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Inseam Shorts: When Did They Become So Trendy?

Inseam Shorts: When Did They Become So Trendy?

Shorts have certainly been on a roller coaster through the history of men’s fashion. So when did inseam shorts become so popular, and what should you do about it?

Inseam shorts seek a balance between formal and casual looks. The most common examples include chino shorts and Bermuda shorts.

While you may prefer pants whenever it’s time to go out, modern trends have helped us realize now more than ever why a pair of stylish, functional shorts may just be the ultimate versatile must-have for your wardrobe.

Let’s look with our experts at how and why this came to be and what sorts of features you should be on the lookout for in choosing shorts for yourself.

Why Are Inseam Shorts So Trendy Now?

Inseam shorts are definitely in. How did they come so far from their schoolboy origin to a staple of men’s summer fashion, from the young to the old?

Social Media

The information age has played a huge role in fashion. The ability to quickly share and receive feedback on any style you choose means that more niche styles have found vastly greater exposure than they would in the past. Also, any exposure a style finds is also compounded exponentially as more and more people buy in and share their looks.

Trends across social media giants such as TikTok are particularly powerful in the modern age, able to literally guide entire cultural movements.

It just so happens that inseam shorts made some waves in big media outlets like TikTok, so it’s no surprise to see them on-trend.


Beyond social momentum, there are some very real reasons why inseam shorts should be popular too. Most importantly, with the right fabric and design, a pair of inseam shorts can be incredibly comfortable. 

With less coverage than pants, shorts are ideal for staying cool in a warm environment. The inseam short’s profile allows an unhindered range of movement as well, so you can take your shorts to a cookout or the golf course.

You’ll find few things in your wardrobe that you want to wear as often as a pair of Weekender Elastic Shorts or the Motion Travel 7in Short if you’re looking for something slightly more formal. With either style (or both), you’ll be adding a hugely versatile piece to your arsenal.

Personal Style

Inseam shorts are also popular because of their aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re in the gym for every leg day or just generally staying fit, showing off your legs is a popular and positive trend both for the short-wearer and the observer, as shown by recent trends in TikTok and other social media outlets.

Inseam shorts aren’t just for the super-fit—they’re also a wonderfully balanced and versatile look, perfect for just about any season (although they may not be your go-to if your region has cold winters).

Long gone are the days of inseam shorts being purely ultra-casual. Now with styles like our Cloud Chino Short, you can dress your fashionable shorts up or down.

Whatever your personal style, there’s a good chance that a pair of inseam shorts out there is right for you.

What Features Should My Inseam Shorts Have?

Trendy or not, putting on a pair of shorts that lacks practical features will quickly become a regret. Choosing shorts with mindful design and full of function should always be the top priority.

Thankfully, we’re experts on that too.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Many of the essential features for any pair of shorts come down to the fabric. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of what fabrics are best and what fabrics are being used in your shorts.

While cotton has held its own through history, famous for a soft feel, it has plenty of downsides that have seen it fall in popularity as better fabrics have become available. 

Traditional cotton does a poor job of wicking-moisture and generally isn’t very breathable. It’s also prone to shrinking and can hold in odors or bacteria. The environment isn’t a fan either, with traditional cotton production being one of the least sustainable amongst fabrics.

Synthetic fabrics aren’t particularly common with inseam shorts, typically being reserved for less structured designs such as training shorts or running shorts. However, plenty of styles out there do use synthetic fabrics in a fabric blend for inseam shorts.

Synthetic fabrics may seem convenient, but the chemical treatments that give them their functional aspects are harmful to the environment and potentially to you as well.

Choosing better fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo ensures that not only will you get the best of the best in function, you’ll also contribute to a better environment.

Organic cotton production is a well-rated sustainable practice, much better than traditional cotton in terms of environmental impact and ethical economics. 

Then there’s bamboo—the MVP of modern fabrics. Bamboo is a natural powerhouse loaded with every essential feature you could want in a fabric, no chemicals needed. It’s also incredibly sustainable and super soft to the touch.

Let’s look at some of the most important features your shorts need below.

Breathable and Lightweight

Breathability and lightweight design are important for both comfort and performance. 

Few things will hinder your comfort more quickly than feeling cramped inside a pair of heavy, airtight shorts. Before long, you’ll be feeling miserable *and* sweaty.

If you’re planning to take your inseam shorts into any sort of active use, such as a day on the golf course or long walk around town, your body may be at risk of overheating as well, unless, of course, your fabric is breathable.

Choosing bamboo means choosing an incredibly breathable fabric. The gaps between the super lightweight fibers of bamboo allow air to circulate with ease, so you feel cool and comfortable no matter where you wear them.

Temperature Regulation

Your body’s thermoregulatory processes are incredibly important to your comfort and wellbeing.

Thermoregulation is the process by which your body keeps its temperature at a balanced state where it belongs, primarily in avoiding overheating.

This isn’t just a useful process during exercise. Keeping your cool during an intense meeting or a big presentation can come down to your body’s natural processes being totally unhindered, which is why breathable fabric and moisture-wicking capabilities are so important.


Speaking of moisture-wicking, let’s talk about why you need that in your shorts as well! You may not expect to sweat in your inseam shorts as much as your running shorts, but being able to handle the sweat when it comes around is key to a versatile style.

Moisture-wicking is an essential capability for all shorts. It’s the ability of a fabric to pull moisture from your skin, namely sweat, and then send it up to the outer surface, where the moisture evaporates.

To stay dry, cool, and comfortable, there’s no replacement for moisture-wicking. Bamboo has exceptional moisture-wicking properties built right in, so thankfully, it’s an easy choice.


Even with the best moisture-wicking technology, it’s still important to have anti-odor capabilities as well. 

When sweat does come around, it’s crucial that the fabric doesn’t absorb the scents. Otherwise, you’ll end with a lingering stench that hangs around even after you wash your shorts.

Anti-odor capabilities are as much a tool to protect your hygiene as they are a promise of durability. Without letting small amounts of stench build up over time, you can rest assured your shorts will stay fresh for years to come.


In the modern world, a pair of inseam shorts is a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any versatile man seeking a balance between fashion and function. Stay tuned to Tasc Performance for all the latest information and helpful guides.


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