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These Long Sleeve T-Shirts For Women Can Be Worn In Any Season

These Long Sleeve T-Shirts For Women Can Be Worn In Any Season

Long Sleeve Tees: A Versatile Fit

Trying to add more versatility to your wardrobe? Looking to make more efficient shopping choices for your closet? Don’t overlook the long sleeve tee.

Long sleeve tees are one of the most versatile items in any collection—even more so than short sleeve tees in many cases. When you purchase a high-quality long sleeve shirt, you can wear it in cool or warm temperatures, indoor or outdoor. 

Today we’re digging through all the details of long sleeve tees to show you why you need them and which styles are best to pick up.

Enough chit-chat—let’s dive in.

Material Matters

Fabric (Bamboo)

As always, the first place to look when judging any style is the fabric. Fabric is fundamental to many of the most important qualities we’ll look through in more detail below. First, let’s talk about what fabrics to avoid and what to go for.

Traditional fabrics such as cheap cotton or synthetic fabrics may have some benefits, but their cons are hard to ignore too. 

Cotton feels comfortable, certainly, but it can struggle for breathability and moisture-wicking, and its durability can be questionable, especially when you have to toss it the wash every other day to get rid of the sweaty smell.

Synthetic fibers often sacrifice the softer feel of higher quality fabrics but, more importantly, are usually hazardous to produce and sometimes even to wear. Cheap synthetic fibers, especially outside of a fabric blend, are best avoided.

The fabrics to look for are innovative, modern fabrics that take advantage of sustainable materials and natural fabric qualities.

One of the best fabrics in this category also happens to be one of our personal favorites: Bamboo. The power of bamboo is not to be underestimated, not only by way of functional features that it brings to your clothes but also in what it does for the environment and the communities that produce it.

Look for bamboo fabric blends, typically mixed with organic cotton, to ensure you’ll receive high-quality moisture-wicking, breathability, odor resistance, and more—all within a sustainable, responsible package.

Shape And Comfort

Shape and comfort are important for any style, but especially long sleeve tees. A poorly made long sleeve shirt will feel quite uncomfortable, particularly if the sleeves aren’t made correctly. Nothing’s worse than any overly baggy or constrictive sleeve that will require constant readjustment and won’t rest right when you layer with jackets and other tops.

Look for reputable sources that mindfully design each piece, showing attention to detail and dedication to quality. A great example is the Jenny Longsleeve, designed with innovative overlapping side scallops to increase airflow and range of movement. 


Stretch capabilities are a great added bonus to practicality, comfort, and even durability. A flexible material ensures the fit won’t feel constrictive, giving you full range of movement.

At the same time, high-quality stretch material will hold its shape over time, so the fit stays perfect.

Slim Fit

Many trends come and go, but slim fits have proven to be reliable over many seasons, and they always seem to come back, even if they fade for a time.

The popularity isn’t without reason, though—slim fits are arguably the most flattering to the body and often the most comfortable too. A good slim fit isn’t too tight or loose, so you don’t have extra fabric floating around, but you also aren’t too constricted. 

The fit around the waist can be flexible, but slim sleeves are almost always a must for both function and style.

Types To Try

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the most important features of a quality long sleeve shirt, we can get to the fun part—shopping for style!

There’s a wide variety of long sleeve styles, each of which has unique qualities but also shares the all-important fundamentals.


The most versatile type of long sleeve shirt is the casual look. Typically simple and minimalist in their design, casual shirts have a classic look that’s easy to pair with all sorts of outfits. While other styles do have their functional niches, casual tops focus on the fundamentals and basics.

For a casual long sleeve tee that fits an active lifestyle, look no further than the Nola Long-Sleeve T-shirt. An elevated athleisure piece, this shirt holds a powerful array of practical features for any situation. Wear it to and from a workout, for a walk downtown, or around the house. 

For a casual look with the ability to dress up or down, consider the Riverwalk French Terry Casual Sweatshirt. As an outer layer, this sweatshirt offers different benefits to the typical long sleeve tee that you’d wear as a base layer. However, we didn’t skimp on fundamentals like moisture-wicking, breathability, and stretch capability. This sweatshirt holds its own.


Long sleeve shirts can be wonderful dressier options, especially during cold seasons, or for formal events inside air-conditioned facilities. 

The versatility of all long sleeve tees, from casual styles to turtlenecks, means you can dress most of them up or down. Even a style typically made for active uses can serve as a base layer underneath more formal style tops—especially useful when that fashion piece isn’t the most comfortable.


The turtleneck is a classic style with fashion and function benefits. Best for cold seasons but flexible for late spring and early autumn too, turtlenecks are best known for adding extra warmth around the vulnerable neck area.

Sometimes that warmth can become too much, especially in heated environments like an office or lounge. Breathability and moisture-wicking fabrics like our high-quality bamboo blends ensure your turtleneck remains comfortable in every situation you face.

Check out the All Around Interlock Turtleneck if you think this style is for you!


An innovative option to consider is the Women’s Merino Fusion Long Sleeve Base Layer. Made with a blend of bamboo and merino wool, this highly functional top will keep you warm, comfortable, and dry—all without the itch that often sneaks its way into lower-quality wool tops.

The fusion top is extremely lightweight and breathable, but it still packs a punch when it comes to keeping you warm, allowing your body to regulate its temperature to where it needs to be.

When To Wear Long Sleeve Shirts

One of the best things about long sleeve shirts is their ability to fit into any situation. Wear quality, breathable long sleeve tees on a sunny day to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure and to keep you warm in the wind. 

In the cold season, long sleeves are a great base layer, but you can always add more layers on top—even if the sleeves of your jacket aren’t the softest, you’ll still get the comfortable feel of your shirt.

In warmer seasons, breathable fabrics pull a lot of the weight when it comes to keeping your temperature balanced. Don’t be afraid to roll up the sleeves too if you get too warm. 

Long sleeves are versatile beyond climate concerns too. As we’ve seen, different styles can be dressed up or down, making them ideal options for formal situations or your casual, everyday use.


A great place to start with building a more versatile, efficient wardrobe is with a few high-quality long sleeve tees. Pick up a few of the options from our list to take your outfits to the next level today!


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