Favorite Men’s Golf Shirts for Every Season
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Favorite Men’s Golf Shirts for Every Season

The perfect golf shirt plays many roles and can be essential to helping you reach your goals out on the green. Not only is it important to find appropriate sporting clothes that will give you confidence and put you at ease among your fellow athletes, but you’ll also want to make sure you’re in the attire that keeps you cool, comfortable, and protected in every season.

What Fabrics To Look For In Your Golf Shirt

These days, most guys have become accustomed to wearing totally synthetic golf shirts every time they hit the range, believing that they’ll assist with performance. However, these shirts don’t breathe, and once you start sweating, they start to cling in the most uncomfortable and unflattering of ways. Our team at Tasc realized how this discomfort might be affecting how much fun you’re having out on the course, so we created something different. 

When you have the right gear, from clubs to balls to clothes, you’ll feel comfortable and supported to go after your lowest round. Here at Tasc Performance, we believe you can find those perfect men’s golf shirts to fit your needs while still having a low impact on the environment. 

Our Smart Golf Collection shirts are PGA Tour player approved and produced with sustainable materials that don’t require chemicals or additives for performance. That means more breathability, odor resistance, and attire that will last for many games to come. 

There are a few reliable and low-impact fabrics that you’ll find in our golf shirts that will both reduce your environmental footprint and also provide many benefits and tech features you can rely on. Explore our growing collection of golf shirts for men and find the perfect fabric and fit for your lifestyle today. 


Beechwood is a type of natural fiber that is made from the beech tree, and clothing made from this material is incredibly comfortable and light. Beechwood fibers are also a good option for your golfing needs because they’re lightweight and stretchy, so you can move easily and remain cool and comfortable in the warmer months. 

Golf Shirt Tech

The best shirts for your golfing needs aren’t just made with innovative technology. They also come equipped with the kind of tech that you can rely on no matter what the season, game, or competition might bring. Here’s some of the tech you’ll find in the golf shirts we offer here at tasc Performance. 


MicroAir technology means breathability and softness in every shirt. It’s very durable, which means you can rely on it for many great games to come, and an innovative spinning technology is used to blend the fibers, so they sit comfortably on every individual athlete with ease. 

Cloud golf polos are perfect for golfing in even the warmest weather, thanks to their lightweight and soft design, so you’ll never have to worry about calling off a game. 

Wicks Moisture

You deserve to be comfortable. That’s where the moisture-wicking technology of our innovative golf shirt designs comes in. Moisture wicking is a process that helps to absorb the sweat from your skin, which ensures your body temperature remains cool and you can stay dry and comfortable. A shirt that’s going to wick moisture should also be breathable, so even if you’re really pushing yourself or the sun is beating down on you while you’re out there on the course, you’ll have the airflow you need to stay comfortable. 

Golf Shirt Features

Extra features can help keep you comfortable and boost your performance in every game. There are many different elements you’ll want to consider when it’s time to pick out the perfect golf shirt for every season, especially when you consider the available functions and additions. Here are some features that you’ll want to check out on the next activewear shop. 


The type of fit you pick for your next golf shirt will vary depending upon your body type, the kind of flexibility you’re looking for, and what the environment is like. The main few types of fits are regular fit, slim fit, and fitted. 

Regular fit shirts are relaxed and a little bit looser. They provide more movement and coverage, and you won’t find any tapering at the waist or cinching at the arms. The slim fit will add a little more shape and definition to the look and feel, with some tapering and cinching, but not as much as you’ll find in the fitted shirt. Fitted shirts are very tailored and sit close to the body. The sleeves and hem are both shorter, as well. 


The weight of your shirt will vary depending on the season and the type of weather you’re playing in. You can find very light-weight and breathable shirts that are perfect for the warmer months and designed to keep you cool. If you’re playing when there’s a chill in the air, thicker material can help to keep you protected from the elements so you can focus on the next great game. 

So, Which Golf Shirts Are The Best Option?

When you’re ready to bring your golf game to the next level, it’s important to have reliable activewear for every season, from the polo to the ¼ zips, so nothing will keep you from hitting the green. Here are some of the best golf shirts for warm and cool weather that you’ll find at tasc Performance. 

Cloud Golf Polo

The Cloud Golf Polo isn’t like any polo you’ve had before. In addition to a lightweight and four-stretch fabric design that will keep you cool and comfortable on the green, the Cloud Golf Polo also comes equipped with features like quick-drying and odor-resistant technology. You’ll find it in many different designs and colors, as well. 

Cloud Golf Quarter Zip

You’ll be able to take on the game in any weather without losing any flexibility or ease of movement when you pull on a Cloud Golf Quarter Zip. They’re lightweight and breathable, and thanks to temperature regulation technology, you can play in warm and cool months and remain comfortable. The fit is relaxed, so you’ll be able to swing easily in a Cloud Golf Quarter Zip.  


When it comes to comfortable and reliable activewear that embraces the latest in sustainable fashion technology, Tasc Performance has you covered. Our golf shirts are designed for every season and every type of play. Check out innovative and advanced features like moisture-wicking technology, temperature regulation, easy breathability, and complete comfort and flexibility for every swing. 

We believe that you should have access to the garments you love without worrying about their impact on the great outdoors where you enjoy every game. That’s why all of our golf shirts are made with natural fibers like beechwood, which will ensure they last long and can be disposed of easily and responsibly. Explore our Cloud Golf Polos and Quarter Zips available here at Tasc Performance and schedule your next game today. 


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