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Happy Father's Day to our Founders

tasc Performance

This Father’s Day we’re honoring the two fathers and founders behind the name tasc who are leading the charge and disrupting the performance apparel standards with bamboo fabric designs and technology. So, we grabbed a chair at the table with Al (father) and Todd (son) to learn how the duo keep their working relationship and family bond together through the hustle and bustle of the demanding fashion industry.

In any working relationship, listening and mutual respect is key. But, when it comes to working with family, it might just be the most critical attribution to success. At least, this is the case for the Andrews family.  

When you meet the two, it’s no secret that Al and Todd bring a great dynamic and the right formula for discussions. During collaborations, Al spitfires ideas and strives to make quick decisions, while Todd is the one to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Having both personalities at the decision table gives the company the best of both worlds. But of course, they are not immune to conflicting ideas and the occasional disagreement.

“We have a saying in our family, ‘If there is no conflict in a relationship, then someone is being completely run over and that’s not a thriving and healthy partnership.’ The important thing is having mutual respect and knowing that we have the best intentions always top of mind.”

“Todd and I get a lot of credit, but truth is, we couldn’t do it without my wife and the boy’s mother, Cindy, leading the charge in the sales department and our other son, Scott, who has been a huge asset in our growth strategy. It’s truly a whole family affair,” Al added.

In fact, the name tasc is an acronym for Todd, Al, Scott, and Cindy -- the entire Andrews family.

With the entire family behind the brand, it seems impossible to keep business away from the dinner table and family gatherings. But, the Andrews family is keen on setting boundaries and communicating expectations to keep a healthy work and life balance.

“If something does come up, we have a ‘can it wait until Monday’ policy at weekend family gatherings.”

The same goes for fostering a company culture that feels like family instead of a run-of-the-mill corporation. When you have family behind you, it’s easier to remember why you started and motivates you to work diligently towards a common goal.

The tasc mission has not steered from its family principles to give back to our community, do things the right way, and treat people like family. Thanks Todd and Al for your leadership and inspiring our team each day.

Wishing every dad a Happy Father’s Day! Use #taclife in your Father’s Day social posts to share your dad stories for a chance to be get featured.