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Men's Golf Shorts: Your Style Guide

Looking forward to playing 18 holes with your buddies this weekend? You better have the right clothes for the job, and tasc has your back.

It all starts with shorts, so here’s your guide to wearing golf shorts with style and ease.

What Are Golf Shorts?

What are golf shorts, you may ask? They are a necessity when hitting the links and the key to any wardrobe that focuses on breathability and functionality. 

With a standard back pocket for all things golf, these shorts make navigating the links easier than finding your ball on the green. They also come in handy for other aspects of life, so keep a few in the rotation even if you're not an avid golfer.

How Long Should Men’s Golf Shorts Be?

Golf shorts should be any length that suits the wearer.

Typically, an inch or two above the knee is standard.  Some may opt for a longer style, where pockets can be extra deep for optimal storage.

When wearing golf shorts, you should be comfortable with the amount of exposure to wind, sun, and other elements you might expect on the course. Range of motion, comfort, and fit are also crucial.

Where Can I Wear Golf Shorts?

Golf shorts are designed to be worn on the links, but offer so much comfort and versatility that you to wear them almost anywhere. Here are some ideas.


When the sun is shining on the course, golf shorts are a must-have when teeing off. With deep pockets, you can store extra balls, tees, scorecards, and other items that give you an edge.

Some shorts even come equipped with zippers, which will prevent you from losing those small necessities needed for a successful day on the links.


Golf shorts are a popular choice for traveling, and the reasons are clear. They are thin, lightweight, breathable, and make you look like the athlete you are.

Ever get hot and sticky on the airplane or uncomfortable on a long drive?  Golf shorts have you covered and cool at the same time. More formal and fashionable than gym shorts - it’s the perfect compromise.


If you love the great outdoors but want a lighter, more stylish alternative to those heavy cargo shorts, try wearing a longer pair of golf shorts with a belt. You’ll feel confident to take on the wilderness and look great while doing it.

Don’t worry about storage - simply find the right pair of golf shorts without sacrificing those heavy cargo side pockets.

What Should I Look for in a Golf Short?

Just like a top golfer’s skill set, the best golf shorts are well-rounded and ready for anything. Here are some features to look for when shopping around.

Water Resistance

Golf shorts may not technically be water-resistant, but they should dry in less than 10 minutes in the hot sun. 

Most moisture-wicking technology is an industry-standard for golf gear, and shorts are no exception. Stay dry, cool, and calm when it matters most.


When you’re out on the course enjoying the back half of your round, those knees may start to feel the pain. You don’t want any extra weight slowing you down or hurting your game. 

The best golf shorts are sleek and lightweight, keeping you focused and light on your feet.  Double-check how they feel before you make a purchase.


Golf shorts are typically made from three components: polyester, cotton, and spandex. These materials are built to maximize stretch and comfort on the course. We think that bamboo viscose and organic cotton are the ultimate blend.

Every golfer wants a full range of motion in the backswing and the ability to follow through with power and precision—and the same goes for guys who are just golfing for fun. With that in mind, golf shorts are designed to flex and bend just as much as your club, with minimal resistance or distraction.


You don’t need to be the next Tiger to be interested in the style, feel, and versatility of golf shorts! You can wear them pretty much anywhere you feel comfortable, provided it’s within the dress code.

Going out to dinner? Attending a casual work event? The right pair of golf shorts will pass as a casual bottom half of your outfit, no sweat.


When you’re choosing golf shorts, you want to make sure that the fabric is going to breathe—after all, if the sun is beating down on you, it can get pretty warm out there on the course. 

Also, make sure that your belt is not fastened too tight, since this could restrict the airflow where you need it most.

What Should I Wear With Golf Shorts?

Golf shorts give the wearer many options as a foundational piece in an outfit. Here are some other garments that help complete the look. 

Collared Polo Shirts

A collared polo shirt is standard on the links, at a business casual event, or even lounging with friends while watching the PGA Tour on TV. Out of respect for your fellow golfers - and respect for your swing - tuck that polo into your shorts with a nice belt.

Vests, Sweaters, and Wind Jackets

Need more coverage when temperatures drop? Vests, sweaters, and wind jackets can be worn with shorts for the perfect balance of warmth and style. You can always keep a t-shirt or polo underneath to layer on and off throughout the day.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes look great when paired with the right shorts. Plus, they offer a performance boost, increasing grip on the grass and sand found on the links.

With that said, golf shoes are really only meant for the course, so opt for some clean, classic sneakers if you aren’t playing a round that day. 

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap will protect your eyes from the sun and protect your game from the glare. 

Make sure to check your favorite team colors before you purchase a pair of golf shorts. You don’t want those colors clashing. Blacks, greys, and whites go with pretty much everything.

You may notice that baseball caps are not as light and breathable as a traditional golf cap, so it’s worth picking up a golf-specific cap if you go pro (or just want to look like you are).


Similar to a baseball cap or golf cap - but with room for a little more flow - a visor is a fine alternative for the athlete who wants the sun to kiss the top of their head. 

Shop around your favorite golf attire brands to find an adjustable visor that matches your golf shorts. The visor will boost your game in more ways than one.

Anything You Want!

Golf shorts are the go-to for the athlete or businessman on the move.  Their stylish and lightweight design helps you move with confidence and give that perfect first impression.

Whether it’s commuting, traveling, or simply changing into something more comfortable when stuck at the office, golf shorts are a must-have item in your backpack or daily duffel.

You never know when you might need those shorts, so keep a pair on hand at all times, especially in the summer. Forget your bathing suit? Golf shorts dry fast, so go ahead: jump into that lake after knocking back a couple of Arnold Palmers after your par round comes to an end!


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