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Leisure Wear: Dressing For Comfy Occasions

Leisure Wear: Dressing For Comfy Occasions

After at least eight hours on any given day spent dressed to impress, it feels wonderful to put comfortable clothes on. To be honest, if we had our way, we would dress comfy all the time. A common misconception is that leisure wear has to mean “not put together.” We believe the opposite. 

Leisure wear has come such a long way from the shell suit and jazzercise looks of the ’80s. Please don’t get us wrong: we live for color and style in our leisure looks. You can still be freshly showered, with hair and makeup on point, and have your leisure wear look like a well-put-together outfit, thanks to style and design innovations. 

What Is Considered Leisure Wear?

Leisure wear has evolved from attire you would wear to lounge around at home. Now, it can be anything that is non-formal attire. Pull out your joggers, leggings, hoodies, sports bras, gym tees, and any other clothes that make you feel comfortable. 

How Is That Different From Athleisure?

What may have started as an adventurous trend has now been adapted as a staple wardrobe style. Leisure wear offers functionality in our busy day-to-day lives that cannot be ignored. The innovations taking place for activewear, such as odor resistance, stretch, and fit, along with moisture-wicking properties, made these clothes even more enjoyable to wear. 

As we started becoming more and more comfortable with multi-tasking from the gym to errands, activewear became the natural daily clothing choice. With the increasing endorsement of celebrities adapting their versions of the style, it was the stamp of approval we all needed to ease into a more casual approach to fashion. 

What Are Leisure Staples Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet?

Now that we are clear that leisure wear is not just a trend, what do you need to complete your wardrobe? Here are our top picks for tops, bottoms, and accessory must-haves. 


When it comes to tops, a few things come to mind for us. Our NOLA V-Neck T-shirt is perfect to dress up or down. Our Nola Crop Crop Tank is another versatile and cute addition to any wardrobe, as well as our cozy Balance Cardigan. Many of us tend to run cold, so you want to be sure you always have something you can layer just in case you get a little chilly. 


You simply can never have too many leggings—especially ones that fit like a glove and have a handy side pocket for all of your essentials. In addition to high-rise leggings, you need a versatile pair of bike shorts, as well as another versatile bottom. We will let you make the challenging decision between joggers and athletic shorts

Our go-to leggings of choice are our ALLways Full Length Pocket Legging. The fit of these leggings could not be better if they were personally customized for your body by a tailor. With four different color choices, these leggings are the perfect neutral bottom for any occasion. 


We love all the accessories! From baseball caps to wraps, we want it all. Especially on a day when you don’t feel up to fixing your hair, a ball cap is a great choice when you’re on the go. 

As far as bags go, a backpack can hold all of your valuables and then some. We can’t live without a place to put all of our belongings. We love the fact that it can even hold a lightweight change of clothes if need be.  

What About Men?

Men are far from excluded in the leisure wear department. As a matter of fact, they probably got away with it long before it was cool. Here are our top picks for leisure wear for men. 


For us, it’s all about a classic T-shirt, a light long sleeve top, and a hoodie. With these three versatile pieces, you will work your way through any season with ease. It’s all about the ease of layering and essentials to fit any weather. 


For men, a great start for leisure wear staple bottoms is a pair of shorts and a pair of pants. For the perfect combination of leisure and style, check out the Men’s Carrollton Relaxed Pants

What Makes Bamboo Fabric So Comfortable?

Summing up why bamboo fabric is comfortable is simple. Not only is it buttery soft, but it also offers so many benefits that clothing without it doesn’t. 

Softer than Silk

The natural fibers in bamboo make it an incredibly breathable fabric that’s soft as well. The result of these fibers is an incredibly luxurious and soft clothing fabric. 


The same bamboo fibers that offer quality luxury style clothing also offer natural moisture-wicking ability. Bamboo is a powerhouse when it comes to naturally wicking away any sweat and moisture it is in contact with.

Natural Sun Protection

Protection from the sun is an important objective for preventing skin cancer and premature aging. Natural UV protection is another added benefit of bamboo fabric. 


We work hard to make sure we keep you smelling fresh all day long. Can you believe that bamboo fabric is also naturally resistant to odor? 

Hypoallergenic and Chemical-Free

No one wants clothes that are going to irritate their skin or are made with a ton of chemicals. Fabric created from bamboo doesn’t require chemicals to create a luxe blended fabric that doesn’t compromise when it comes to its performance. 


Bamboo fabric has the feel of luxury material without the price tag to clean it. Laying your bamboo clothing to dry on a flat surface is pretty much all it takes to keep wrinkles at bay. 


Environment-friendly and chemical-free are two goals that any clothing line should have. Eliminating harmful and unnecessary waste by-products is another added benefit of bamboo fabric. 


No matter which way you slice it, two things are here to stay: bamboo fabric and leisure wear for every day. At Tasc Performance, we have what you’re looking for: clothes that actually fit your body and lifestyles, as well as a fabric that feels like it was hand-tailored for you. 

We live for comfort and any occasion that allows us to fully embrace the body we are in. With the right leisure wear you can look polished and put together and never have to compromise on comfort another day in your life. 


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