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No Small Tasc Local apparel innovator tasc Performance is changing the nature of athletic wear.

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tasc Performance is proud to be featured in the August issue of Biz New Orleans. Take a glimpse behind the scenes of tasc Performance. 

tasc Performance New Orleans

"There’s a family in Uptown New Orleans taking on the “big guns” in athletic wear, and they’re doing it with bamboo. The Andrews family, owner and operator of tasc Performance, has been using bamboo from the Sichuan Province of China to make original fabrics for its line of performance/lifestyle apparel since 2009.

“We were watching this whole polyester workout gear come out of nowhere and just take over the whole segment of the industry with UnderArmour and Nike,” says Al Andrews, co-founder and CEO of tasc Performance.

tasc Performance bamboo clothing

(Image Above) Cellulose bamboo fibers and organic cotton or merino wool fibers are spun into yarn using tasc Performances exact specifications. The yarn is ring spun to produce a smooth, ultra-soft and durable product.


“I heard about wick moisture and quick dry, which is great, but I found the bad side effects of it.  It smelled awful if you really worked out hard, and it wasn’t comfortable on the body...”

The goal, of course, is to become a household name like other major apparel brands.  “We want to be known for developing original fabrics and having an authentic brand,” Todd says. “There are not many apparel companies out there developing their own fabric.”

“We are growing rapidly and doing it the right way, and we try to do everything from an authentic and natural place,” adds Al. “We are still young and we just want to keep growing.” 

For the whole story please go to Biz New Orleans.



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Introducing: The NOLA Collection

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Thursday, Feb 23 2017
tasc Performance
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tasc Performance Flagship Store: Now Open

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We are excited to announce that our flagship store will be opening soon in our founding home, New Orleans, Louisiana. The store will be opening on historic Magazine Street in the heart of Uptown.

Wednesday, Feb 8 2017
tasc Performance