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Men’s Running Shorts: Comfort, Speed, & Everything Else!

Men’s Running Shorts: Comfort, Speed, & Everything Else!

When you’re getting ready to work out, you need a few essentials. You want a trusty pair of sneakers, the right shirt, and a good pair of men’s running shorts that are lightweight and offer superior comfort. The proper gym attire can take your workout to the next level. 

A comfortable fit may seem like a given when it comes to gym shorts, but not all shorts fit the way they should. Not all fabric wicks away moisture, and many shorts have an uncomfortable elastic waistband. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to what we feel most comfortable exercising in, but not just any pair of shorts will do. 

If you are an avid runner, you would make sure you invest in well-known running shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Hoka, Brooks, or Saucony. You wouldn’t dream of compromising your running shoes because they need to offer the most comfortable fit. You know you need a great pair of socks. 

All the same holds true for the best men’s running shorts for you. Let’s explore all we know about what's important for men’s running shorts. 

Why Wear Running Shorts?

Runners typically want to maximize comfort and look for free movement during their run. Running shorts are specifically created with runners in mind. As with any sport, there are certain features that are non-negotiable to offer you the functionality you are looking for during your favorite activity. 

Often you will find a liner on the inside of men’s running shorts that can substitute your usual briefs or boxers. Specialized details like this allow you to reduce the number of layers you normally would have, which aids in ease of movement. 

Lightweight fabric and hard-wearing materials help make running shorts more functional than a regular pair of gym shorts.

Why Are Running Shorts So Short?

At first glance, running seems very simple. Your body is your equipment, and all it takes is one foot in front of the other. Simple, right? Not exactly. Running takes agility, speed, and conditioning. 

Running shorts were created to increase speed, because they feel almost like a second skin. When fabric isn’t cut for ease of movement, you will run into resistance from the fabric itself or wind, which can seriously slow you down. 

Running shorts are designed at a specific length to allow optimum breathability and freedom of movement. 

What Should Men Look For in a Running Short?

There are many styles of men’s athletic shorts. Here are a few tips to finding the most comfortable fit so that you’re race-day-ready, any day of the week.


Clothes that are made with sustainable materials like organic cotton and bamboo viscose are a better choice for your performance clothing. They’re safer for the environment and for you. 

Moisture-Wicking Properties

A big deal in the world of running is trying to eliminate chafing as much as possible. When sweat accumulates on the skin, coupled with the friction of the thighs rubbing together, it is a recipe for chafing. 

One great way to eliminate this risk is to make sure your shorts are moisture-wicking. Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric ensures you eliminate as much sweat as possible before chafing begins. 

Breathable and Lightweight

Fabric that has a natural climate regulator built in is the way to go. The natural ventilation system already built into bamboo fabric allows for the ultimate thermal regulation. You don’t want anything stopping the airflow in or out of your fabric. 


No one is excited to smell or have the odors of a day’s worth of activity trapped in their clothing. Bamboo fabric has natural fibers that resist odor.

With bamboo fabric, you won’t have to worry about odor getting trapped because of the antibacterial and odor-resistant properties the fabric already has.

Anti-Bounce Phone Pockets

Anti-bounce media pocket is just as awesome as it sounds. You want a place to hold your valuables without worrying about them bouncing all over the place during your run. Your running shorts should be able to hold your car keys or phone with ease. 

A key to anti-bounce is a functional zip pocket. This ensures that your items stay put without the risk of falling out while running. 


Without proper support in your clothing, you’ll feel quite uncomfortable when you’re getting your miles in. Your shorts should be like a second skin with support in all the right places. 

Are Running Shorts Just for Running?

Running shorts are not just for running. When you find the perfect shorts, you will find yourself putting them on for any number of activities. 


Wearing running shorts while training is a no-brainer for the same reason that they allow optimal movement during a run. They’ll allow you to use your full range of motion, plus providing moisture-wicking and support elements all in one. You can focus on your training and not fuss with your clothes. 


Tennis is another extremely active support. You are often rushing about the court and need your shorts cut in a way that allows you to move about. High-performance running shorts are a versatile piece of clothing for your most active sports. 


Whether you are hiking, biking, or tackling your next adventure. Your men’s running shorts allow you comfort, speed, and everything in between. They are lightweight enough to pack for an excursion and serve so many purposes in your active life. 

Every Day Comfort

Comfort is key in any purchase. If you aren’t comfortable, you aren’t likely to wear the clothing. This applies whether you are on a treadmill at the gym or in the comfort of your own home. Your shorts should be so comfortable you want to wear them anywhere you are. Everyday comfort is crucial. 


Men’s running shorts are a versatile staple piece of clothing in your wardrobe. 

Tasc Performance clothing goes the extra mile in designing our clothing so that you don’t have to when you’re searching for the right clothes. No one wants to have to find out they don’t care for their performance clothing during a training session or, even worse, race day.

Every single time you put on your Tasc gear, you know you’re going to have clothes that outperform the usual. From the stretch of the comfortable fit to the anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties in our clothing, they will deliver every time. 


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