Joy McElveen
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Meet Joy McElveen

What does humankind mean to you?

Humankind means kindness, which is one of the most important attributes to me. Humankind is empathy, compassion, and grace wrapped up in one divine collective of love and freedom. 

What’s the best advice that you could give to someone who wants to be an ally?

Do the work. Step one start by looking at the inner self...To become my ally you must be willing to look at all parts beginning with self.

Can you tell us a time when you might have been discriminated against? Or felt unimportant? Or a time when you had self-doubt? How did you overcome that type of adversity?

I am in the entertainment business where I work as a actress and model. I have been made to feel before that I wasn't enough. I have been told I wasn't black enough or that I would be perfect if I could just change a part of myself.  Of course devastated I remember the words of my mother who constantly reminded me of how beautiful my black joy is and that I am unique. I overcome adversity by self care and self love. I am enough!!!! Affirmations are my best friend and a daily essential vitamin. 

What’s your greatest wish for the world?

My greatest wish for the world…More love and harmony. I wish for the day when everyone is able to be celebrated and seen. I wish America would love black lives, black women, black trans, as much as they do black culture. 

This month is pride month. Through recent events this word extends beyond the LGBTQ+ community. What is pride to you?

Pride is beautiful, pride is freedom, pride is love, pride is liberation, pride is ALL ONE

If there were one word that you could use to solve the world’s problems, what would it be and why?

Purge. The world and the universe is undergoing a major purge. The foundations and old systems are being unraveled and cleaned. Things that no longer serve the greater good or humanity is being removed. It is ugly yet so beautiful all that is happening. We are just at the beginning but major things are shifting.

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