like the most exciting or stimulating process, but don’t underestimate the value of an informed decision when it comes to this pivotal first layer.

The first question to ask is whether you want boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. Today, we’re diving deep into the pros of the boxer brief, the ultimate middle ground of the undergarments.

Why Wear Boxer Briefs?

We’ll preach the power of balance ‘til the cows come home—because it’s really that good! Boxer briefs are one of the best examples of balance, bringing the best of both worlds from boxers and briefs into a single, versatile style with exceptional qualities.

Let’s break down those specific qualities now.

Comfort, Fit & Function

The big three when it comes to features in nearly any part of an outfit are comfort, fit, and function. You’ll want to take a close look at any option on your radar and investigate for these features to be top-notch.

So how do boxer briefs fare in these mighty metrics?

When it comes to comfort, boxer briefs might just be the best, especially when you choose a pair with quality materials. Much of the comfort factor with underwear is tied directly to fit, where boxer briefs excel. The style finds a wonderful middle ground between the loose, free feel of boxers and the tight, high-support fit of briefs.

Where boxer briefs truly shine are practical functions. Boxer briefs hold their shape and offer good support without feeling restrictive. You’ll be prepared for any activity that comes your way without having to worry about constant readjustments throughout your day.

Fabric: A Matter Of Material

Even a style as well designed as the boxer-brief can be ruined by low-quality materials. Look for styles with high-quality, modern fabric blends to ensure you get the absolute best in all the metrics above.

One of the best blends available is our organic cotton and bamboo fabric. You’ll be amazed by the functional power of bamboo combined with the classic feel of cotton.

The Ultra Comfortable?

Undergarments fall on some of our most sensitive areas, making comfort more essential than ever. Boxer briefs are popular due to their balanced fit that, for many, is the most comfortable on the market. Material has a lot of say in the tactile quality of each pair as well.


While silk is famous for a soft, luxurious feel, it seriously lacks in the essential areas of function. Silk has poor breathability and almost no moisture-wicking capabilities, both of which are very important for underwear. Silk fibers tend to trap odor over time too, which will only compound the problem. 

While they may be comfortable at first, these factors will make them much less comfortable down the road.


Modal fabrics have been rising in popularity, with a number of benefits that set them above the traditional fabrics like cheap cotton or synthetic fibers. While there are some benefits to modal fabrics, the superior fabric is still modern blends, one of the best of which we’re diving into below.

Cotton (Bamboo)

Organic cotton blended with bamboo is one of the best fabric solutions available today. We could rave all day about the power of bamboo, and you likely already know about the benefits of cotton. 

When blended with bamboo, you get supreme comfort and function, without any of cotton’s normal downsides, all in a sustainable package to boot.

Serious Support

Support is another quality that many consider essential to underwear. While traditional boxers may be comfortable, they don’t offer any substantial support. That may not be up to your standards if you’re looking to take them into a more active lifestyle (though a quality pair is still a wonderful option for lounging around the house).

Briefs are best known for the support they offer, but they lack in other areas.

Boxer briefs, once again, are the perfect combination of the two. To break it down a little further, let’s talk about what support means.

The Pouch

The pouch is the portion of your underwear that surrounds the crouch. Boxers don’t have a dedicated pouch, while briefs have a pouch but no legs. Boxer briefs have a pouch and also extend down your leg to varying lengths.

The pouch is the backbone of any support your underwear provides. It keeps your goods in place during workouts or other active moments with lots of movement and prevents the need for overly frequent readjustment.

Boxer briefs take support one step further and extend it down your upper thigh as well, offering moderate compression and preventing chafing of the inner thigh.

Stretch & Durability

Stretch is an important modern innovation in underwear. Feeling flexible prevents inhibited range of motion and provides increased comfort, but it also helps each pair last longer, as stretch underwear usually keep their shape, even under the most strenuous use.

Durability should never be underestimated. It’s simple, even on a purely mathematical scale. It’s better to buy one pair that lasts five years than one pair every year for five years. Look for high-quality materials first and foremost to ensure your choice of undergarment lasts.


While an exact lifespan for a pair of underwear is hard to quote—it will vary based on your type of use and frequency of use—you shouldn’t settle for less than a few years. 

Sweat Proof

Breathability and moisture-wicking properties may not immediately seem connected to the durability of your underwear, but they are actually crucial. Underwear that traps in sweat will build up odor over time, eventually becoming unusable.

Versatility & The Fly

The power of versatility comes into play in every part of the undergarment, from the waistband to the pouch and even down to the design of the fly. Boxer briefs find a great middle-ground between the open fly of the boxer and the closed pouch of the brief, providing a partial opening around the fly at the front.

Easy Access

The open fly design of the boxer brief lets you have easy access without letting things get out of control. It’s a great middle-ground to give you increased versatility to deal with any situation.

The Whole Package (Price Point)

When it comes to underwear, quality is truly worth paying a higher price. Thankfully, with modern innovations and the help of sustainable practices, you can now get the absolute best in features and material without having to break the bank.

Best Bang For Your Buck

You can judge the value of any pair by a combination of the features it offers and the lifespan you can expect from it. High-quality materials such as our organic cotton and bamboo blend indicate that you’re maximizing value from the ground up.

In addition to high-quality materials, look for capabilities such as moisture-wicking, anti-odor, stretch, and breathability. Underwear with these features fits right into any use, from leisure around the house to a day in the office or out on the trail. The more versatile and functional, the more value you get for your money.


The perfect underwear may be closer than you think. Making researched and mindful choices about which features you want is easier than ever since our Bambare Boxer Brief does it all in one package. Pick up a pair to see just how easy it can be!


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