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Men’s Shorts: Top Trends of 2024

Men’s Shorts: Top Trends of 2024

Summer may be over for some of us, but don’t let that fool you into missing out on the best new trends coming up through the world of men’s shorts.

With advancements in technology as well as visual style, shorts are becoming more versatile and functional than ever for all parts of the year. The right pair of shorts is just as much a staple as your favorite pair of jeans or khaki pants—so long as you make a great pick. 

Thankfully, we’re here to guide you through this fast-evolving environment so your shorts game won’t fall short of the mark.

What Features Should My Shorts Have?

With so many features available in modern shorts, it can be hard to keep track of what’s essential. From drawstrings or an elastic waistband on athletic shorts to the sleek pleats and button fronts on khaki shorts, there’s a pair for every man’s wardrobe. While we’ll be steering clear of men’s denim shorts, those are an option on the table as well. 

Here at Tasc Performance, we’re experts on doing exactly that—so let’s talk through some of those features below.


You never quite know when water resistance will come in handy, but you will always be thankful when it does. 

Whether it’s keeping you dry on a rainy day or simply deflecting a spilled drink, durable, water-resistant fabric can come in clutch at any moment.

When top-shape appearance and comfort are most needed, water resistance is a must-have, especially for your gym shorts.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Ever tried on a pair of clunky, inflexible jean shorts that felt more like a stiff jacket than something to slip on for the weekend?

We all know how important a pair of lightweight, comfortable, classic shorts are. To ensure you’re getting the best men’s shorts, look for flexible fabrics (preferably with two or four-way stretch capabilities) and sleek designs without obstructive details. The right fit truly is everything. 

Breathable fabrics that help your body regulate its temperature are essential too. Nothing will crush your comfort quicker than a pair of shorts that turn your thighs into an oven.

The best practice is to look for high-quality fabrics such as bamboo or organic cotton, which pack comfort and other functional features we’ll get into below into an all-natural package.

Plenty of Pockets

You’ve got a lot of things to carry, and not every situation is appropriate for a bag or briefcase. Pockets will be your best friend for keeping all you need within reach.

Traditionally, shorts with many pockets have been not only impractical and uncomfortable due to their bulk but also simply unfashionable (we’re looking at you, men’s cargo shorts). However, the best shorts can solve that problem. 

Today, we’re finding innovative ways to add storage space to your shorts without compromising style and comfort. Features such as interior pockets or nested zipper pockets fit seamlessly into the design while still creating safe places for your wallet and other essentials. This way, you can sport the latest trends without sacrificing utility. 


Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you’ve got to break a sweat. Odor-resistant shorts are built to handle anything your body or your environment might throw at you.

Avoid fabrics that rely on chemical treatment for odor resistance, instead choosing fabrics such as bamboo with natural odor resistant capabilities.


Fabric allergies are a common reaction to chemicals used to treat certain fabrics. Choosing hypoallergenic options can protect not only you but also those you might come in contact with.

Once again, powerful natural fabrics such as bamboo come to the rescue, with chemical-free processes that leave them naturally hypoallergenic. Put on your shorts with total peace of mind.

Natural Sun Protection

While shorts are a great choice for all sorts of scenarios, the most popular use is, of course, out in the warmth of the sun.

You might think that a bit of sunscreen where your skin shows is all you need, but the truth is that UV rays penetrate your clothes as well. Picking up a pair of shorts with UV protection is a wise step towards protecting yourself when you’re outdoors.

What Styles Are Currently Trending?

Now that we’ve caught you up with all that your new shorts need to have, let’s take a closer look at a variety of styles that are taking the streets and sidewalks by storm. Here are the shorts styles you should know about. 

Sweat Shorts

Athleisure apparel is a leading trend in the fashion world, with sweat shorts a key part of many looks for men, especially in their summer wardrobes.

Sweat shorts and jogger shorts borrow traits from sweatpants such as ribbed waistbands, patch pockets, and most importantly, super soft fleece fabric, providing possibly the most comfortable, relaxed fit shorts have to offer.

Try a pair like our Varsity Brushed Short to see just what the world of athleisure has to offer your closet.

Running Shorts

Running shorts have certainly been on a rollercoaster over the decades, from fashion to function.

Today, a moderately short profile and minimalist design are key style features, while modern technology makes running shorts more practical than ever. Not too long, but also not short shorts, the five-inch inseam will allow you to stretch your legs to the fullest while you’re eating up the miles. 

The most innovative running shorts even feature an inner mesh pocket, perfect for your cell phone or another companion device.

Weekend Shorts

You can never go wrong with a style as absurdly versatile and stylish as the Weekender Elastic Short. Weekender shorts are perfect for exactly what their name describes—weekend-type activities and adventures.

With a look that’s close to dress shorts but a feel and function that rivals any running or training shorts, Weekender shorts are perfect for warm weather and active days. A bit longer than the running shorts, these still hit above the knee to give you the perfect, stylish look. Dress them down with your favorite graphic tee or dress them up with a polo—it’s up to you. 

Training Shorts

Training shorts bring all of the best qualities of your favorite running shorts in a longer-legged profile.

Super lightweight and equally feature-loaded, they’ll become your go-to for all your workout needs. Plus, they’ve also got a built-in liner phone pocket and a soft bamboo inner liner for maximum comfort.

Chino Shorts

Perfect for a day on the course or a night on the town, a pair of stylish chino shorts is a must-have for any wardrobe. Paired with a polo shirt or even a blazer, you can take these shorts to the next level during the summer season. 

Gone are the days when dressier styles couldn’t handle active use. Gone are the days when chino shorts never left the office. A performance-ready pair like the Cloud Chino Short does it all.

Preppy Shorts

Preppy styles are almost always popular, and with good reason. They take the high style of dressier looks and bring them to a more versatile place, fitting into a casual vibe or formal situations with ease.

For the perfect balance between the preppy look and performance-packed punch, search no further than the Motion Travel Short. Thoughtfully designed even deeper than the great look, these bamboo viscose shorts have extra zipper pockets, stretch, water resistance, and excellent breathability.

Can My Shorts Be Sustainable?

Fashion and features are all well and good, but finding a pair of shorts that delivers on every need and protects the health of the environment and economy is the next level to aim for.

Sustainability is an important consideration on both practical and ethical levels. Good practices benefit the earth and the people who make your clothes, from start to finish.

Thankfully, with modern advancements and practices such as ours here at Tasc, sustainable shorts are now readily available for you. Responsibly made fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton are key players, so always look for products with these materials in the makeup.


Now you’re ready to stock up on superior short styles with all the essential features. From boardshorts to more rugged looks, there’s a pair of men’s shorts out there for everyone. 

No matter which style you choose, a sleek and minimalistic look is key for men’s clothing. Pair your shorts with the best socks, shoes, and a flexible, fashionable top to bring out the best in them.


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