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Loose Fit Workout Tops: The Scoop

Loose Fit Workout Tops: The Scoop

Loose-fitting workout tops are comfortable, airy, and breathable, whether you’re heading for a hike, sweating it out in the gym, or just running errands around town. There’s just something about a relaxed fit that just feels so easy.  

Sometimes, you’ll just prefer a more relaxed fit, so it’s a valuable option to have in your wardrobe. For this reason, we have the scoop on loose-fit workout tops just for you.

Why Do I Need a Loose Fit Workout Top?

There is certainly no shortage of workout gear to choose from. With the increasing popularity of stylish leisurewear, you have more options than ever for your workout clothes. A top that doesn’t cling to your waist can be a relief sometimes. You’ll love the free flow and unrestricted movement of a relaxed fit. 

Clothes that feel overly tight can be a distraction when you’re trying to work out. They can also cause chafing in certain areas and potentially even a rash in your most sensitive places.  You want your gear to offer breathability and keep the sweat from feeling trapped in your body—which sometimes happens with a tight fit. 

What Can I Do in a Loose Fit Workout Top?

Whether at the gym or an at-home spin sesh, a flowy workout top can help keep your shirt from becoming too clingy after working up a sweat. 

Yoga and Studio Classes

If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know how important it is to be able to move freely from one position to another. The flow of a loose fit allows you to move in and out of these complex positions with ease. 

Studio classes are no different. When you’re working up a sweat to your favorite song, you want the freedom to be able to move about without the restriction of tight clothing. 

Outdoor Adventures

When approaching outdoor adventures, you’ll likely end up layering a combination of clothing. Starting with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra, followed by a racerback tank and a lightweight long sleeve shirt. In cooler weather, you’ll likely need even more than that! 

Your preferences for the right combination might change depending upon the type of adventure—whether you’re hiking a mountain or climbing up a sheer rock face. You’ll love the unrestricted movement offered by your relaxed-fit workout top. 


When it’s hot, the last thing you want is sweaty clothes plastered to your body. Our NOLA Racerback tank top will be a lifesaver to help cool you down after a particularly hot or humid workout. We love a great open back with a loose fit at the waist. 

Which Loose Fit Workout Tops Should I Try?

Style is a huge factor when it comes to selecting your workout tops. Workout clothes are meant to fit with your personal preferences and your body type. Here are our recommendations in several different styles. 


If you are looking for the perfect casual workout tank top, look no further. The NOLA tank offers you the coverage you need in all the right places. With an A-line fit and buttery-soft, lightweight fabric, this will be your go-to piece for versatile activewear. 

Cropped Tanks

Cropped anything has made a major comeback in style. From cropped sweats to pants to crop tops, you are sure to be right on trend with this style of tank. 

Pull out your favorite pair of leggings and slip on this insanely comfortable cropped tank and you are ready to go anywhere the day takes you.


Nothing can stop us from impulse buying T-shirts, but not all T-shirts are created equal. 

For the perfect T-shirt, the quality of the fabric is everything. If you want something worth the investment, it should have perks beyond just looking cute. Sustainable fabric, relaxed fit, and UPF protection are high on our priority list. 

Long Sleeves

Colder days call for a bit more coverage, which is where our NOLA Long Sleeve Top comes in. You’ll stay warm in the cold and look stylish all the while. 

Lightweight Hoodies

Your wardrobe isn’t complete without a few lightweight sweatshirts because layering is key.  Sweatshirts are versatile enough to transition through any season. You’ll want to be sure to have one in several different colors! 

Even in the summer months, you never know when you’ll face a chilly evening. A lightweight hoodie or sweatshirt is a must. 

What Should I Look for in a Loose Fit Workout Top?

When you’re assembling a wardrobe, the fabrics you choose are just as important as the styles. Both of those things play into creating the ideal collection of tops that you’ll love to wear year-round. 

Sustainable Fabrics

Bamboo farming offers a stable and sustainable living to those that supply the bamboo offered in fabrics. It is also an eco-friendly fabric that can be harvested and farmed without causing unnecessary damage to our environment. 


Quick-drying fabric is a lifesaver. After your sweaty workouts, you want the sweat to evaporate as quickly as possible. 

This is made possible with moisture-wicking fabric. Bamboo fabric keeps you cool and dry by keeping the sweat from staying on your skin. 

Sun Protection

In addition to your daily sunscreen, you want clothes that can help offer protection in all the areas they cover. With a UPF rating of 50+, you will be impressed to learn that bamboo fabric also offers you sun protection. 

Lightweight and Breathable

Bamboo fabric allows your clothes to breathe. With the ease of air flowing in and out of the material of your clothes, this lightweight fabric will be your new best friend. 


Body odor cropping up in the privacy of your own home is one thing. A smell associated with your clothes or working out is something you definitely want to prevent. 

Bamboo fabric has the natural ability to fight off bacteria with its antibacterial properties. The fibers will resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 


From hoodies and cropped tops to tanks and tees, you’ll love the way that a loose fit feels on your body. We love the fact that with a relaxed fit, you can very easily layer any of the pieces you love with them. 

Skin-friendly clothes are a game-changer, too. Gone are the days of compromising and buying something just because it’s what is on sale. You need clothes that bring something other than looks to the table these days, and that’s what we’re here for.  


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