The Best Hybrid Jackets of 2022
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The Best Hybrid Jackets of 2022

The Best Hybrid Jackets of 2022

Hybrid jackets are excellent options when going on a hike, enjoying a long walk in the fall, or camping with friends and family. Actually, hybrid jackets can be used for practically anything you imagine – they are hybrid, after all!

When it comes to this activewear layer, you need to know what to look for to maximize your comfort and style. Today, let’s break down what to look for in the best hybrid jackets of 2022 and in the future.

What Features Do the Best Hybrid Jackets Have?

A good hybrid jacket features a soft and warm mid-layer or softshell layer over your core midsection, plus thinner and stretchable fabric on the sides or for the arms (or for both). Aside from this shared design, great hybrid jackets have a few major features to watch out for the next time you go shopping.

Moisture-Wicking Material

Any high-quality hybrid jacket should be made of moisture-wicking material, such as cotton or bamboo viscose. Moisture-wicking material draws moisture away from your skin without holding onto it, like sweat, thanks to built-in capillaries throughout its surface.

The advantage? Moisture-wicking material makes you feel less sweaty and sticky throughout the day while still giving your sweat the ability to cool you down.

While cotton is the most common moisture-wicking material you can find, many hybrid jackets and other active apparel pieces use synthetic or scientifically designed moisture-wicking materials. 

In any case, always go with a hybrid jacket that can wick away your sweat throughout the day!

Anti-Odor Properties

You'll also want to find a hybrid jacket with anti-odor properties. Simply put, you don't want a hybrid jacket made of polyester, which tends to retain human body odor fragrances for a very long time.

Since many people wear hybrid jackets when they enjoy outdoor activities, they tend to sweat frequently! Therefore, polyester or similar materials are never good fits for this article type.

Instead, aim for hybrid jackets made of cotton, fleece, or other materials that can be washed and that won’t retain body odors for too long. The best hybrid jackets should look (and smell) great for a long time to come.

UPF 50+ Protection

UPF 50+ protection means that the hybrid jacket in question can adequately protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Sunlight is great when you want a tan and for vitamin C production, but too much of it can lead to sunburns or increase your risk of skin cancer.

With a quality and protective hybrid jacket, your torso and arms won’t be at risk of getting a sunburn or feeling the effects of UV radiation through the material. This is more important than you may think when you hike at high elevations; the higher you go, the closer you are to the sun and the thinner the atmosphere gets.

Superior Breathability

Of course, a stellar hybrid jacket should offer superior breathability. A breathable, flexible hybrid jacket will feel comfortable and allow your sweat to cool you off more capably as time passes.

More importantly, a breathable and stretchy hybrid jacket will let you enjoy the cool breezes that flow around you from time to time. The last thing you want is a stiff, tight hybrid jacket that makes you feel constrained or that traps too much body heat.

Plenty of Pockets

Odds are you’ll want a hybrid jacket or hoodie with tons of pockets. The more pockets it has, the better! Pockets are great for carrying snacks, tools, hiking accessories, and other things you may want on your outdoor adventure or camping trip.

For even better results, try to look for a hybrid jacket that comes with zippered pockets. These offer additional security; you can store things like your wallet inside them without worrying about them falling out by accident.

Sleeve Cuff for Function and Style

Some of the best men’s and women’s hybrid jackets come with sleeve cuffs. These tighten around the wrist, trapping in a little more body heat and keeping you warm in cooler temperatures. These cuffs also look stylish and modern, which is a major benefit for those who want to look polished while hiking or jogging!

Ultra-Soft Bamboo and Cotton Blend

Top-tier hybrid jackets should be made with an ultrasoft, quality bamboo and cotton blend. Organic bamboo fibers are great for the environment and aren’t treated with chemical processes. As a result, they are comfortable and don’t stand a chance of irritating the skin.

Fortunately, Tasc Performance’s hybrid jackets are made with a proprietary bamboo viscose and cotton blend. This blend is ideal since it is wind-resistant, offers lightweight warmth, and offers pullover convenience not seen with many other outerwear options.

Made With Sustainable Materials

As touched on above, a good hybrid jacket should also be made with sustainable materials. 

You can do your part for the environment and still enjoy stylish activewear apparel when you buy a hybrid jacket in sustainable materials such as bamboo viscose and cotton — provided those materials are sustainably sourced and made without harmful production practices.

When Should You Wear a Hybrid Jacket?

Once you have your new hybrid jacket, you can sport it in a variety of locations and circumstances.


Hybrid jackets are great for traveling. They are light, flexible, and comfortable, making them great layers for putting on or taking off as the temperature shifts around you. Combine your lightweight jacket with a comfy base layer for added versatility.


Of course, hybrid jackets can also suit you well while commuting, especially if you have to work outdoors. A good hybrid jacket will keep you warm if it’s chilly outside but can easily be taken off if you head back indoors where it’s warmer. 

Since hybrid jackets are lightweight and comfortable, you won’t feel stiff or uncomfortable when in the car or when walking to work.

Working Out

Some people like to wear hybrid jackets while running or working out in other ways. Hybrid jackets are perfect for this since they are usually breathable and moisture-wicking. Any sweat your body generates won't stick to your skin and make you feel gross.


Perhaps the best time to wear a hybrid jacket is when going on a long, strenuous hike. Hybrid jackets are perfect hiking apparel since they are:

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture wicking and breathable
  • Generally durable, as well as water-resistant or water repellent
  • Comfortable
  • Equipped with many pockets

Pair your long sleeve hybrid rain jacket with a set of hybrid pants or hiking joggers and you’ll be ready to tackle any mountain in mind!

A Hybrid Jacket Like No Other

Ultimately, great hybrid jackets aren’t hard to find. You can cut your search short by checking out tasc Performance.

At Tasc, we offer not only quality vests but also top-tier hybrid jackets for both men and women, such as our Carrollton Travel Jacket. They’re ideal for people on the go, whether you like to go on a run in the morning or want a jacket that will serve you well all day on a long fall hike. 

Check out our men’s hybrid jackets and other activewear apparel, including tees and more, today!



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