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Gym Bags: 4 Features Yours Should Have!

Gym Bags: 4 Features Yours Should Have!

It’s easy to think all gym bags are the same. After all, they’re traditionally one of the simplest accessories out there, right? Here at Tasc Performance, we’d like to think even perfect simplicity can be improved on. So we say-- think again.

As needs and uses have evolved for bags, so has technology. From mini-totes to duffle bags, there are dozens of options out there and hundreds more once we break down individual features and functions.

For an active lifestyle, though, few accessories are more versatile and convenient than a high-quality gym bag.

Today, we’re highlighting four major features to look for in the best essential gym bag. But first, let’s talk about why you need a gym bag at all!

Why Do I Need a Gym Bag?

What do you think of when you hear “gym bag”? Perhaps a team leaving the locker room comes to mind, or a student out on a bike ride or hike over the weekend. 

While sports and students are a perfectly reasonable connection to make, we’re here to shine some light on just how far gym bags have evolved, both practically and aesthetically, into a must-have staple for anyone with a remotely active lifestyle.

Duffle bags or larger packs have their own strengths, namely carrying capacity, but the sheer size and weight often make them inconvenient to haul around and difficult to style.

Gym bags take the crown when it comes to convenience, and their compact size helps them slip inconspicuously into any look.

Let’s look at some specific reasons to add a gym bag to your arsenal below.

Bring Your Training Must-Haves

It’s in the name—gym bags work great going to and from your workouts. 

Pack up your gym shoes, some shorts, and a spare tee for a quick trip to the gym, or put your bag to work with a more sizable list to tackle even a whole day of diverse training and activities.

Carry a Change of Clothes

The last time we checked, most of us weren’t living in the gym or on the trail. More than likely, you’re going back and forth for most of your day—work, gym, errands, social life, and more.

With so many diverse challenges to face in a day, you’ll need an equally diverse array of outfits. Nobody wants to run home to change six times a day. We say your closet should come with you.

One of the main benefits of a gym bag is, of course, carrying a change of clothes (or two). A high-quality gym bag should have a flexible body with the capacity for all the clothes you’ll need to face the day.

Organize Your Toiletries

Living on the go means hygiene on the go. Taking your toiletries on the road is nearly non-negotiable, so a bag that backs you up in that regard is a hugely beneficial thing to have.

With a proper gym bag (loaded with pockets, obviously), you’ll have it all ready to go.

Train Anywhere, Any Time

Convenience is key in a fast-paced lifestyle. A gym bag is the perfect grab-and-go container to keep everything you need on hand.

Lining up a last-minute game of frisbee at the park? Maybe you decide you’re up for some rock climbing post-work after all. Having a gym bag with your training essentials on hand means you can train anywhere, any time. That’s the kind of versatility we love.

What Should I Carry in My Gym Bag?

Gym bags are good for more than just a pair of shoes or some extra shorts. With a flexible body and good capacity, plus lots of pockets, you can check off everything from your list (and maybe even some extras you hadn’t thought of yet).

Popular amongst packing lists are performance shoes, one or two changes of clothes, essential toiletries, tech, and a water bottle, maybe with a snack slipped in. Toss in a towel, and you’re all set.


Of all the things to pack for your day, shoes may be some of the trickiest. Often awkward in shape, bulky, and less than clean, it’s not easy to find a place to pack a pair or two.

We know stuffing some running shoes or trail boots into your briefcase probably won’t cut it.

Gym bags are easily the best solution for packing footwear. They’re designed to be durable, flexible, and with a spacious, open main compartment—perfect for even the most awkward shoes.


Keeping clothes on hand for any challenge is key for an active lifestyle. Whether you're headed straight to the gym and back, or you’ll be changing four times throughout your day, make sure your backpack has got your back.

To minimize your wardrobe changes and keep your pack light, pack highly versatile options such as our Varsity Washed Tee or an outer layer like our Carrollton Lightweight Quarter Zip

A Towel

Even in a fully decked Tasc Performance get-up, complete with the best moisture-wicking technologies available, we’d still expect you to break a sweat. 

A towel is one of those inclusions you’ll wish you had even if you opt-out of packing one. So why not pick up a bag that can handle one anyway?

Besides, you never know when life will call for a spontaneous swim!

A Water Bottle

Never forget to hydrate! With the proper capacity and some handy pockets, you won’t have to worry about where to carry that precious water.

Your Tech

No matter how many pockets your shorts or jacket might have, there comes a time when you need to be totally focused and phone-free. A gym bag is the perfect place to tuck your tech while you take on the most intense parts of the workout.

Personal Care Items

Toiletries and other personal care items can be a hassle to keep track of and transport without the proper storage accessories. When you have a high-quality gym bag, there’s no need for an extra piece to carry—one bag fits all!


You never know when the hunger will hit. Stay fueled and focused with a few handy snacks slipped into the front pocket of a gym bag.

What Features Should My Gym Bag Have?

So we know why we need a gym bag and what we want to do with it. Now we’re ready to look for the highest-quality bag that can meet all our needs and wants.

Let’s talk about some of the most essential features your gym bag should have.

1. Weather-Resistant

Even if you’re not planning to take your gym bag through long periods of outdoor activity, you’ll still want a weather-resistant exterior. 

Adverse conditions can come from anywhere, whether it be water, wind, or other factors that can increase wear and tear. Sometimes a simple commute turns into a battle against the elements—you’ll be glad your bag kept your change of clothes and your tech safe.

2. Adjustable Straps

Versatility is key with a gym bag. Adjustable straps are more than just a one-time deal. Now you can keep a close fit for your bike ride or a looser fit for a relaxed commute. Make some room for a large coat, or slim it over a thin t-shirt.

A top handle is another worthwhile tool for convenient carrying in different situations.

Plus, a drawstring-top close is best for easy access and no snagging, as a zipper might do when you pack lots of clothes.

3. Tons of Pockets

What’s a bag without pockets? Throwing everything in the main compartment might leave you digging for your phone, wallet, or snack. Plus, if you’re packing up sweaty clothes after a workout, you don’t want the rest of your things mixed in.

Pockets are a perfect way to keep things organized and easily accessible. External pockets are great for grab-and-go items, while internal pockets are ideal for keeping your valuable belongings.

In any case, never settle for a pocketless bag.

4. Compact With Capacity

One of the strengths of gym bags is their compact size and easy portability. High-quality bags find the ideal balance between that compact size and high capacity.


Getting the right gym bag will make your life on the go easier and more convenient. No more hauling around a huge duffle bag or struggling to repurpose that old school bag—grab a feature-packed gym bag for the most versatile carrying accessory you could ever want.


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